OMG I GOT 94 RONALDO!!! FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
fifa21 ultimate team icon 94 ronaldo
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Runtime: 15:32


MannyD90 - 12 dager siden
Skillz my bro is 94 R9 better than TOTY Mbappe?
Topromikey 321
Topromikey 321 - 13 dager siden
Wish I could use these cards
Angela Ahwireng
Angela Ahwireng - 13 dager siden
AA9 please come back to the real madrid career mode
Davids Hyper
Davids Hyper - 13 dager siden
Your tha goat skills🐐
Melker Banan
Melker Banan - 14 dager siden
Switch varane and ramos and start with adama
Daniel List
Daniel List - 14 dager siden
How’s Courtois in goal? Compared to Alisson anyone used both? 👀
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming - 14 dager siden
Could you maybe do a only squad battle rth
Ben Bramley
Ben Bramley - 14 dager siden
If you put R9 in central cm, Ronaldo will be on full chem
Thomas Weston-Arnold
Thomas Weston-Arnold - 15 dager siden
Can’t you get 8 Chem for both neymar and cr7 by changing the manager you have to a Ligue 1 through consumables ?
Andrew Senekkis
Andrew Senekkis - 15 dager siden
Why is everyone using a 5 back ffs
Electric Meme
Electric Meme - 15 dager siden
Ayy yo when he started talking about hitting the post more than normal i was like no way you too i have been hitting the post every game at least 2 times
yannai feld
yannai feld - 15 dager siden
try lenin
iSo Savage
iSo Savage - 15 dager siden
skillz swap ronaldo and bruno to get cr7 more chem
Matthew Earle
Matthew Earle - 15 dager siden
I just started playing 5 at the back very op can only use boateng with 5 at the back anyway if the game wants 2 shaft you it dont matter what formation you use
Boylo2492 - 15 dager siden
Lol at all the noobs in Skillz twitch stream the other night calling him a rat for using a 5 back. Most of these noobs play 4231 or 442 drop back, 1 or 2 depth with Mbappe and Neymar on stay forward.
Hope Rodriguez family
Hope Rodriguez family - 15 dager siden
Did anyone see courtouis on 5:50
Benjamin Rosen
Benjamin Rosen - 15 dager siden
How do you get this team. Pay to win still relies on pack luck. I don't understand how you can afford all of these players
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 15 dager siden
Good video
Will - 15 dager siden
Get rid of most unique combo in fifa, Varane and Mendy
Julio L
Julio L - 15 dager siden
My shit has been freezing while playing. I think that’s what’s happened to that buddy
mehrshad silver
mehrshad silver - 15 dager siden
Kyle walker with a new content again.....
Anders Haga
Anders Haga - 15 dager siden
every player in the game can score 5 a game, if you just force him to
NMG Prophet
NMG Prophet - 15 dager siden
Having one less player on fifa is an advantage now a days
Sb Chocolate
Sb Chocolate - 15 dager siden
love you man keep up the good vids stay safe in these tough times love you man
Kasim Bilal
Kasim Bilal - 15 dager siden
Get rttf varane and headliner theo hernandez
Lord Alvaro
Lord Alvaro - 15 dager siden
His him or rtg pele
Lord Alvaro
Lord Alvaro - 15 dager siden
Plzzzz go back to pele
Curse - 15 dager siden
this was nice since i just packed 94 r9 yesterday 🤩
AjaxDre Onsoranje
AjaxDre Onsoranje - 15 dager siden
Gordito Nueve
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
I just want to know skillz love barcelona or real madrid ??
i_SMO_7 - 15 dager siden
Man stop lying on us.. We love u but you foll us
The Underdog Gaming
The Underdog Gaming - 15 dager siden
I am 1 squad away from getting gullit in fifa 19 (I have no coins) is there anyway you guys can help me get him
HeisenBarn - 15 dager siden
Surely swap Ramos and Varane then play Adama?
jean michel setze
jean michel setze - 15 dager siden
why did you start playing 5 back skills
Dean Albano
Dean Albano - 15 dager siden
Get rttf varane
Toni P
Toni P - 15 dager siden
yes the amount of times i've hit the post with players that always hit the back of the net for me was annoying to me.
Charles Wilson
Charles Wilson - 15 dager siden
Been a fan since your Newcastle career mode
Chahat Modi
Chahat Modi - 15 dager siden
His late night streams are so amazing bro
FatySimulator - 15 dager siden
Loving the content Skillz keep it up
Epic GAMER - 15 dager siden
Skillz when
R9 misses : keeps him
Cr7 misses : keeps him
Lm10 misses : get out of my team
Alejandro Chaves
Alejandro Chaves - 15 dager siden
bruh you know mendy and varane are op when they are paired up to toty
Alan Dominguez
Alan Dominguez - 15 dager siden
Aa9 be like I can do the same with gold Gabriel jasus
Hector Tapia
Hector Tapia - 15 dager siden
Ah yes Cryuff 94
iHxrrison • YT
iHxrrison • YT - 15 dager siden
Where did you get those glasses from A9? I’d like to get some because I have a lot of screen time but don’t want to damage my eyes...
95aasriel - 15 dager siden
Gerard Ryan
Gerard Ryan - 15 dager siden
Thank god im not the only one that thinks the passing is way different like i play tiki taka football and that aint working no more and then i cant stop hitting the post! GODAMN!
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas - 15 dager siden
U prolly had Mike dean reffing u for that red
DTV Family
DTV Family - 15 dager siden
Hey Skills can you please let me know what you think about hristo stoichkove 92 prime car please let me know !!!!!!! I hope to get a replay 🤔🤔
adlin norman
adlin norman - 15 dager siden
Nik kaka8
Nik kaka8 - 15 dager siden
you the man brudda @AA9skilz
officiële symon
officiële symon - 15 dager siden
THE MAN💪💪💪✔️
Hamzeh Elsalti
Hamzeh Elsalti - 15 dager siden
AA9SKILLZ: “Wanted to have fun with 5 in the back”
Anyone that faces him: 😵
yahel golan
yahel golan - 15 dager siden
You uploaded a video abkut r9 2 month ago
Biswajit Mallick Duke
Biswajit Mallick Duke - 15 dager siden
I know you wanna use Adama on LB. just swap Ramos and Varane and you can use ADAMA.
Gaming Dock
Gaming Dock - 15 dager siden
Christian Zepol
Christian Zepol - 15 dager siden
Anyone see how R9 scored his first goal in the 9th minute 👀👀
ZackX21 - 15 dager siden
I thought it was just me who was finishing shit. The patch definitely fucked the finishing
William Hedelin
William Hedelin - 15 dager siden
10:55, is your hand ok bro? ;)
Stephan Jasper
Stephan Jasper - 15 dager siden
Hey guys! I literally play fifa for you. All the packs I earn you can open.
It's simple I play fut, squad battles and rivals whilst you're busy or don't want to do it yourself.
Dm me on twitter for more details
syed khasim
syed khasim - 15 dager siden
Got R9 too
Will_Ly0ns 08
Will_Ly0ns 08 - 15 dager siden
Get lunin he’s amazing
TheImran21 - 15 dager siden
I need tactics my R9 makes no runs man
Lil Vivider
Lil Vivider - 15 dager siden
Is it just me or the way he says Ramos is satisfying😂
Connor Schwab
Connor Schwab - 15 dager siden
Skillz my man I’m disappointed that you’re playing a 5 back
Daniil - 15 dager siden
Why almost everyone is fut founder?? It used to be saying the date when club was established.
Barry W
Barry W - 15 dager siden
Hunter on ramos ...
TheBabylonBurner - 15 dager siden
I got him in my base or mid icon pack
Teekay Y
Teekay Y - 15 dager siden
No one:
AA9skills:snaps his player in the box
Ref:pen and red card
AA9skills: WhAt ThAtS a PeN. AND A ReD CaRd
Morten Bay
Morten Bay - 15 dager siden
Anybody knows what cam settings he is useing?
Harrison - 15 dager siden
Got R9 in my mid icon pack. He’s a joke so fun
wavytewfik - 15 dager siden
I know its just fifa u gotta put number 9 on r9 and n7 on cr7
Luis Da05
Luis Da05 - 15 dager siden
Swap ramos and varane and you can use adama at LB
Menno De Boer
Menno De Boer - 15 dager siden
Switch ramos and varane so u can play adama at leftback
Darcy Zuca
Darcy Zuca - 15 dager siden
Yo, YouTube you should all download twitch, it’s way more fun
David 99
David 99 - 15 dager siden
Bruh I'm a HUGE R9 fan lol
Max 123
Max 123 - 15 dager siden
Where's draft to fortune
Ricky Veg
Ricky Veg - 15 dager siden
Please change his shirt number, he’s R9, not R13! Haha love u man.
Gonçalo Ferreira
Gonçalo Ferreira - 15 dager siden
MadMaxDummy - 15 dager siden
R13 op
Yousef Ali
Yousef Ali - 15 dager siden
This Brazilian Bruno or kante?
Judecunnea - 15 dager siden
You could get ronaldo on full chem if you swapped r9 and bruno
Frielster - 15 dager siden
Skills: Wants to have a lot more options
Me: continues to see varane and mendy
Hassan Almalki
Hassan Almalki - 15 dager siden
Bro you’re starting to get annoying stop putting every icon / toty in you titles as if you packed him you gotta stop chasing views and the content is dead you just piss me off even more than fut champs
Jonathan - 15 dager siden
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan - 15 dager siden
Where the hell he gets the money to get all the coins😭
Andrea Bonetti
Andrea Bonetti - 16 dager siden
Did you not like Kulu?
Sceptre - 16 dager siden
Skillz on stream: COME ON
Skillz recording for a yt vid: this game is wild
Manuela Antonio
Manuela Antonio - 16 dager siden
Good videos man
James Gosby
James Gosby - 16 dager siden
Watched this on stream! Twitch gang!!❤️
alif danial
alif danial - 16 dager siden
3:42 “ CrUyFf 94 ”
Mustafa Omar
Mustafa Omar - 15 dager siden
Keavy Plays
Keavy Plays - 16 dager siden
I actually packed him. Watch my vid 😝
Charlie James
Charlie James - 16 dager siden
If u switch varane and Ramos u can play adama
Rian McDaid
Rian McDaid - 16 dager siden
get lunin in nets skilz
sinaasp - 16 dager siden
Average joe wasn't average
zayan gaming
zayan gaming - 16 dager siden
Nice job I'm early again
Miles_Albus - 16 dager siden
Please 30-0 for us with this team.
Salman - 16 dager siden
CyCo WoUt
CyCo WoUt - 16 dager siden
switch r9 and the future star
jkbcs - 15 dager siden
@Hugo Strandstoft he didnt mean to type 7, it will be 8 yes
Hugo Strandstoft
Hugo Strandstoft - 15 dager siden
@los hermanos tasticos no 7 is 7, 8 is 8
los hermanos tasticos
los hermanos tasticos - 15 dager siden
@Hugo Strandstoft It's the same bro
Hugo Strandstoft
Hugo Strandstoft - 15 dager siden
@Neil Shah 8
Neil Shah
Neil Shah - 15 dager siden
it won't matter cos Cristiano will still only be on 7
C7L - 16 dager siden
i made a video on why toty was so bad lmao
QUINCY PROMES - 16 dager siden
Does anyone know where in America 🇺🇸 skillz lives ? He’s always live 6am in Uk 💤????
Eric Pineda
Eric Pineda - 15 dager siden
He lives in the east coast in the Washington D.C. area