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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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#fifa21 #ultimateteam #Fut21
Runtime: 13:31


David Guzman
David Guzman - 19 timer siden
Bro honestly u don’t make this game fun no more
Ross Walker
Ross Walker - Dag siden
Roses are red violets are blue I got click bated and so did you
Gerald Mack
Gerald Mack - Dag siden
#BBQ Chicken!!
Danny Cotter
Danny Cotter - Dag siden
When Skillz signs a new player he focuses so much on that one player and still wins a game the man is the GOAT
Ayaan Kashif
Ayaan Kashif - Dag siden
Lewa Toty is better than Torres no Doubt
sketcheadiscoming - 2 dager siden
Your American! You don’t know about Fernando Torres.
quincy - 2 dager siden
I swear AA9 does the most redundant cringe shit, I’m assuming his audience is primarily middle school - elementary
Markizo paczkowski
Markizo paczkowski - 2 dager siden
Should I buy prime van basten or baby drogba cause idk😭
Andreas Mytil
Andreas Mytil - 2 dager siden
I packed prime torres from sb rewards my dudesss gold 1 and from 15k pack
Ken Amaro
Ken Amaro - 2 dager siden
"Sometimes in life" LOL 🤣👍. So many dimes in this 1 bro. "He BBQed in the air"
NSP_ RAY - 2 dager siden
nice hair
mighty_cff - 2 dager siden
i came against this card and i got demolished
MKAY - 3 dager siden
is it me or he says digga d at 3:03
Josh Richardson
Josh Richardson - 3 dager siden
I was playing fut champs last night on ps5 and my opponent was controlling my keeper after i started winning. He was moving him out the way to score in open goals?!? The scoreline that shows up in the centre circle after a goal was also showing weird signs after he did this, anyone else had this happen to then?? Needs sorting ASAP!
ICEBLCAK Tea - 3 dager siden
is he better than prime cantona?
Luke Morris
Luke Morris - 3 dager siden
Replays are fine. Get rid of the celebrations. They're just toxic!
Ty Gorst
Ty Gorst - 3 dager siden
Would like to see beckham
Hector Tapia
Hector Tapia - 3 dager siden
Slap an Architect or engine
Oscar ivan Hernandez
Oscar ivan Hernandez - 3 dager siden
keep him
eliav giladi
eliav giladi - 3 dager siden
ואטסאפ יוטיוב יט יור בוי דאבל איי ניינ סקיל אנד וולקאם באק
Pablo Abraldes
Pablo Abraldes - 3 dager siden
Day 2 of telling skillz I am sorry for hating
Luke Speck
Luke Speck - 3 dager siden
He didn’t even lose the first game 😂
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 3 dager siden
Good video
Nathan M
Nathan M - 3 dager siden
2:03 “sometimes in life, Sometimes In Life, SOMETIMES IN LIFE” reminds me of that Dennis Bergkamp commentary
Karam Kayal
Karam Kayal - 3 dager siden
I miss RTG with Henry 2018
howard jones
howard jones - 3 dager siden
He scored the goal against Barcelona to get us into the final and scored the first goal in the Europa league final against Benfica
Hashem Abbas
Hashem Abbas - 3 dager siden
My favorite player growing up watching!! El Niño!!!! ❤️❤️
Alejandro Casas-Maldonado
Alejandro Casas-Maldonado - 3 dager siden
Ali Shuttari
Ali Shuttari - 3 dager siden
What camera angle does he play on
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 3 dager siden
People who watched the stream but still watch the video🙋‍♂️
sherese fralin
sherese fralin - 3 dager siden
Don’t like this camera angle
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer - 3 dager siden
He is so slow
collin elder
collin elder - 3 dager siden
Torres: Hits a child
Skillz: Yo no power torres?
officiële symon
officiële symon - 3 dager siden
What a goal
Berkan Gundogdu
Berkan Gundogdu - 3 dager siden
Bruh my 85 rashford can do the same lmao
Revanchist806 - 3 dager siden
What is it about PIM Torres that isn’t meta? Body type? Looks like the kind of card that pros would be all over
Tj Higgwe
Tj Higgwe - 3 dager siden
99 finishing for man that didn’t score for 50 games smh
Owen Patitucci
Owen Patitucci - 3 dager siden
Barbecue chicken Torres
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris - 3 dager siden
Complains about spending £3mill on 92 fati but will spend over £4mill on 92 Torres
Kylie_Jenner - 3 dager siden
When skills doesn’t know what Torres did for Chelsea
Santo Lace
Santo Lace - 3 dager siden
Put a engine on him!🔥🔥👌
jordan amaral
jordan amaral - 3 dager siden
Mans had me laughing 😂
Jamie Miles
Jamie Miles - 3 dager siden
Watching the replay like we all didn’t see Toress chip it mid air🤣🤣🤣
Tonin Zefaj
Tonin Zefaj - 3 dager siden
Didier drogba pleasee
XeN ox
XeN ox - 3 dager siden
Moments eto'o
TheWhiteApe - 3 dager siden
Can you try moments Okocha please because he looks good and is 1 of the most affordable
Dshizznit916 - 3 dager siden
Jesus the game looks so slow.
Andrew Marquez
Andrew Marquez - 3 dager siden
Marskman chem style for Torres
SanJuan Gamez
SanJuan Gamez - 3 dager siden
Skills is actually the barbecue chicken
John Smith
John Smith - 3 dager siden
Looks like manny sold his
OG FifaGuy
OG FifaGuy - 3 dager siden
Skillz maestro on torres
Amrit Dhaliwal
Amrit Dhaliwal - 3 dager siden
Skillz there’s this celebration called r1+r2 try it
Callum Teixeira
Callum Teixeira - 3 dager siden
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez - 3 dager siden
Weren’t you just bitchin about wasting 4 mil coins on a player you hypocrite
Emmekai Green
Emmekai Green - 3 dager siden
Torres the goat 🐐
Unruliest Mac10
Unruliest Mac10 - 3 dager siden
What kit is that in the thumbnail?
Unruliest Mac10
Unruliest Mac10 - Dag siden
@Holmsgaard you ledge 👊🏾
Holmsgaard - 2 dager siden
SK Sturm Graz, away shirt
bryan - 3 dager siden
A few nicknames AA9 gave Torres:
Fernando “No Power” Torres
Fernando “All By Himself” Torres
Fernando “BBQ Chicken” Torres
Fernando “Fraud” Torres
0117 Matty
0117 Matty - 3 dager siden
Anyone know the kit in the thumbnail?
Holmsgaard - 2 dager siden
SK Sturm Graz, away shirt
Z3e - 3 dager siden
He scored the winner against barca in the UCL semi final.
Safal Mahat
Safal Mahat - 3 dager siden
Ayo come on lets get him to 2mil!
Dylan Troncozo
Dylan Troncozo - 3 dager siden
That voice crack tho
Imrane Ahmrioui
Imrane Ahmrioui - 3 dager siden
Who also thinks that aa9skillz packed the player in the thumbnail
time waster
time waster - 3 dager siden
Fifa really need a david villa next in fifa 2022
haleb - Dag siden
He’d be fucking insane
Nicholas Rall
Nicholas Rall - 3 dager siden
Torres is my dream pull
Marius TB
Marius TB - 3 dager siden
He trash
Fut Leoking
Fut Leoking - 3 dager siden
What a goat for us in the CL semifinal 💙
Ken Engirth
Ken Engirth - 3 dager siden
His volleys should be higher
Daniel Jermaine
Daniel Jermaine - 3 dager siden
He was great for Liverpool
Daniel Jermaine
Daniel Jermaine - 3 dager siden
If only we had your bank account bro
Andy S
Andy S - 4 dager siden
Moments Del Piero please
blazeshadowdark - 4 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: I don't think torres deserves an icon card!
Yukkiu Lee
Yukkiu Lee - 4 dager siden
What kit was torres wearing in the thumbnail?
Holmsgaard - 2 dager siden
SK Sturm Graz, away shirt
Juan Yunga
Juan Yunga - 4 dager siden
Aabid N27
Aabid N27 - 4 dager siden
Skillz: has a baby
Also skillz: is that a W or L?
Zeid Said Khalil ICSBR1
Zeid Said Khalil ICSBR1 - 3 dager siden
Liam Finnigan
Liam Finnigan - 4 dager siden
Moments Larsson
Cash Cam
Cash Cam - 4 dager siden
“How’d he get that off” 😂😂
Abdul Khan
Abdul Khan - 4 dager siden
Dont fucking scream bro!!!!!!
Aliyu Mohammed
Aliyu Mohammed - 4 dager siden
Fernando "no power" Torres😂😂😂
SHOX TUBE - 4 dager siden
Can u play with prime Drogba next
ALL Plastino
ALL Plastino - 4 dager siden
El Niño looks like a tank now he must have 99 shot power an strength 😂
Ittz_julian_ - 4 dager siden
Where's career mode at?
Xlutch - 4 dager siden
I got puskas prime moments hes toasted man so good try him out
Edi Van Kenobi
Edi Van Kenobi - 4 dager siden
Very beautiful finesse shot
Batty Fish
Batty Fish - 4 dager siden
Guys can anyone help me, when I play matches I finish the game and then it disconnects me and say it’s DNF and then takes my games away away on champs and not the win
Darius Oprea
Darius Oprea - 4 dager siden
Skillz: concedes a goal
still skillz: Torres on fraud watch ?
Trrofif Äråeke
Trrofif Äråeke - 4 dager siden
skillz when putting a chemstyle on a player:
I FeEl like bOosTiNg His pACe
collin elder
collin elder - 3 dager siden
these comments bruh 😂😂
Mert S.
Mert S. - 4 dager siden
jonathan evans
jonathan evans - 4 dager siden
SKillz Jose M. played him at left back and destroyed Casillas Champions league final --------LETS GO
Ross Mordaunt
Ross Mordaunt - 4 dager siden
Torres v vidic in the first game lol
mxnv LB
mxnv LB - 4 dager siden
This dudes commitment is a madness
Takis Zisis
Takis Zisis - 4 dager siden
drogba or etoo
Kalim Askari
Kalim Askari - 4 dager siden
Sam Gold
Sam Gold - 4 dager siden
Big boy fernando no shot power Torres
Baggio TheRealGOAT
Baggio TheRealGOAT - 4 dager siden
Barbeque chicken torrres 😂
AnBuXLaZa - 4 dager siden
Big statement, what the big boy defenders AI do compared to attacking AI is amazing
Ștefan - 4 dager siden
Sometimes in LIIIIIIIIFE
gman0155 - 4 dager siden
I cant afford those players bro haha
Max Alexander
Max Alexander - 4 dager siden
Makes gameplay enjoyable
G0AT CLAN - 4 dager siden
Who watched this live on twitch??? cuz I did
Eman .7
Eman .7 - 4 dager siden
Does anyone know the kit in the thumbnail?
Eman .7
Eman .7 - 2 timer siden
@Holmsgaard Safe
Holmsgaard - 2 dager siden
SK Sturm Graz, away shirt
Sumit Sahdev
Sumit Sahdev - 3 dager siden
0117 Matty
0117 Matty - 3 dager siden
Does anyone know?