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Runtime: 20:58


yehia haytham
yehia haytham - 18 timer siden
You could play Renato Sanchez
André David
André David - 11 dager siden
You can just move Gullit at LCM and Bruno Fernades at RCM and you'll be at full chemistry
li0nsx x
li0nsx x - 19 dager siden
Fav ytber♥️
Ahmad Agha
Ahmad Agha - 20 dager siden
use dybala on the right wing, then ronaldo gets 10 chem, and then use blanc on the 'cm' spot he is so good and gullit and him is gonna eat everything.
Trrofif Äråeke
Trrofif Äråeke - 21 dag siden
Does anybody know why he use a hunter on gullit. I know he scores much but is there a reason?
isaac thomas
isaac thomas - 21 dag siden
Petition for Skillz vs Manny
Braden Mayew
Braden Mayew - 21 dag siden
Lol. You are so annoying.
JLH609 - 21 dag siden
In all honesty how can my man have this many coins without using one of those coin sites
Steven Hewitt
Steven Hewitt - 21 dag siden
AA9 why did u have to beat my boy AndycondaRTG’s ass bro. Now all the boys are clowning him. Andy still loves you skillz but damn.
franco stachuk
franco stachuk - 21 dag siden
Freeze aouar?
Allerik Freeman
Allerik Freeman - 21 dag siden
Not putting puskas at ST to give everyone full chem is giving me major anxiety
Liver Pool
Liver Pool - 21 dag siden
Mid stochkov
Danny McGee
Danny McGee - 21 dag siden
What camera angles are they
mikeypisanchyn - 21 dag siden
TAG HYPER - 21 dag siden
so let me tell yall smthn mbappe Lw OP
Desirae Cameron
Desirae Cameron - 21 dag siden
the one that i used : fifa.atgems.store
είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους
Tobias Hannes
Tobias Hannes - 21 dag siden
How can skills Play so much fifa and be so good at it but not know how Chemistry works and that hé Just needs to switch mbappe en puskas
RKFreestyle Gammer
RKFreestyle Gammer - 22 dager siden
No messi booo bro 😭😭😭
Nils Werner
Nils Werner - 22 dager siden
433 Start
Neymar LW, Dybala ST, Cuadrado RW
Mbappe CM, Gullit CM, Cristiano CM
Defense as usual
שגיא שי
שגיא שי - 22 dager siden
Puskas was the star of the first game and you just ignored it
Azherd - 22 dager siden
eusebio instead of puskas maybe ronaldo gets full chem but a bit expensive
Jaydan Lee
Jaydan Lee - 22 dager siden
Bro, AA9SKILLZ, post daily fifa 21 CAREER MODE MAN. were bloody waiting for ages.🤬
Codigo R.A Oficial
Codigo R.A Oficial - 22 dager siden
Cant believe skillz asked how to give Cr7 10 chem lmao
ITZ K4DZ - 22 dager siden
Skillz started to take of the glasses on the thumbnails I think he wants to look more “natural “
Toby 305
Toby 305 - 22 dager siden
Swap puskas Nd mbappe for all full chem
deadly saulo
deadly saulo - 22 dager siden
Swap puskas with mbappe for cr7 ful chem
BZT Fifa mobile
BZT Fifa mobile - 22 dager siden
Change puskas n mbappe position then all full chem
Simão Gonçalves
Simão Gonçalves - 22 dager siden
Switch gullit with the other icon and put Bruno for that icon
Gary Alvarado
Gary Alvarado - 22 dager siden
Couldve played bruno in the mid on full chem with cancelo as rw and Arnold rb to start then have bruno play on the wing
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez - 22 dager siden
Try lahm prime instead of arnold, will be better as a cdm. Thanks me later
The Ingsinator
The Ingsinator - 22 dager siden
My mate packed TOTY Mbappe and sold him for 7m so yes that is a good price😂
samuelaguiarpt - 22 dager siden
Os vídeos já estão feitos, depois estás para aí a comentar e nem sequer vês que tens jogares trocados? Não podes ser assim tão burro, é impossível.
Gaber - 22 dager siden
Fifa 19 RMRTG was GOATED
ALJAŽ YT - 22 dager siden
buy renato sanches for better cam for cr7
IdanAvitan - 22 dager siden
You can swich Mbape and Puskas
jean michel setze
jean michel setze - 22 dager siden
when is career mode coming
jean michel setze
jean michel setze - 22 dager siden
i would put mbappe on the wings and puskas at stricker
brogueira93 - 22 dager siden
Vamos crl 1904
xBone Crusher
xBone Crusher - 22 dager siden
yea put puskas ST and mbappe on the mid and in game play with mbappe on the right and puskas in the CF
Alan V
Alan V - 22 dager siden
Get cuadrado at rm
NAMIT BHATIA CLASS XI - 22 dager siden
Buy Luis figo on right wing
i_SMO_7 - 22 dager siden
2:50 the cheapest was 1,689,000 😭🤣😂😂
Gabe Baldy
Gabe Baldy - 22 dager siden
this background music is soo nice skillz
LeeniGaming - 22 dager siden
did he just bought the neymar 1698000 instead of 1689000?
Toby Hummerston
Toby Hummerston - 22 dager siden
No one:
Absolutely No one:
AA7: Win-ger
Jovany Sanchez
Jovany Sanchez - 22 dager siden
If u use bruno instead on gullit u get ronaldo full chem
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph - 22 dager siden
*Never doubt the work of MARKTOOSLESS on !G he recovered my account without stress he was reliable throughout the process*💯💯
Andrew Joseph
Andrew Joseph - 22 dager siden
*Never doubt the work of MARKTOOSLESS on !G he recovered my account without stress he was reliable throughout the process*💯💯
Jonathan Patterson
Jonathan Patterson - 22 dager siden
Why not put freeze Marquinhos at cm and swap Ramos up to cm and give him a go.
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez - 22 dager siden
Cadrado rm
sledge htv
sledge htv - 22 dager siden
this guy man somehow gets me raging and grinding my teeth at 2 in the morning not even playing fifa, you’ve played fifa for most your life how can you not understand how to get your players on full chem by literally switching ONE player ONE. and with him buying mbappe saying it’s the cheapest in the market yet he probably went passed the 1.89 mil one about 5 times. really frustrating🙄🙄
Sam Wilkinson
Sam Wilkinson - 22 dager siden
Sell gullit and buy eusebio and play him as a cm If you want full chem
Brayan Reynolds
Brayan Reynolds - 22 dager siden
Alexandre Kharma
Alexandre Kharma - 22 dager siden
Put puskas on st and you'll get full chem
Joaquim Dias
Joaquim Dias - 22 dager siden
Just use mbappe on the wing and puskas striker lol
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 22 dager siden
Good video
Krishan Patel
Krishan Patel - 22 dager siden
Skillz buy baby guillt for ur rtg pls.
Silver 1
Silver 1 - 22 dager siden
does anyone love racism and hate non whites??
Ibrahim Shahid
Ibrahim Shahid - 22 dager siden
Dude just get cancelo RTTF! That dude is a beast going forward
TheBebol11 - 22 dager siden
Thoams Owen
Thoams Owen - 22 dager siden
my guy still uses mendy when he had 8 mil
mehrshad silver
mehrshad silver - 22 dager siden
Crxptic_ Adpik
Crxptic_ Adpik - 22 dager siden
put bruno on the right cm and put gullit on left cm
Geoffrey Goldsmith
Geoffrey Goldsmith - 22 dager siden
Big boy rashford
Evan Wright14
Evan Wright14 - 22 dager siden
You should try Ronaldinho on the wing. :)
Bp Og
Bp Og - 22 dager siden
He doesn’t look at comments so idk if he’ll do the change
Nishant Salhotra
Nishant Salhotra - 22 dager siden
Gustavo Matiaz
Gustavo Matiaz - 22 dager siden
how does skillz not know how chem works. kid has been playing this game for a min now 🥴
matthew nelson
matthew nelson - 22 dager siden
Skills, I’d recommend Beckham’s, viera, blanc mid field. Then use adama is stead of mendy
Donaldo Pureco
Donaldo Pureco - 22 dager siden
still will choke top 100.
Arwin Garcia
Arwin Garcia - 22 dager siden
Get jay jay ockocha and put him in the wing
N1ghtek - 22 dager siden
You should have had mbappe stay on cm and get somebody to play as st but ingame as winger and of course it has to be an icon in st position cause with mbappe and neymar link he just needs one soft link from icon cause already he has gullit link and just like that you have everybody on 10 chem
Jalal Ammouri
Jalal Ammouri - 22 dager siden
Switch Mbappe and Puskas
Y GAON - 22 dager siden
Change mbappe to cm and pick up ben yeeder headliner insted puskas
Noel Charlson
Noel Charlson - 22 dager siden
Get figo
iiDiego Yt
iiDiego Yt - 22 dager siden
freeze dembele
George Sanchez
George Sanchez - 22 dager siden
Painful to see you squad build.
I would go 4321 with Dybala as a RF on 7 chem so you can use him out wide in game and everyone else would be full chemistry.
FatySimulator - 22 dager siden
Keep up the great videos Skillz
Tellawi - 22 dager siden
billys - 22 dager siden
U could buy prime eusebio
Jose Tomas Tejada Vasquez
Jose Tomas Tejada Vasquez - 22 dager siden
Change puskas to striker or buy cuadrado
Abdallah Elkhashab
Abdallah Elkhashab - 22 dager siden
Put puskas cam and mbappe RW it is so easy
Keymike Pietersz
Keymike Pietersz - 22 dager siden
Play Adama on de wing
Diego Carmona
Diego Carmona - 22 dager siden
Buy Eder
Max Miller
Max Miller - 22 dager siden
Dude 🤣... you have to play Puskas in this team... just put Mbappe on the wing man. He’s so fucking fast it won’t matter he will still get involved.
MemesTv 5
MemesTv 5 - 22 dager siden
Aa9skillz will never use messi again he’s whipped on ronaldo so much
Ziad Mosleh
Ziad Mosleh - 22 dager siden
Put puskas on CF mbappe RM
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 22 dager siden
Bro, I know he’s fifa rich and all; but there was a cheaper Neymar right next to the one he bought, and he said the one he got was the cheapest😭
Thomas Riley
Thomas Riley - 22 dager siden
Get overmars last time you used him you said he was great
Abdullah Almutairi
Abdullah Almutairi - 22 dager siden
buy jota for the wing
Keaton Walsh
Keaton Walsh - 22 dager siden
If u don’t want Trent in the mid field maybe play him rm then get an icon cm also play Puskas or whatever icon at striker for full chem on Ronaldo
Manahil Abashar
Manahil Abashar - 22 dager siden
buy eusebbiyo
callum weir
callum weir - 22 dager siden
Could run dybala on seven at RM
Ali Sameh
Ali Sameh - 22 dager siden
Sell The Whole team and buy an icon team
SQUIRESY FC - 22 dager siden
Why did you drop Puskas to CM and push Mbappe to ST? You could have gotten CR7 on full chem by putting Puskas at ST..
P00rMann - 22 dager siden
We get enough of the “team building “ on stream you could have edited it out brother
IntoxicatedTurtle_ - 22 dager siden
Figo RM
eedlund21 - 22 dager siden
Mbappé Wing and puskas CF
Harry Phillipson
Harry Phillipson - 22 dager siden
It annoyed me how many times I wanted him to change puskas st to get full chem
Kasper Sinicki
Kasper Sinicki - 22 dager siden
Okocha prime on RM in game