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Runtime: 14:00


Lil_ Lampost
Lil_ Lampost - 9 dager siden
The only Italian stallion is rocky balboa
Benji Bonello Ghio
Benji Bonello Ghio - 19 dager siden
Where the real career mode at??
Kristopher Villanueva
Kristopher Villanueva - 19 dager siden
Those packs are so trash man
Kristopher Villanueva
Kristopher Villanueva - 19 dager siden
How do you know your getting a walk out ?
W1 ldn
W1 ldn - 19 dager siden
Got Martinez and savic gold 2 rewards
Lynn Allison
Lynn Allison - 19 dager siden
In my view the real one is
I used it today
William Morris
William Morris - 19 dager siden
You should sell lloris and get totw pope
Walsall Karate
Walsall Karate - 20 dager siden
I got de gea tho😕
Alex4tune7 - 20 dager siden
Skillz I only go to gold 3 and I got salah
en5 pm
en5 pm - 20 dager siden
It matches red card red list 🤣 tim krull keeping it cool am a ogfan
calum lcey
calum lcey - 20 dager siden
Aa your such a click baiter. But I do love your vids
Parosh Ali Ali
Parosh Ali Ali - 20 dager siden
whats up I got an icon pack and i begg u open it for me imtoooo scared
Luke Klingner
Luke Klingner - 20 dager siden
Where's he pulled 86 inform from 😂😂
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 20 dager siden
Good video
Gonzalo Barrera
Gonzalo Barrera - 20 dager siden
Hopefully a Vinicius card
Omolayo Oshadami
Omolayo Oshadami - 20 dager siden
I packed salahh😍😍😍
Omolayo Oshadami
Omolayo Oshadami - 20 dager siden
Red pick Salah*
YxngR4IN - 20 dager siden
I got red Wilson as well
Birk L. Alme
Birk L. Alme - 20 dager siden
Got silver 1, got salah!
Denis Purcar
Denis Purcar - 20 dager siden
You complete Felix for nuts. 500k for not using him.. sad
Fionn Corry
Fionn Corry - 20 dager siden
Yo skillz,you need to do more podcasts.They are epic,I suggest doing one with Fuji
jean michel setze
jean michel setze - 20 dager siden
use delaney in your team hes a beast i got elite because of him
Valon Velija
Valon Velija - 20 dager siden
Where is episode 38 ?
Nicholas Ottley
Nicholas Ottley - 20 dager siden
So who was the "sick" red pick?
Blenn Bean
Blenn Bean - 20 dager siden
I Got red Salah from gold 3 regards may stop at 14 wins from now on
Shezu - 20 dager siden
Why don't you discard the low rated IF's? Could make an extra 30-50k just off these rewards
Leon Hernandez
Leon Hernandez - 20 dager siden
I got 84 silva and 88 martinez gold 3
FatySimulator - 20 dager siden
Loving the content Skillz keep it up
Xzotic 14
Xzotic 14 - 20 dager siden
Put SBC Rooney where CR7 is and bring in CR6 they will both be on 10 chem
Ben Wilcox
Ben Wilcox - 20 dager siden
It annoys me when you get something solid and aren’t satisfied with it
Thomas Butler
Thomas Butler - 20 dager siden
That Delaney looks absolutely cracked
Ulises Camarillo
Ulises Camarillo - 20 dager siden
I packed Ronaldo less go 😭
Official Baz
Official Baz - 20 dager siden
The rewards, I completely agree with what your saying how the reward system is kinda trash, even for the bad players, they don't even get enough out of packs the worst possible champs rewards is 2 premium gold packs, in my opinion that's terrible especially if the player isn't as experienced at the game they still put the time in the get 2000 points to qualify
Johannes Kulset
Johannes Kulset - 20 dager siden
Definietly on drugs
Luay Azarfane
Luay Azarfane - 20 dager siden
I did joke one time gold 1 had 19 wins en i did get today 92 salah and 3 walkouts
Julio Carmona
Julio Carmona - 20 dager siden
Don't use messi save him for friendlies on next icon swaps
Charlie Stuart
Charlie Stuart - 20 dager siden
use red pope
Will Blackburn
Will Blackburn - 20 dager siden
Aa9clickbait back at it
DRIPSAUCE - 20 dager siden
I have never heard anyone say they didn’t like Kante he loves his Portuguese players fr 😂
armando mosqueda
armando mosqueda - 20 dager siden
I got nothing from the constant team of the year grind, but I just opened my mid icon and pulled mid Gullit in my mid icon. It was all worth it 🙌🏻
FTC - 20 dager siden
Guys is alex texeira rule breaker card worth it
Joe CFC - 20 dager siden
‘I play rivals for fun’ I have no idea how he does that🤣 Rivals is too much pain
KaiiZserYT - 20 dager siden
I went untradables amd packed kante!!! Last week i went untradable and packed luis figo 90 rated goes for 900 to 1 mil!!!!
Radu Tone
Radu Tone - 20 dager siden
I got Lautaro Martinez, elite 3
nathan_idk _
nathan_idk _ - 20 dager siden
I got an 82 and 81
FernandoBlas9 - 20 dager siden
FernandoBlas9 - 20 dager siden
What sick red?
Fort Worth Texas
Fort Worth Texas - 20 dager siden
Salito 😂
Zagron1709 - 20 dager siden
I got a 82 and a 81 havent gotten a good player out of packs or picks for a while now i think they did something to the rate
Lemuel Tembi
Lemuel Tembi - 20 dager siden
I spent over 300k along side many players in my team to build a mid icon pack and I got 89 trezeguet🤦🏽‍♂️. I used him for the Rooney SBC
Dhruvit Patel
Dhruvit Patel - 20 dager siden
He has fifa points & he's saying that it's rtg how🤔
SG10HD - 20 dager siden
You must be new here
Thomas Mcdermott
Thomas Mcdermott - 20 dager siden
Those are from last season he hasn't spent any because it's been the same since last year
MHS Entertainment
MHS Entertainment - 20 dager siden
I got salah let’s gooooo from gold 1
Medium rare Chicken
Medium rare Chicken - 20 dager siden
In my fut champs in my 2 player pick all the players were 81 rated 😡😡😡 gold 3 bad for me
Veer Visal
Veer Visal - 20 dager siden
I got Salah red pick and I almost threw my chair into the window. Also I got gold 3 so I was so happy
Fortuna 2620
Fortuna 2620 - 20 dager siden
use pope instead of lloris
Lewis Walker
Lewis Walker - 20 dager siden
Telmo Miguel
Telmo Miguel - 20 dager siden
He has a very big head
Gonçalo Farinha
Gonçalo Farinha - 20 dager siden
i got martinez for gold 3 🤣
Amrinder Singh
Amrinder Singh - 20 dager siden
Crazy rewards today got a prime Baggio out of a mega pack lol. Lucky days.
henerz 69
henerz 69 - 20 dager siden
I'm trash at fifa and got 3 wins i😪😪😪😪
Harry Mobbs
Harry Mobbs - 20 dager siden
Could you replace Varane with TOTY Ramos? Or save up for prime rio?
Harry Mobbs
Harry Mobbs - 20 dager siden
Then obvsly Lloris for Courtois
Luca Revill
Luca Revill - 20 dager siden
I don’t get rewards fam I play on stupid switch
Luca Revill
Luca Revill - 20 dager siden
Upgrade your Sanchez bro to uropa league
isaac thomas
isaac thomas - 20 dager siden
petition for skillz to play Manny
SanJuan Gamez
SanJuan Gamez - 20 dager siden
romsae - 20 dager siden
I got soucek and cancelo from gold 3 lol
Opticz Szn
Opticz Szn - 20 dager siden
I got lautaro from my reds
mylilッ - 20 dager siden
Lol I got silver 1 and got Savic and that’s what they give you
Fusion Clipz
Fusion Clipz - 20 dager siden
I got martinez and soucek in gold 2 on companion app!
sean maddex
sean maddex - 20 dager siden
Rewards are not always fair/worth it but giving significantly better rewards to the top players would be worse for the game overall. The benefit of the higher finish is an increased chance at better rewards. How would you change the rewards structure if you were in charge?
Ameik Gill
Ameik Gill - 20 dager siden
me out here with red andre silva. (S)pain
Leyton Val
Leyton Val - 20 dager siden
Guys so im deciding to sell my whole team and start a whole new squad from scratch, budget of 1 mil. Any ideas?
Luganda Nathan
Luganda Nathan - 20 dager siden
Use fut bin helps alot
Kofi Blake
Kofi Blake - 20 dager siden
I finsished 14-10 and got cancelo and chielini ahahah
thomas burke
thomas burke - 20 dager siden
why does he have bronzes on his bench
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 20 dager siden
I don’t get how you tubers think top 200 need to get better rewards obviously they are better than the rest and y’all wanna guarantee them better rewards , some people struggle getting gold 3 , I like how it’s random and not guaranteeing the top 200 better reward
Wilfried Bony
Wilfried Bony - 20 dager siden
He really just said that's a road to glory but a road to glory is where u dont buy fifa points😂😂
FUT 21
FUT 21 - 20 dager siden
i got varane and a totw in the first mega pack then sterling and another totw in the other one
flopz - 20 dager siden
packed martinez
Alex Deschaine
Alex Deschaine - 20 dager siden
put red pope in for lloris
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
Delaney considered a sick red player pick? Lol
Harley Hughes
Harley Hughes - 20 dager siden
Bro I got silver 1 and got salah
Zak Yousaf
Zak Yousaf - 20 dager siden
I had a mate who got lautaro Martinez and milinkovic Savic from gold 3
piuzzz_1437 - 20 dager siden
Try to fit your red Delaney into the team he is an absolute cheat code
piuzzz_1437 - 20 dager siden
Try to fit your red Delaney into the team he is an absolute cheat code
Frielster - 20 dager siden
This man has a pace chem style on all of his players smh
Jack Mercer
Jack Mercer - 20 dager siden
Well yeah, it makes the player better
Alex Bjerrum Mikkelsen
Alex Bjerrum Mikkelsen - 20 dager siden
I stopped at SILVER 1 and i still got red Chiellini, 89 Aguero and 85 Rodri
Mahammed Ali
Mahammed Ali - 21 dag siden
I got cancelo,chielini and silva
Dylan Beastall
Dylan Beastall - 21 dag siden
You could put icon swaps in for top 200
Ryan Beba
Ryan Beba - 21 dag siden
Skills you should’ve waited to complete cr6 he’s out for 20 days so in my opinion it would’ve been better to wait a lil bit to settle and figure out what you would do with the team bc as of now there’s a chance you keep his gold card
hmida madridtube
hmida madridtube - 21 dag siden
U can get 86 cancelo bro 🔥
Corbon Dallas
Corbon Dallas - 21 dag siden
Hey Skillz, Love the videos but where is the gameplay? Do you stream it live? Or a breakdown of goals in each game you play and your reaction? Would like to see that :-)
Maxim Simakoff
Maxim Simakoff - 21 dag siden
I got Andre Silva. I AM SAD
Luis Fearon
Luis Fearon - 21 dag siden
Got Martinez
Ryan Beba
Ryan Beba - 21 dag siden
decided to settle at silver 1 this week for the bants and got 88 savić silver 1 op
Eric Mendez
Eric Mendez - 21 dag siden
I got Joao cancelo and soucek in my reds from 17 wins😂😂same rewards as a top 100
Michael Fowler
Michael Fowler - 21 dag siden
Do u play 532
Kyle Simpson 21
Kyle Simpson 21 - 21 dag siden
Haha I Hardly played and got silver 1 and got martinez
NastyPasty - 21 dag siden
you can put that red pope into your team he is better than lloris
Romeo Kato
Romeo Kato - 21 dag siden
Usman Nasser
Usman Nasser - 21 dag siden
Cancelo goes for 330k
FDG11 - 21 dag siden
how is it rtg if u have fifa points lmaooo