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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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Runtime: 23:57


Master Jon
Master Jon - 2 timer siden
I think there’s also too many special cards, in the golden days of fifa 11/12/13 etc it was so much more fun, and if someone had an inform or toty is was like ‘damnnnnnn they’ve got an inform!’
Now every single team is every colour of the rainbow with the same defence.
Also people should legit boycott this game for ea’s poor work in having good servers - a games performance should not change so drastically because a lot of people are playing. It’s literally their job to fix this.
adam kurd
adam kurd - 2 timer siden
I want fifa 14 and fifa 15 times
sayeed hasan
sayeed hasan - 2 timer siden
The game is shit every year since fifa 18 but we buy it, WHY? Because it’s a game most of us grew up playing and loving and it also became shit after fifa became all about competition i.e div rivals, fut champs and esports
Assil - 3 timer siden
its a game some people are good some are not that good how can you complain about playing in objectives lmao
Joseph Groom
Joseph Groom - 4 timer siden
Idk if this is a good idea, but I would like the weekend league to have a knock-out tournament qualification and make it a more prestigious mode. But to do so, they need to make rewards better.
Jerrel Austin
Jerrel Austin - 4 timer siden
Straight Facts.Period! Fun Game but how the hell would you get to 2.0m coins without actually spending money? Mannn ....
AH Bloemhoff
AH Bloemhoff - 5 timer siden
Every fifa is worse again. So this is the last one I will play. Outside of fut, it didn't evolve much, the gameplay is crap, so many bugs
Claudefather - 5 timer siden
Fifa 21 was the first FIFA I've not bought since 2003. The decline of gameplay has been staggering and I'm amazed the big youtubers are not criticising it enough. All the other stuff like sbcs and content doesn't matter to me, I can see past all that stuff if the actual game was fun to play
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly - 8 timer siden
Thanks for doing this video. Another issue for me with these sports games is the fact they bring a new one out each year. GTA came out in 2013 and is still fun. Fortnite has been out for years. Why can’t fifa do this?
Zander Daukantas
Zander Daukantas - 13 timer siden
Stopped playing 2 month ago and went back into warzone, brain is happy😎
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez - 14 timer siden
You made a similar video last year for fifa 20. Nothing will change by making videos and complaining just stop playing damn
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club - 15 timer siden
Stopped playing in June 2020 for this exact reason that AA9SKILLZ stated
James Kelly
James Kelly - 15 timer siden
I can't stand the full backs stepping up whilst their winger runs past them, I'm sick of seeing centre backs press as the opponent plays the through ball, I'm sick of keeprs punching corners 15 yards from the goal, I'm sick of how the flow of passing and dribbling has been crushed since the latest update, the pass interpretation is trash, the SBC's are trash, icon swaps are trash, its been a year of testing what the fanbase will tolerate and they're taking liberties because they know there is no competitive alternative. Friendlies as a way of unlocking stuff is toxic nevermind it being skill-based. I'm at a 2300 skill rating, champs is a grind, rivals is a grind, squad battles AI plays the most toxic keep ball style of football ever. I don't want to grind in friendlies as well. I played my second ever draft this fifa last week and it was such a change of pace to play a couple people who weren't sweating their ass off. If i could start again i'd play draft and nothing else now. I had rashford and werner week 1 of fut champs rewards, i haven't had anything above an 84 all year since. I hate that rivals games are limited and champs eats them up. WORST FIFA EVER MADE AND WE KEEP SAYING IT EACH YEAR
Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka - 17 timer siden
I don’t even own the game bro......
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik - 17 timer siden
Stopped in December/Jan. Only played the game coz I got it for free same goes for last year. Gonna make sure no one gifts me this shit game for 2021/22.
Ryan Kraemer
Ryan Kraemer - 18 timer siden
Can we talk about how we're still barely getting 600 coins per game?
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley - 21 time siden
To be honest, I only play Career Mode on FIFA, it's much more civilised!
CasheXy - 21 time siden
I hate when skillz says this because he is sponsperd by fifa and they back him up but he doesn't address the 5 at the back and the gameplay
Syauqi Rashad
Syauqi Rashad - 21 time siden
Oh no, they know what we want, which is why they're doing everything possible to deliver the exact opposite which would frustrate us, annoy us and just make the casuals turn to the shop and buy more fifa points.
Sean Arrowsmith
Sean Arrowsmith - 22 timer siden
GOOD LAD !!!!!!
Ash23 Khan
Ash23 Khan - 23 timer siden
Not a single lie told in this video. The objectives are so monotonous and not even that rewarding.
The ability to get a R9 or CR7 in a pack is so slim it just doesn't reward you enough for opening a few packs.
Then you get the price of all the elite players, casuals have almost no chance ever to be a 91+ icon unless.
As someone who spends very little on packs the grind is just not fair. Not everyone should have to spend hundreds of pounds just to build a truly elite team.
Goszczu - Dag siden
I stopped playing both fifa 20 and 21 on December/January because of Icon Swaps. I don't think I'm bad player (Elite3/2) but doing this swaps made me sick. Boring as f.. but on the other hand it gave some people advantage in game later over me. I would rather to have quests like you said "score 100 goal in DR/FC in 7 days" or "win at least 20 games with more than 2 goals more than your rival in 7 days", "choose player from your club and score with him 20 goals" this is funny for every player from division 10 to division 1.
Sorry for my english, greetings from Poland
Tyler Barrantes
Tyler Barrantes - Dag siden
I love football and I enjoy playing playing Fifa, but Fifa is so toxic and ruining this community because they’re money hungry and selfish.
David Zingel
David Zingel - Dag siden
who here watches fifa but never plays it cause it's shit give love to the boy skills who has to play this trash game
Strasser - Dag siden
fully agree
Harsh Panchal
Harsh Panchal - Dag siden
My guy is spot on here..
anthony60 calvillo
anthony60 calvillo - Dag siden
AA thanks u for speaking for the people bro your are 100% right
anthony60 calvillo
anthony60 calvillo - Dag siden
agreed AA good thing u made a video about this someone had to make a video !
Eli Fabro
Eli Fabro - Dag siden
Yo maybe we just too old to still be playing video games!! Like 27 and maybe I’m too hypercritical of the game!! It was hella fun when I was 11 and 13 and 8 you know!! Maybe it’s that depressing...the game is for kids and I’m 27 and should be grinding in life and family and work...not bummed that I gotta do icon swaps
David Ståhl
David Ståhl - Dag siden
I agree with 100% and I’ve played 800-900 games without packing a promo card that isn’t a totw
sultan ahmed
sultan ahmed - Dag siden
That is why i hated the ffs promo every good sbc was way too costly and any good ffs cards were more expensive than most of the totys y would i buy a saka when i can buy a trent for half the price a vvd Lewandowski kimmich ramos or davies you could literally get boateng sbc vvd regular trent toty and neuer toty instead of a saka
Svetoslav Yankov
Svetoslav Yankov - Dag siden
zero desire to touch gameplay
Ryan Hodgson
Ryan Hodgson - Dag siden
You really nailed it my man. It’s crazy they make it that you need a good team in order to get a better team, add to that everyone playing champs tactics with 5 back in FRIENDLIES and expecting you to quit if they score without you even touching the ball! Skill based rewards will always leave the casuals with no way to improve their teams and is that really fair? Imagine you love the game but just aren’t very good and don’t have spare cash, you’ll only ever have gold players. IMO they should give you 2k coins for a win so you can grind to upgrade by playing squads, give one red player pick as squad rewards for those who aren’t good enough or live in countries like Aus with only one weekend league server location.
Josh grant
Josh grant - Dag siden
Can’t be arsed with it anymore, everyone I play keeps 8 men In their box with 2 strikers sat on the halfway line. I know I can do the same but it’s zero fun to play that way so I end up scoring 1 goal with 80% possession and conceding 3 on counters so frustrating
Roseanne Moran
Roseanne Moran - Dag siden
As much as i do agree with you the loan legend's do offer an option for friendlies without needing to buy the actual player
Ray Chamburg
Ray Chamburg - Dag siden
I usually get gold in WL but this wknd I didn’t even qualify. 9wins with like 8 games left and lost all.... how’s that possible f this hame
ado17x - Dag siden
oh wow yearly rant vids how fifa is trash what else is new...its been the same cycle since fifa 15 etc...every year same ish same problems same things. this game will never change stop playing it and play something else !
ML05 - Dag siden
Since the latest patch, passing is impossible. I’m quitting online UT like champs and rivals and will only play friendly’s and sbc’s / objectives
jack_leafs 51
jack_leafs 51 - Dag siden
There are a lot of flaws in this video
Mark Norman
Mark Norman - Dag siden
OBC HaRaLoGo - Dag siden
ayo no money wasted
cannavoro and zambrotta
bruno potm 92
that all I got this year till now to brag about
only have 250k now and dunno who to save up to. I'm an average fifa player that gets gold2 almost 1 and I'm finding it it difficult to improve
MKM Hardy
MKM Hardy - Dag siden
Hope fifa get this video,
Thanks bro
MKM Hardy
MKM Hardy - Dag siden
Hope fifa get this video,
Thanks bro
Krazy-8 - Dag siden
Portuguese pride right here
bryan vandenheede
bryan vandenheede - Dag siden
Aa9skillz is the guy that got me started watching streamers. Now he proves he knows what hes talking about. I completely agree with everything he said
Wesley Hubbard
Wesley Hubbard - Dag siden
100% correct on every level. Games dead 💀
filly - Dag siden
skills is speaking fucking facts. once u hit mbappe neymar cr7 there is nothing else u can do but spend money to acheive the r9s and etc. in a game like fifa mobile where gameplay is horrible but in events almost every card is obtainable. and they dont trap u in a pay2win system like this shitload game. i will not lie this game can be fun at times when im just playing rivals against ppl and winning but then i go to my team and wonder how will i really reach the next stage and get a better team if i dont use my mums credi card :/
Claudiu Doros
Claudiu Doros - Dag siden
Respect. For all that you said
filly - Dag siden
people complaining about me using varane and mendy. i payed my fucking 40 quid for fifa atleast let me play the game how i want
Christopher Hughes
Christopher Hughes - Dag siden
Fut friendlies are pointless
Alfie Hillier
Alfie Hillier - 2 dager siden
'I hate people being forced into a mode' says Skills after saying people should be forced to score a certain amount of goals in FUT Champs
GraphicCape - 2 dager siden
Bring back monthly rewards
jack grosvenor
jack grosvenor - 2 dager siden
All the sbc’s are bullshit all the cards are ridiculously expansive because of nerds sat on the market trading
ayomide adelotan
ayomide adelotan - 2 dager siden
I played fut champs for the first time......naaaahh chief this ain't it sooooo sweaty
Ar Daana
Ar Daana - 2 dager siden
bro i left fifa and i stopped watching ur vids cuz fifa, please do something else fifa is gonna destroy u branch out
Hazzmatt Plays
Hazzmatt Plays - 2 dager siden
Fifa isn’t fun it’s addictive
Hazzmatt Plays
Hazzmatt Plays - 2 dager siden
I’ve always wanted to use r9 because he was one of my favourite players irl. I’ve been playing since fifa 10 and I’ve never even got close
Hazzmatt Plays
Hazzmatt Plays - 2 dager siden
People use varane and mendy and then say the games boring. Of course it’s boring your not building fun teams your using varane and mendy the game is bad as it is but if you use players you like over meta it’s slightly bette
Un Broken
Un Broken - 2 dager siden
I stopped playing 1 months ago i feel better i play every weekend and i get depressed...and at end i get disappointed with prizes it’s really not good for health
a - 2 dager siden
u r so right !!!
Salim farhi
Salim farhi - 2 dager siden
i mean when TOTS comes out its when every one is gonna play fut champs. when TOTS comes out that is when we get rewarded
Wyan Ratts
Wyan Ratts - 2 dager siden
Fucking nailed it 🙌🏻
Ross Mills
Ross Mills - 2 dager siden
Really enjoyed doing the a silver objective. To get a rare mega pack containing 79 rated fodder
princekiller1 - 2 dager siden
Marcelino Guillen
Marcelino Guillen - 2 dager siden
i stopped playing 2 weeks before toty, i saved all my coins and bought 3 totys, kimmich, de bruyne and davies and the gameplay is still ass. SKills has a point i can go do the season pass for call of duty and whatever game mode i played so far helps me rank up, zombies, tdm, warzone, sure there is still microtransactions but i get to choose what to buy not random. I havent done a single objective player this fifa i dont want to go use a shit team in managerial masterpiece.
Steven Bell
Steven Bell - 2 dager siden
Share play exposes this game so much, don't give your money to these charlatans guys.
Patrick Lindsey
Patrick Lindsey - 2 dager siden
The amount of rant videos you have must mean this game is garbage
Samuel Shodiya
Samuel Shodiya - 2 dager siden
skills spitting
oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!
Normal people: February, fofana
Skillz: Febeewary, farfan
Tristin Meza
Tristin Meza - 2 dager siden
i know the game is bad but i still play it anyway 😞
Gohlah Kamara
Gohlah Kamara - 2 dager siden
Facts bro.. They are out of their minds at this point.. If I wanted to put in this much work, I’d be an actual football player.
When I saw the Zinchenko, I laughed because comparing the price, you could get Toty Robertson for 100k more, or some kind of special Telles...
They are crazy..
Like you said, they could do exclusive packs in Futchamps for the promos to keep the mode intriguing. But hey
ManLikeClaybob - 2 dager siden
I also hear you about the rtg accounts maybe not having the right amount of players in the club for objectives however the games has been out for like 6 months and if your club isn’t at a capable place to have 8 first owned average nation players then your doing something wrong !
ManLikeClaybob - 2 dager siden
Low-key keep talking myself out of it trying to convince my self that I’m just not as good I just stop at gold 3 now I can go 14-1/14-2 most weekends but there’s literally no fun!! Glad to see others don’t approve off the gameplay
Armin Pasic
Armin Pasic - 2 dager siden
I got a great team but all are from playing every single weekend league spending like 1,000 hours are the game grinding the shit out of icon packs, I don’t see fifa as a fun game anymore it’s like a job that I fucking hate
Anders Haga
Anders Haga - 2 dager siden
when did he get the name "Forfan" ????
Niels - 2 dager siden
Khalid Alid
Khalid Alid - 2 dager siden
Who related to what Aa9 said on 17:50 ...

Soo true!
Game Head
Game Head - 2 dager siden
Game Head
Game Head - 2 dager siden
Real talk bro 😎
Fsengz Gaming
Fsengz Gaming - 2 dager siden
its called pay to win man its actually annoyin
Fsengz Gaming
Fsengz Gaming - 2 dager siden
i never spend money on fifa i nearly got elite 1 and i got an 80 from a 50k pack
Jack Lombardi
Jack Lombardi - 2 dager siden
J1 •
J1 • - 2 dager siden
Farfan watching this thinking he’s now become a french CB from the prem
FranK Da MUthaFKnTank
FranK Da MUthaFKnTank - 2 dager siden
Well said basically what I think is what you spoke out. Honestly Ive never even done an icon swap
ViZzoN - 2 dager siden
u forgot that the city lb upgrades and its city so they r probs gonna win and lb will be bpl acuna bscly
Gavin Ross
Gavin Ross - 2 dager siden
Swaps isn’t new. The objectives are predictable. I’ve made sure I’ve hung onto players I knew I’d need, did loans, like cannevaro, freeze politano.
gabriel sanchez
gabriel sanchez - 2 dager siden
This game actually makes people depressed, it’s fucking dumb, my team is amazing but know I can’t pack top tier icons now so what’s the point of my grinding for nothing
luke baumber
luke baumber - 2 dager siden
It’s just boring now. Too much of a grind for very little reward
James Bender
James Bender - 2 dager siden
Jordan Rico
Jordan Rico - 2 dager siden
About time somebody spoke up! Brilliant video Skillz, community appreciate this a lot 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Khaled - 2 dager siden
Man spittin fax
James Rivas
James Rivas - 2 dager siden
I’ve played fifa ever since i was 6 i think. I played fifa 07 to fifa 21 and the way fifa has change over the year is shocking. I used to enjoy playing fifa but ever since fifa 20 and 21 it ruined me personally. I hate seeing games that people enjoy go to waste. I still play it because i love soccer but if this bad streak keeps on going... i might have to consider quitting on fifa. And its not that hard to make a game better @easports.
PITTSBURGH_ EVANS - 2 dager siden
I stopped playing 3 weeks the game actually came out I fell out of it
Guido Van Bussel
Guido Van Bussel - 2 dager siden
It's only 5-3-2 defending and counter, i stop playing😂
Kolaxii - 2 dager siden
Everything said in this video is the truth🤝🏽
Harry - 2 dager siden
Come back to madden
BACKINTHEHOOD - 2 dager siden
I started playing fifa again, my team is 165 overall and i get matched up against 190, 188.. Its just sad that new players are going against good players with good team.
Graham C
Graham C - 2 dager siden
"Forcing people to run a bad team for a mediocre card" is too real lol. The amount of time we spend playing with a team we don't even like in a mode called ULTIMATE TEAM is so twisted. The point about Icon Moments is on point too. It's a mirage, fake incentive to open packs. When they're that expensive and impossible to pack, they might as well not exist.
Jay Ijaodola
Jay Ijaodola - 2 dager siden
FUT has a low cost of entry, then it hits you with the "Surprise Mechanics" when you want to take your team to the next level. I've been rocking my Neymar, Mbappe combo since Nov. I don't care enough to get the next "upgrades".
Cmoncz-YT - 2 dager siden