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Runtime: 14:47


DRP_2002 - 27 dager siden
Red list
fifa maniac
fifa maniac - 28 dager siden
And ive got baby wright kluivert and larsson from these 😂
Daniel Conceicao
Daniel Conceicao - 28 dager siden
dybalas so good for a 84 and 85 do it
Adam Scawn
Adam Scawn - 28 dager siden
I got Ronaldinho this afternoon 😀
ITz Foxxer
ITz Foxxer - 28 dager siden
does anyone know what are his kits?
Abdullah Mukmin
Abdullah Mukmin - 29 dager siden
Chief Keef
Chief Keef - 29 dager siden
Why you don't craft icon packs in stead of paying liquid coins for them
iBarca l 7 l
iBarca l 7 l - 29 dager siden
his as old as nep hahaha
OhSimon - 29 dager siden
Use a 443(3) sanches cm, cruyff st, cuadrado rulebreaker rw, cr7 cdm, then play tavernier or cuardrado on the midfield ingame
Hazard Willis
Hazard Willis - 29 dager siden
no one
skillz : a like would be muchly appreciated
Edita Danihelova
Edita Danihelova - 29 dager siden
big man is back
Zak0519 - 29 dager siden
511 taller than castroo😂😂
Michael Arcia
Michael Arcia - 29 dager siden
Watched this and got baby cruyff afterwards 🤝
swaraj kc
swaraj kc - 29 dager siden
1:07 pause...
Peter Belsager
Peter Belsager - 29 dager siden
My man Skillz saying Cruyff is as old as Nep🤔
Sammy Sanchez
Sammy Sanchez - 29 dager siden
Should have done Dybala
Pablo Abraldes
Pablo Abraldes - 29 dager siden
Where the #nfldropea
Marco Alfonso
Marco Alfonso - 29 dager siden
Ngl AA9 kinda annoys me, just the fact that he pronounces all the names wrong annoys me. Ultimate troll
Gil Bustamante
Gil Bustamante - 29 dager siden
Small W
nadav harari
nadav harari - 29 dager siden
Skillz was going so fast at the start I went to check if my play speed was 2x
Joshua Hitt
Joshua Hitt - 29 dager siden
Literally just packed 91 cruyff like 20 minutes ago on rtg. I’m just tryna be like skillz🤓
Sebastian Reyes
Sebastian Reyes - 29 dager siden
could you post career mode bro it’s been a month
Muka - 29 dager siden
I opened 1 premium prem upgrade got mane Alex yelled and rui patricio
terry park
terry park - 29 dager siden
My man will make the whole Spurs squad
Abdullah Dandashi
Abdullah Dandashi - 29 dager siden
I got de bruyne team of the year from pl 3 gold 1 rare
King Divock
King Divock - 29 dager siden
Please subscribe to my channel if you like watching fut champs and pack openings. Thanks!
kallem pillay
kallem pillay - 29 dager siden
skillz when you gonna do career modes again
Really missing the career modes my guy
Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher - 29 dager siden
Bro don’t sleep on dybala..
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 29 dager siden
Good video
Peter Szatoba
Peter Szatoba - 29 dager siden
holy shiiit what a pack! the goat
Umer Aziz
Umer Aziz - 29 dager siden
Diego Verastegui
Diego Verastegui - 29 dager siden
i dont see how this man ever complains about pack luck
Ali Gilani
Ali Gilani - 29 dager siden
Upload more madden and 2k content
KenzL Game10
KenzL Game10 - 29 dager siden
I got Harry kane
Ake Boy
Ake Boy - 29 dager siden
I packed Henry
Jonas YT
Jonas YT - 29 dager siden
Stop screaming
Dominic Koje
Dominic Koje - 29 dager siden
sell mbappe and put cruyff LCM then you can get whatever CM you want
Eric Younes
Eric Younes - 29 dager siden
Skillz with that sweater be like “whassup its ya boi aa9skillz and you’re watching disney channel”
D3T0N4TE YT - 29 dager siden
I got if pogba from those pl upgrades
boni nawaf
boni nawaf - 29 dager siden
No red list bro lol
Fabian- plays0410
Fabian- plays0410 - 29 dager siden
When you watch the video elven though you were in the stream 😁😁😁.
Sam Bass
Sam Bass - 29 dager siden
Will there ever be a PS4 RTG?
PJ Ansell
PJ Ansell - 29 dager siden
@skillz have you given up on the Career mode video’s?
Gustavo Matiaz
Gustavo Matiaz - 29 dager siden
buddy’s looking like where’s waldo with that beanie
Antonio Clark
Antonio Clark - 29 dager siden
skills i got kante, vardy, de bruyne and son out the PL packs i did 10 of them
Wakanda Forev3r
Wakanda Forev3r - 29 dager siden
He didn’t get Xavi when everyone told him😭
jximmy 11
jximmy 11 - 29 dager siden
the most upgraded player will be ronald araujo
rard de waal
rard de waal - 29 dager siden
I packed 94 r9 after i did this sbc! I turned fodder from the 25x83 in! Follow me on twitter for the proof! @rarddewaal
Youssef Ouassine
Youssef Ouassine - 29 dager siden
Been wachting since walcott days
Behrj Baronian
Behrj Baronian - 29 dager siden
Only OG's know how to play the 4-1-2-1-2 flat.
Zbmx King
Zbmx King - 29 dager siden
Talk about red list...
Gregory Badger
Gregory Badger - 29 dager siden
Did it and got baby ya boy is broke
Denis Purcar
Denis Purcar - 29 dager siden
That’s not a RTG anymore! :)) GGs
Omar Abu Snaineh
Omar Abu Snaineh - 29 dager siden
FatySimulator - 29 dager siden
Loving the content Skillz keep up the amazing work🙏❤️
Quinten Stewart
Quinten Stewart - 29 dager siden
Did one of these for the first time ever... 1.6 million baby veira... Kinda happy 😁. Kinda wishing I could sell it lol
Bubsiam - 29 dager siden
I did one and got VVD just one day short :(
Dominicsmith88 - 29 dager siden
Lmao packed him last year from a mid icon pack. Use my baby well🥺
Scoryy - 29 dager siden
i did 43 and i got toty de bruyne
Abraham Ortega
Abraham Ortega - 29 dager siden
i got a VVD out of one of these
ALL Plastino
ALL Plastino - 29 dager siden
Dybala is lit at cam bro
Kody Chapman
Kody Chapman - 29 dager siden
I love you skills but damn you gotta stop saying in the mud lol
Yvng Tay
Yvng Tay - 29 dager siden
the pl packs got me 3 IF's trent and rodri
FootyTalk - 29 dager siden
Skillz Tomorrow: We won’t get anything in this pack, because the RTG has no luck
Jack Stamford
Jack Stamford - 28 dager siden
@Zbmx King what’s that
Zbmx King
Zbmx King - 29 dager siden
Red list
Tyler McVey
Tyler McVey - 29 dager siden
This is what full blown addiction looks like 😂
Dan Goad
Dan Goad - 29 dager siden
Bro this series is so stupid skillz gets pulls that none of us would ever get
Dylan Gigler
Dylan Gigler - 29 dager siden
I get more and more depressed about getting base lampard and pires every day
Charlie Shepherd
Charlie Shepherd - 29 dager siden
i did a 75k pack too

got nothing 😔
Angelbeast10 - 29 dager siden
I’m going to become a youtuber so I get redlisted lol
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki - 29 dager siden
Yo the music is draining out skillz talking yo
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki - 29 dager siden
Did skillz get an editor
Stephen Edwin
Stephen Edwin - 29 dager siden
next video: I rage sold cruyff
Cofinjo - 29 dager siden
I got mane and henderson i pl packs
Kalos - 29 dager siden
Man said baby cruyff when on his main he had a baby 89 😂
Saurabh Mokashi
Saurabh Mokashi - 29 dager siden
Like how he has an Indian kit fr republic day. Mad respect
Top Shottazz
Top Shottazz - 29 dager siden
And ofc the ea’s bitch packs cruyff
Emanuel A Leite
Emanuel A Leite - 29 dager siden
AA have you ever tired the tactic when you have deep defense then you get speedy wingers and attackers to drop back. Then use counter attack and the will boost up the field and everything will be eez. All love no hate. Like so Skillz can See!!!!!🙏
Herman Helland-Brodtkorb
Herman Helland-Brodtkorb - 29 dager siden
I got TOTY Bruno from premium PL pack
Zlxoz - 29 dager siden
I got a Virgil from the premium pl upgrade so there not that bad
Anoyolo Dembula
Anoyolo Dembula - 29 dager siden
When are you going to play draft to glory?
Oran Denehan
Oran Denehan - 29 dager siden
What a pull
Irving Singh
Irving Singh - 29 dager siden
Happy for Skillz but it’s rough watching all these youtubers pack insane players in their icon packs. I did 3, got Veron, baby crespo and then mid crespo.. ruins the whole game for me as I know that 1 player will turn things around. My record is 530-30-200 D 1 G1 in WL but I just don’t have any pack luck
billys - 29 dager siden
I spend 250k on two packs at toty🤣🤣🤣
John Lopez
John Lopez - 29 dager siden
If you where watching the stream remember he links with icons
Imanol Diaz
Imanol Diaz - 29 dager siden
For sure red listed
Bernie Udeogu
Bernie Udeogu - 29 dager siden
Bro I miss the madden days
Ladles of gravy
Ladles of gravy - 29 dager siden
I packed mid r9 other day still can’t get 20 wins
Nino D'Ettorre
Nino D'Ettorre - 29 dager siden
Dude Dybala into Ronaldo
Cole Rock
Cole Rock - 29 dager siden
I got son
Enmanuel Castillo
Enmanuel Castillo - 29 dager siden
I need to play someone for the week 4 objectives but I don’t have any friends... add me on PSN pls: McPeps
asap _vxn
asap _vxn - 29 dager siden
This time he entered trash and the other time he entered really good players
Caleb Symons
Caleb Symons - 29 dager siden
The rich get richer
Yorch Olguin
Yorch Olguin - 29 dager siden
Bruh I got the same Cruyff on my RTG like 2 weeks ago!
Parham Esf
Parham Esf - 29 dager siden
Nep Age🤣
CurryShot Gaming
CurryShot Gaming - 29 dager siden
I opened this video at 6 am and woke up my dogs and they kick my ass fk u AA9skill
Mert S.
Mert S. - 29 dager siden
You have no hair
HOTLordCrusty - 29 dager siden
i got kante from the pl upgrade
SJ78 6
SJ78 6 - 29 dager siden
I got Allison twice and had to complete a sbc could not quick sell
Roberto Zuluaga
Roberto Zuluaga - 29 dager siden
Yup I got duplicate gattuso
matteo grioli
matteo grioli - Måned siden
Dybala is a beast you should do him skillz