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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team!! #fifa19
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Eino Mutanen
Eino Mutanen - 7 timer siden
Hradecky is a beast. PERKELE!
revolutionary 2020
revolutionary 2020 - 7 timer siden
He tries to sound like drake too much old man is cringe af
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 8 timer siden
Thanks for doing this video. Another issue for me with these sports games is the fact they bring a new one out each year. GTA came out in 2013 and is still fun. Fortnite has been out for years. Why can’t fifa do this?
sack nasty420
sack nasty420 - 9 timer siden
Don't worry I'm gunna be a dumb guy too lol
Mohamed Alhosani 7
Mohamed Alhosani 7 - 9 timer siden
Place Llorente 86 inform at Kroos position
Osvaldo Barrios
Osvaldo Barrios - 11 timer siden
That Mexico jersey fire🔥🔥🔥🔥love your content bro ‼️‼️‼️
David Gambrah
David Gambrah - 11 timer siden
Skillz you can try out kimmich another great passer who can defend as well. Might feel a little bit slow. Or headliner goretzka
matthew vallejo
matthew vallejo - 11 timer siden
Yo skillz been using 84 llorente has been amazing card u can get the 86 and play him rm
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Garcia - 12 timer siden
Buy mbappe
Skinnymanharv - 12 timer siden
there is a st card dembele sbc moments, h eis low rated but has god stats, hes french and bbva might be able to use idk
OussieReal - 13 timer siden
Who remembers Beasting and Feasting on Fifa 13 with El Shaarawy?
gabri shehu
gabri shehu - 13 timer siden
Play with bruno guimaraes
Zander Daukantas
Zander Daukantas - 13 timer siden
Stopped playing 2 month ago and went back into warzone, brain is happy😎
NoobMaster69 - 13 timer siden
Why don’t you try the road to the final Hector Herrera? You can pair him with jeao Felix and chucky Lozano
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 13 timer siden
Good video
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - 14 timer siden
You made a similar video last year for fifa 20. Nothing will change by making videos and complaining just stop playing damn
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 14 timer siden
Why Fifa points on a RTG?
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 14 timer siden
why does he have Fifa points if it is a RTG???????
O.chapman 13
O.chapman 13 - 14 timer siden
He doessss🐬🐬
Jack Boyle
Jack Boyle - 14 timer siden
I hope ajax win because I have quince promes rttf
Jim Bo
Jim Bo - 15 timer siden
Skillz why don't you just give zola a chance ?
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club - 15 timer siden
Stopped playing in June 2020 for this exact reason that AA9SKILLZ stated
Tom Beesley
Tom Beesley - 15 timer siden
Y u have 200 fifa points
James Kelly
James Kelly - 15 timer siden
I can't stand the full backs stepping up whilst their winger runs past them, I'm sick of seeing centre backs press as the opponent plays the through ball, I'm sick of keeprs punching corners 15 yards from the goal, I'm sick of how the flow of passing and dribbling has been crushed since the latest update, the pass interpretation is trash, the SBC's are trash, icon swaps are trash, its been a year of testing what the fanbase will tolerate and they're taking liberties because they know there is no competitive alternative. Friendlies as a way of unlocking stuff is toxic nevermind it being skill-based. I'm at a 2300 skill rating, champs is a grind, rivals is a grind, squad battles AI plays the most toxic keep ball style of football ever. I don't want to grind in friendlies as well. I played my second ever draft this fifa last week and it was such a change of pace to play a couple people who weren't sweating their ass off. If i could start again i'd play draft and nothing else now. I had rashford and werner week 1 of fut champs rewards, i haven't had anything above an 84 all year since. I hate that rivals games are limited and champs eats them up. WORST FIFA EVER MADE AND WE KEEP SAYING IT EACH YEAR
Hej Korv
Hej Korv - 15 timer siden
Wow what a team
Michal - 15 timer siden
How’s mid zambrota? Need an icon LB for links sick of using mendy
Alex Comery
Alex Comery - 15 timer siden
It's not that impressive when you have to open 100 icon packs to get it 😂
Manny Martinez
Manny Martinez - 16 timer siden
Skillz, if u sell Renato, u should buy ballack put him as a ST then u can play toni as a CAM with 10 chem. And ballack has good defense stats Ma boi. But the goat Ronaldo might be on 8chem
JetQuil - 16 timer siden
I love the way this series is going skillz
shea murphy
shea murphy - 16 timer siden
i thought you weren’t using fifa points
Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka - 16 timer siden
I don’t even own the game bro......
Sebastian Barrientos
Sebastian Barrientos - 17 timer siden
Yo skillz ever considered a 4-5-1 position it’s one of my favorites and easy to hybrid pls play with that and let me know
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik - 17 timer siden
Stopped in December/Jan. Only played the game coz I got it for free same goes for last year. Gonna make sure no one gifts me this shit game for 2021/22.
Unruliest Mac10
Unruliest Mac10 - 17 timer siden
Zola is insane?
Im Goated
Im Goated - 17 timer siden
Today Kroos is goated, tomorrow Aa9skillz will say he’s garbage
Jean-Paul Leo
Jean-Paul Leo - 17 timer siden
Skillz get 86 RM llorente then Toni kroos cam then get rid of renato sanches for valverde and then play like the 95 Messi over CR7 but switch them around so Messi starts st so everyone on 20
QuackersTV - 17 timer siden
What’s good all my smexy gamers out there in a new content creator looking for any input on how I can improve. If you have a spare minute I’d really appreciate any feedback otherwise I hope you all have a T1 day.
Daundre Straker
Daundre Straker - 17 timer siden
Deco's icon swap card would fit this team perfectly
yehia haytham
yehia haytham - 18 timer siden
You could play Renato Sanchez
Lukas Skopas
Lukas Skopas - 18 timer siden
What are your 4312 tactics?
Ryan Kraemer
Ryan Kraemer - 18 timer siden
Can we talk about how we're still barely getting 600 coins per game?
FamousYoutuber69 - 19 timer siden
These new edits are terrible just stop
kiNg Usman
kiNg Usman - 19 timer siden
U know I packed renato Sanchez in party bag
mustapha wehbi
mustapha wehbi - 19 timer siden
someone has to talk about the bottom right of the vid
David Guzman
David Guzman - 19 timer siden
Bro honestly u don’t make this game fun no more
Jacob Yates
Jacob Yates - 19 timer siden
Skills: has 677 coins Me: I finally have more coins than a NOburnr!
Saif Shammayleh
Saif Shammayleh - 20 timer siden
Team chemistry is overhyped
Brendan Matthews
Brendan Matthews - 20 timer siden
I like the way you are playing, love your channel and can't wait to see more.
SalahHatesInspectorGadget - 20 timer siden
Skillz stick 424 GK-hradecky CB-Tapsoba CB-Varane Lb-Zambrotta RB-Mendy LCM-Cruyff RCM-Kroos RW-TOTW Llorente RST-Felix LST-Ronaldo LW-El Sharawaay Plz find this
SuperOllie - 20 timer siden
Really like your new way of looking at the rtg
Sharynho Markelo
Sharynho Markelo - 20 timer siden
Noo get outta here! Ajax played soo much better. Lille should get knocked out.
SK 11
SK 11 - 20 timer siden
Bro, Lille will not beat Ajax 🤣🤣🤣
Ferny 004
Ferny 004 - 20 timer siden
Guys, shadow on kroos or hunter?
The Collectibles Guy
The Collectibles Guy - 20 timer siden
SKILLZ played TAPSOBA for one game and gave up one goal and he benched him and said “nah man I really don’t like him”
Johannes Kulset
Johannes Kulset - 20 timer siden
renato will be 200k...
Jose MTZ
Jose MTZ - 20 timer siden
Skillz get rm Llorente & get rid of Kroos, Kroos is only worth playing if he’s on full chem
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley - 20 timer siden
To be honest, I only play Career Mode on FIFA, it's much more civilised!
mark fives
mark fives - 20 timer siden
Get messi
Ali Gilani
Ali Gilani - 20 timer siden
When will be season 3
Petr Krejčí
Petr Krejčí - 21 time siden
Want to make your team fun? Remove Mendy.
Stijn de Wit
Stijn de Wit - 21 time siden
Skilzz you should switch Mendy and Zambrotta ingame so they are both on the side of their preffered foot
Juan Cassar
Juan Cassar - 21 time siden
Why u have 200 FIFA points
George Salib
George Salib - 21 time siden
Get the rm llorente and plau kroos cam
filly - 21 time siden
when i say sexy i mean the card art “don’t come at me sideways”😂😂 my respect for skills 📈
CasheXy - 21 time siden
I hate when skillz says this because he is sponsperd by fifa and they back him up but he doesn't address the 5 at the back and the gameplay
Syauqi Rashad
Syauqi Rashad - 21 time siden
Oh no, they know what we want, which is why they're doing everything possible to deliver the exact opposite which would frustrate us, annoy us and just make the casuals turn to the shop and buy more fifa points.
Clutch.007 - 21 time siden
I love when skillz pronounces Joao Felix
Paulinho Costa
Paulinho Costa - 21 time siden
je ter dito
O I - 21 time siden
I def recommend llorente’s RM card. I have him in red and play him at cdm in game. Solid card
Zaki Osman
Zaki Osman - 21 time siden
when does he go live on twitch?
jason gomez
jason gomez - 21 time siden
if this is a rtg then why do u have fifa points?
L Jacobs
L Jacobs - 21 time siden
bet no one noticed the futbin thing in the bottom right
Morgan Ross
Morgan Ross - 21 time siden
Good idea might be every rewards do an icon pack and build a team round him keeps it fresh and good content for the boyyyyyyys
Mhavss15 - 22 timer siden
How you still stuck at 1.98 million subs cmon who else has noticed this get this man to 2 million people
Sean Arrowsmith
Sean Arrowsmith - 22 timer siden
GOOD LAD !!!!!!
Free Arsenal
Free Arsenal - 22 timer siden
How much will this card drop to if they were to get knocked out?
Avi Kodwani
Avi Kodwani - 22 timer siden
Skills sell Ronaldo bring in mkhitaryan he has 4 star skills and 5 star weak-foot if u wanna get rid of Ronaldo for this wl
Dan Frankl
Dan Frankl - 22 timer siden
kimmich is german and links to your cb so gets chem with kroos
ciaran Crowley
ciaran Crowley - 22 timer siden
try Zola out he is supposed to be crazy
Mobil3noob - 22 timer siden
Hear me out RM LLORENTE, cr7 striker, sell renato, Kroos cm, cryuff left cam😎