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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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Runtime: 09:58


derek 10
derek 10 - 2 dager siden
You should've saved that pack for a promo!
JR ARAFAT CHANNEL - 3 dager siden
Frank Rooney
Frank Rooney - 3 dager siden
Get tom Davies he pocketed liverpool's midfield swap him with jones
Kal-El 87
Kal-El 87 - 3 dager siden
Probs gonna take an L doin the moments ppl only wanted u to do it so they don't have to
TxRk CAPZ - 3 dager siden
Worst pack ever from 81 +
Dodsin Thehouse
Dodsin Thehouse - 3 dager siden
I’m going for the Moments too! I feel like at this point in the game we might as well just big balls it and take the risks! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
mohammed sahl
mohammed sahl - 4 dager siden
Aren't all prime icons rated above 91 ?
E-Kay - 4 dager siden
I did the 25 X 82+ last night and I got 2 informs , Van djik , Kimmich , casimero , Godin and some 83’s i think you should’ve gone with the 82+ as yes it possible you could get a big win it’s also very plausible you’ll pack a stinker and it’ll b a waste of time although the 91+ is worth it as it rules out a lot of players
Kap - 4 dager siden
Lmao 🤣
Anthony vandenheuvel
Anthony vandenheuvel - 4 dager siden
You should sell renato sanches after your wl. Lille won’t go trough against ajax
denchev8 - 4 dager siden
Rooney for Jones ?
Erik Vadasz
Erik Vadasz - 4 dager siden
Bro I had a mega pack give me 79 rated player, go figure right.
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 4 dager siden
Good video
Cavan Payne
Cavan Payne - 4 dager siden
i did the 81+ and got Messi
Asher Hallam
Asher Hallam - 4 dager siden
Bro you say you'll get nothing in the red pick I got llorente
Emmekai Green
Emmekai Green - 4 dager siden
Ultimate team is a scam 🤣
Bus Gaming
Bus Gaming - 4 dager siden
Am i the only one who doesnt get any coins or division rivals points when i win after completing the icon swaps?
Nick B
Nick B - 4 dager siden
Well deserved
Ali Darwish
Ali Darwish - 4 dager siden
what does he not use figo
BigBoy Moscow
BigBoy Moscow - 4 dager siden
Lmao we just watched 7 minutes suck choice which was obviously from the beginning
Brillian Tran
Brillian Tran - 4 dager siden
Has Mid Cruyff and saying he's so broke....
Eduardo Geekin
Eduardo Geekin - 4 dager siden
Damn that pack was shit
Archie Hough
Archie Hough - 4 dager siden
You can just use marquionus
Byron Walter
Byron Walter - 4 dager siden
Skillz should check what prime icons are 91+ before committing
Paul Tukue
Paul Tukue - 4 dager siden
I am going for deco
O P - 4 dager siden
My 81+ times 25 was a huge W I got 4 walkouts
Noah Bousaleh
Noah Bousaleh - 4 dager siden
Skillzxleft us no more carrer mode 😭😭
Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson - 4 dager siden
The 91+ prime icon is a joke because most prime icons are above 91 rated
Abdi Ochoa
Abdi Ochoa - 4 dager siden
Skills why did u open it rn?!?! Shouldve waited for the next promo!!!
Jonny Ames
Jonny Ames - 4 dager siden
Why not prime icon 12 tokens & 83+ 5 tokens ? Thats what im doing.
OGblaze Clan
OGblaze Clan - 4 dager siden
James cdm
Sean Rooney
Sean Rooney - 4 dager siden
Yo bro don’t feel bad over the pack I got 84 Saul out of the 82+ x25
George Baileff
George Baileff - 4 dager siden
Do you think that the 91 is a good one to do?
abdelfatteh naas
abdelfatteh naas - 4 dager siden
Ajax Will win sell him
Pedro de Almeida
Pedro de Almeida - 4 dager siden
you should have done the prime icon and the 83+ man
justin Kirchmayer
justin Kirchmayer - 4 dager siden
2 things
first of all you just got hella unlucky with your 81x25 they are generally pretty nuts
second of all you grinded for an hour max for 2 tokens and got 2 segments of an icon sbc or nearly 1 sbc player with an 83 and 84 pack so dont bitch and moan dude
Yahboi Vass
Yahboi Vass - 4 dager siden
OzziePlayzz - 4 dager siden
What an idiot
Noah Giordano
Noah Giordano - 4 dager siden
You never should have used those 3 tokens bro. That pack is legit just a few player picks
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 4 dager siden
Here from the stream. So sorry about what happened. They’re just kids bro.
DAR2004 - 4 dager siden
My free untradeable promes will shine brighter than your sanches.
Gustavo Parra
Gustavo Parra - 4 dager siden
Do 91 icon pack
LittleBigMan - 4 dager siden
I got cr7 in my 81x25
J2LOOSE 12 - 4 dager siden
Can you get an icon from these packs
Plants VS Pellagrini
Plants VS Pellagrini - 4 dager siden
No offence but in the intro it sounded spoilt as many of us have to deal with trash squads
john hanna
john hanna - 4 dager siden
Try Rooney instead oh of Jones
Jayden Ramirez
Jayden Ramirez - 4 dager siden
U could’ve done the 81 and 82 and still get the 91 prime icon pack
HasanAlfareeji - 4 dager siden
Make cruyff a cam for 10 chem skills
BBG Jose
BBG Jose - 4 dager siden
rare footage of aa9 using his brains for chem
Igor Fcs
Igor Fcs - 4 dager siden
Skillz opened a fucking pack without any promo🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Daniel Ashcroft
Daniel Ashcroft - 4 dager siden
Get Wayne Rooney instead of jones
Zein Nahaboo
Zein Nahaboo - 4 dager siden
@aa9skillz you can’t get the prime icon moments you can only get 17 tokens and you’ve spent 2. It cost 16.....
Keith Harding
Keith Harding - 4 dager siden
Tapsoba is better than varane 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
rasel moady
rasel moady - 4 dager siden
lol i got neymar aubameyang and varane in the 83+ x25 ..
Autumn - 4 dager siden
man is opening these 81+ 25 packs with no promo cards in packs lmfao
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell - 4 dager siden
Done an 83+ pack took me hours to get objectives. Didn’t get 1 86+😬😬
Sam Ali
Sam Ali - 4 dager siden
Who else been here since fifa 17 rtg
SanJuan Gamez
SanJuan Gamez - 4 dager siden
Hamzah Mahmood
Hamzah Mahmood - 4 dager siden
I done same pack and got 88 totw lukaku and pogba
Connor Crossland
Connor Crossland - 4 dager siden
One of the biggest clickbaiters going when he did the video with rey noticed how he used a image of her exposing more skin in the chest area just saying
Louis P
Louis P - 4 dager siden
I had a dupe neymar then an mbappe behind it😳
Blisss Hastings
Blisss Hastings - 4 dager siden
Anyone else discard the no room for racism kit ?
Sebastian Mccullagh
Sebastian Mccullagh - 4 dager siden
I hope u pack a icon moment to everyone who is doing it
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 4 dager siden
You can't pack a moments icon in those packs
twiggy tree
twiggy tree - 4 dager siden
I got Casemiro and Sterling out of my 81 plus pack.
Enrique Mendoza
Enrique Mendoza - 4 dager siden
Yooooo I miss us being called the booya nation
Gethin Evans
Gethin Evans - 4 dager siden
I got neymar from that pack let’s goooo
Can Polat
Can Polat - 4 dager siden
Honestly 90% percent of players are gonna get the packs and leave until tots
Can Polat
Can Polat - 4 dager siden
Skillz with the grind
Ronaldo Leija
Ronaldo Leija - 4 dager siden
He expects a lot from 81x25 🤣🤣 the 83x25 is better
Izabel Laczak
Izabel Laczak - 4 dager siden
Its an rtgwith 200 fifa points ???
Shlxke - 4 dager siden
lol why the hell is he ripping this not during a promo? what a muppet
jonathan rahaman
jonathan rahaman - 4 dager siden
Stop listening to your chat so much
TADW 15 - 5 dager siden
Still waiting for the 82+.......
LevelOnLevel - 5 dager siden
Skillz, downgrade your renato and bring in Rooney into the midfield instead of jones
LevelOnLevel - 5 dager siden
That renato Sanchez is already below 800k
Khalil Khaldy
Khalil Khaldy - 5 dager siden
Ronald Valenzuela
Ronald Valenzuela - 5 dager siden
i had like 6 silvers in my italian team RIP lmao
Ham - 5 dager siden
Bruh Tapsoba is miles better than varane just use him
Up SCOMO ! - 5 dager siden
Cmon skillz we all love your videos but no one appreciates how much clickbaiting u do, ur gonna lose subs
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway - 5 dager siden
Why would you use it now? Without a big promo? There’s nothing in packs?
Rudgster - 5 dager siden
Bro only a few prime icons aren't over 91 so do the prime icon pack and save 2 tokens
Sauces B.Z.I
Sauces B.Z.I - 5 dager siden
Rip the video is 9.58 minutes long😪
jr -
jr - - 5 dager siden
Ur a headass why would u open this now u should have waited for a promo🤦🏽🤦🏽
Thomas Cranney
Thomas Cranney - 5 dager siden
Rooney for Jones
jr -
jr - - 5 dager siden
What is he doing there’s nothing in packs LLLLLLLLL
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway - 5 dager siden
Right like he must’ve been starved for a video today
Boyd Aris
Boyd Aris - 5 dager siden
Shoulda waited for a promo
QuackersTV - 5 dager siden
Hey handsome chaps, if any of you big boys have the time to give me some input on my channel that would be awfully swell of you.
EMMEN3S - 5 dager siden
put rooney in jones place
Theo Lockyer
Theo Lockyer - 5 dager siden
I did 81+x25 and got really good so do the 2 and 3
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks - 5 dager siden
Plz pin this
AnBuXLaZa - 5 dager siden
Yh I am doin the 91 plus and 82x25 fully committed
Alex Cunha
Alex Cunha - 5 dager siden
There’s literally nothing in packs. Opening that was such an L.... why do you let ppl bully into making bad choices for your account?
Aaa 13
Aaa 13 - 5 dager siden
Mitchell Chate
Mitchell Chate - 5 dager siden
Should have done the 83x 25, what a waste of a full day of grinding.
patrick hughes
patrick hughes - 5 dager siden
Did he do rooney on rtg? Fits perfectly were jones is
Jelle Verlinde
Jelle Verlinde - 5 dager siden
prime icon pack and 83+ good choice?
Wes Buck
Wes Buck - 5 dager siden
Bro skills man put 82+ on thumbnail and it’s 81+. Low-key might hav to stop watching
Younes - 5 dager siden
What can i do with old icon swaps
Glyn Brooks
Glyn Brooks - 5 dager siden
Yeah it's hard when you don't have a god squad in objectives
David Thompson
David Thompson - 5 dager siden
Thought you'd go for the Overmars tbh you were giving so much praise to his baby icon his moments card should be amazing.
Yonathan Abraham
Yonathan Abraham - 3 dager siden
@246T2 .1 im div 1 and only got gold 1 Once lol, But the game is heavily scripted against me lmao
Joseph Di Gravino
Joseph Di Gravino - 4 dager siden
Overmars has nice dribbling skills and 5* weak foot 😍
mcgriffy - 4 dager siden
If I can use tavernier at RM in div 1 2000 points I think overmars will do very well for you play with what you find fun
246T2 .1
246T2 .1 - 4 dager siden
@Fraser Morris lol bro I'd happily use him at striker & still not try & skill 😂
Fraser Morris
Fraser Morris - 4 dager siden
@246T2 .1 exactly especially if you use him out wide