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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
FIFA21 Mid Icon pack on the rtg
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Runtime: 20:06


Jacob Yates
Jacob Yates - 5 dager siden
Get Bruno Fernandes then switch him with Cyruff then get a perm CB and GK
WaleWonka S
WaleWonka S - 6 dager siden
Tapsoba and Neuer
12tamal 12tamal
12tamal 12tamal - 6 dager siden
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway - 6 dager siden
I play Marquinhos in rb when I bring up TOTY Trent skills. And then when he gets tired I bring on OTW florenzi (I need to replace him on rb super sub b/c he’s not fast enough on 5 chem but he gets the job done b/c all of the opponents are tired by then). Plus he’s florenzi is a stud, pace, pass, shooting. But back to Marquinhos he’s good in that position as long as you put stay back because he likes to push for some reason.

Or you could have Bruno Fernandes, Jones and get Rooney that should work for you.
Haris Sariffuddin
Haris Sariffuddin - 6 dager siden
Hey bro. Mind to share your player instructions?
Haris Sariffuddin
Haris Sariffuddin - 6 dager siden
For 4312
Darcy Brown
Darcy Brown - 6 dager siden
Why don’t you play 3-5-2 you get the diamond trio and but the lm and rm on come back on defence. Is op and would suit you
Joseph Cabrera
Joseph Cabrera - 6 dager siden
Headliner mkhitaryn
BvB07FTW - 6 dager siden
Try and get camavinga in that midfield
Gary duggan
Gary duggan - 7 dager siden
Future Stars Jonathan Davis , 5star WF
Angel Favela
Angel Favela - 7 dager siden
Fut Freeze Auor if you have em
Sleiman Ali
Sleiman Ali - 7 dager siden
Sorry skills Arsenal going up not benfica
fry ghost
fry ghost - 7 dager siden
Get cb version of walker. Then play him rb and push tav to the midfield.
Callum Blyth
Callum Blyth - 7 dager siden
the future stars objective left mid is good for a lb then u can have tavernier in the midfield
carlos polanco
carlos polanco - 7 dager siden
Put marquihnos cb in game play mendy cb instead of varane and when the game starts put Mendy rb or zambrotta
Shelf Stacker
Shelf Stacker - 7 dager siden
What’s his camera settings?
Rakim2Slick - 7 dager siden
Tapsoba as left CB.
Zambrota as LB.
Renato Sanches Left Striker.
Bruno Guimarães Left Cam.
Cruyff left CDM.
Cr7 Right St.
Felix Right Cam
Bruno Fernandes right CDM.
You do use Tavernier, it depends of who you wanna sacrifice for the team. I would bench Tavernier and bring him in as a all rounded sub for either Bruno if you winning and want to defend a lil or sub him in for Bruno for a more attacking approach.
Jayden Cremonini
Jayden Cremonini - 7 dager siden
Get this to most liked comment so skillz can see. Can u plz stop clickbaiting us, u never use to and now it’s “INSANE RED PICK” and you get Delaney and “EPIC MID ICON” and he’s worth less than the pack. No hate intended :)
AbD_MuShTaQ - 7 dager siden
Everyone Plays That Motherf***ing 5 At Da Back
luke wilson
luke wilson - 7 dager siden
Look at the thumbnail, she’s wearing diff tops for views LOLOLOL
Glodi Kishitu
Glodi Kishitu - 7 dager siden
You could try xavi maybe, manny uses him too
DuckInTheMud 10
DuckInTheMud 10 - 7 dager siden
Sooooooooooooo epiccccc woooooooooooooooooow

I’m actually done...
Cole Baptista
Cole Baptista - 7 dager siden
Get Nakata, thank me later
edward - 7 dager siden
Haven’t seen in. A while
Alvaro Reyes
Alvaro Reyes - 7 dager siden
I got maldini,1.6 mil 😎
Angel Martin del Campo
Angel Martin del Campo - 7 dager siden
Nice kit
Gabriel Fifa
Gabriel Fifa - 7 dager siden
Why is zambrota playing if varane and felix are giving mendy full chem?
Amancio Verissimo
Amancio Verissimo - 7 dager siden
Benficaasaassaaaaaaa caralho...what is going on with them
Sam Tyrrell
Sam Tyrrell - 7 dager siden
Skillz, you ever thought about commenting at all?
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 7 dager siden
Good video
Sundwb - 7 dager siden
Its my birthday today :)
Tommy Levasseur
Tommy Levasseur - 7 dager siden
ray ray got demoted from fiance to girlfriend
Sean McNeela
Sean McNeela - 7 dager siden
He had 200 fifa points and then he had 175
Colin Snustad
Colin Snustad - 7 dager siden
Cesc Fabregas is good next to if Renato
Aiden Katleski
Aiden Katleski - 7 dager siden
If u did the auour sac u could just drop him in for bruno g
htx.gustavo - 7 dager siden
toty honorable mention fekir
htx.gustavo - 7 dager siden
toty honorable mention fekir
EDDIET G_09 - 7 dager siden
Is that cb not good? U could use neuer
Sina Shams
Sina Shams - 7 dager siden
Robin Haugstulen
Robin Haugstulen - 7 dager siden
Miss the old AA9skills😔😔
A36GAMING HD - 7 dager siden
Get kessie again he fits where joao Felix is and ur can play João felix right st and put Renato as cam on the right
Jose De La Cruz
Jose De La Cruz - 7 dager siden
9:36 What did he sayyyyy?!? 🤔
Joao Pedro Nunes
Joao Pedro Nunes - 7 dager siden
Play Bruno Fernandes on 8 chem
Matthew Pickering
Matthew Pickering - 7 dager siden
Rooney for the tavernier link
h - 7 dager siden
Bro change formation to 4231 Renato sahnches ST cruyff CAM Bruno guimares right CAM Cristiano left CAM Jones right CDM Felix left CDM all on full chem apart from Bruno guimares
logan Dinsdale
logan Dinsdale - 7 dager siden
Adrian Mathews
Adrian Mathews - 7 dager siden
If you weren't a youtuber , you could have been an amazing sports commentator
Seth Crane
Seth Crane - 7 dager siden
Plz can u review reece james cdm I packed him and don't know if he's good or not like so skillz can see
Jaden - 7 dager siden
Skillz look at Freeze Verrati he actually very good at lcm in the 4312
jjgooz - 7 dager siden
if you run a 4-2-3-1 you can bench marquinhos and everyone will be on 10 chem except bruno on 8
Noah Giordano
Noah Giordano - 7 dager siden
Rttf wijnaldum cards insane
OfficialDRM - 7 dager siden
if you did freeze Aouar, he can be your box to box
Emmanuel - 7 dager siden
The league un dembele is very good
Nathan Robson
Nathan Robson - 7 dager siden
the second part of this vid should be coming soon im waiting for this epic mid icon
Jan Brandweerman
Jan Brandweerman - 7 dager siden
Dutch-knight 2
Dutch-knight 2 - 7 dager siden
please try future stars dest he is amazing
O I - 7 dager siden
clever putting that cleavage in the thumbnail then busting out the turtleneck for vid 😏
Sneakytacos77 - 7 dager siden
My man investing on FIFA LMAO
Khaled Ayash Khaled Ayash
Khaled Ayash Khaled Ayash - 7 dager siden
Yo skillz try out totw valverde he is sick
Like so skillz can see
Ruben Esquivel
Ruben Esquivel - 7 dager siden
Justin Paulo
Justin Paulo - 7 dager siden
Get depay he links to Bruno G
Jake Turner
Jake Turner - 7 dager siden
Put Bruno right cam swap your two strikers around and put sanches cdm then get any prem right back
uncle pootytang
uncle pootytang - 7 dager siden
You gotta play tapsoba. 6’4 with those stats he is gonna be a beast
Julio Rosales Vargas
Julio Rosales Vargas - 7 dager siden
Bro, change cr7 for renato in the 4222 and marquinhos as a left cam and put Bruno with João and cr7 in the other side and full chem
QUINCY PROMES - 7 dager siden
Goatee aasa9
Lord farquat’s large pein 669
Camivuga 9
Jasiel Da
Jasiel Da - 7 dager siden
Michigan 17
Michigan 17 - 7 dager siden
Think about xavi hes great in game especially mid/prime
Mark Samarani
Mark Samarani - 7 dager siden
wait to see if renato’s team win against ajax an sell him then get his inform and buy an icon that has a central position but can play as a RB.
Erick Quevedo
Erick Quevedo - 7 dager siden
You can use Lm verrati and switch in game to middle
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis - 7 dager siden
Yo skillz sub Mendy in at LB mid game and put zambrotta at RB then just put Tav in the midfield 💪🏻
Luv_buttery Yt
Luv_buttery Yt - 7 dager siden
Can we see you and your wife play co op ??
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies - 7 dager siden
Play Killian at CAM
Doki - 7 dager siden
we want vlogs
Michael Baierl
Michael Baierl - 7 dager siden
How are you still playing varane instead of the Leverkusen defender????? Put him in and neuer in goal and you're sorted
Mohammed Kasib
Mohammed Kasib - 7 dager siden
Get Gullit
Bradley Shelley
Bradley Shelley - 7 dager siden
You could replace your midfield with Rooney as an attacking cm and then Curtis Jones and the new Reece James cdm card
ghieth feras
ghieth feras - 7 dager siden
Gomez 😂
ghieth feras
ghieth feras - 7 dager siden
Batty Fish
Batty Fish - 7 dager siden
Guys I broke my tv 😭
Bug eyes
Bug eyes - 7 dager siden
You could play Curtis Jones for Marquinhos and buy RM joa cancels play him at striker and boom perfect team
Asgeir Haland
Asgeir Haland - 7 dager siden
Should try tapsoba and neuer
ultimate Bolt
ultimate Bolt - 7 dager siden
Put tapsoba at CB and get a bundes liga GK
ultra beast
ultra beast - 7 dager siden
ucl live draxler
Dean Rangeley
Dean Rangeley - 7 dager siden
Isn’t skillz like 30+ and doesn’t even know the difference between “a” and “an”?
JY VLOGS - 7 dager siden
I got renato sanches 84 from the old party bag so sad he is untradeable but he soooooooooo good
FCRaiders21 - 7 dager siden
Skills he won't get upgraded because Europa league cards only get upgraded from round of 16
Vissy on 60fps Omar
Vissy on 60fps Omar - 7 dager siden
When your girl asks u what u watch on YouTube I am like skills
Dre Carty
Dre Carty - 7 dager siden
Put in jones and Rooney for Brazilian Bruno and Marquinhos, then Bruno Fernandes for renato.
Rene Steiro
Rene Steiro - 7 dager siden
You can use the bundes cb and buy Neuer TOTY
Viktor Brelin
Viktor Brelin - 7 dager siden
”Auara”😂 9:35
Usmaan Ali
Usmaan Ali - 7 dager siden
Skills interested to be a fifa comontater?
Amir Mukhlis
Amir Mukhlis - 7 dager siden
get VIERA skillz 🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺
Kieran McGregor
Kieran McGregor - 7 dager siden
It’s funny her link isn’t in the description lmao
Usmaan Ali
Usmaan Ali - 7 dager siden
Jared VA
Jared VA - 7 dager siden
Get David
Marvv Jr
Marvv Jr - 7 dager siden
Landon - 7 dager siden
Try to get baby Seedorf
Dre Carty
Dre Carty - 7 dager siden
Gg’s man, Your wife looking beautiful as always. I’m always on ur twitch streams .
Dan Calkins
Dan Calkins - 7 dager siden
Gotta use tapsoba bro and get neur in net! Would be dope
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia - 7 dager siden
That was fun gameplay