OMG!!! I GOT TOTY MESSI!!! FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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Runtime: 14:26


Romondoto - 8 dager siden
Messi didn't miss the shot, u missed it.
Javier Robledo
Javier Robledo - 9 dager siden
Why are you blaming the chip on Messi if your the the one controlling him😂
Victoria Rafael
Victoria Rafael - 20 dager siden
*_#net_mactool_**_ on íñstágrám who just got unbanned my account his a genius._*
Victoria Rafael
Victoria Rafael - 20 dager siden
*_#net_mactool_**_ on íñstágrám who just got unbanned my account his a genius_*
geert smit
geert smit - 20 dager siden
wat een lul
Calvin Satoor
Calvin Satoor - 20 dager siden
Siddharth Umashankar
Siddharth Umashankar - 21 dag siden
It doesn’t aim for you, 99 finishing doesn’t mean you don’t miss. that’s pay to win then
Pablo Abraldes
Pablo Abraldes - 7 dager siden
Always has been pay to win
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 21 dag siden
Malisima carta, cr7 flashback mucho mejor.
The Faze pop
The Faze pop - 22 dager siden
3:11 uh un uh uh
Luke Brandli-Bigiari
Luke Brandli-Bigiari - 22 dager siden
that miss off the chip is your fault lmao
krish Mahajan
krish Mahajan - 23 dager siden
Sparsh Pandey
Sparsh Pandey - 23 dager siden
That's why I don't watch skillz for player review. Mbappe in his team misses more chances everyday still he says nothing and messi missed just one chip, he brags about this the whole game
Aman Hargun
Aman Hargun - 23 dager siden
I got him today in my 100k pack from objectives
Phillip M.
Phillip M. - 23 dager siden
pulled him this morning from 83+ attackers
Siddharth Umashankar
Siddharth Umashankar - 21 dag siden
Nice that’s incredible
mateo - 23 dager siden
skills flames messi the whole game for missing a chip when he probably just aimed the shot too far
Selinam Nyahe
Selinam Nyahe - 24 dager siden
Wat a team
Bhairava Moodley
Bhairava Moodley - 24 dager siden
Is AA9skills a Liverpool fan
Andrew Wyland
Andrew Wyland - 24 dager siden
You saying try Messi when you can just get the 7 game loan
DJ Kriminal
DJ Kriminal - 24 dager siden
Look maybe you just aimed wrong
Zzixy - 24 dager siden
He could have used the loan verson😂
Gustavo Marin
Gustavo Marin - 24 dager siden
Bruh that chip was user error, 99 finishing ain’t gonna aim for you
Codof - 24 dager siden
whats up Anthony?
Aymane Bouzoubaa
Aymane Bouzoubaa - 24 dager siden
Could’ve switched formation to 4-4-2 defend and used manager for 100 chem
# Jamzy212
# Jamzy212 - 25 dager siden
No way is lewandowski same as messi I've tried both
FogFIFA - 25 dager siden
Skills the chip was your mistake, u should have better aimed
devil yt
devil yt - 25 dager siden
Man this guys pointed joystick there so he shoot there
Danii S
Danii S - 25 dager siden
You just don't like Messi, cause you like Cr7, keep it real bro, don't lie to us, when you played with Ronaldo and he's missed shoots, you didn't said a thing. I really enjoyed you, but now, meh
Illusion Jay
Illusion Jay - 25 dager siden
mans still on that chip shot get over it skillz 😂
Zach Siniscalco
Zach Siniscalco - 25 dager siden
Double A, I packed TOTY Messi on my 4th/5 Jumbo Rare Players Pack! And TOTY Trent on my 1st/5 Jumbo Rare Players pack. It was unreal. But it happened I couldn’t believe it.
Angel Meza
Angel Meza - 25 dager siden
Do your worst 😄 9726397242
Oluwakorede Fashoro
Oluwakorede Fashoro - 25 dager siden
mark fives
mark fives - 25 dager siden
Give messi a break. Maybe it was you that aimed it wrong
iamdanish99 // havocx
iamdanish99 // havocx - 25 dager siden
New update has me missing alot of shots
# Memes
# Memes - 25 dager siden
its 99 not 100
# Memes
# Memes - 25 dager siden
mate everyone misses
Jesus Reyes
Jesus Reyes - 25 dager siden
Dude scored all those goals and still bitch about a chip lol
Juan Mina
Juan Mina - 26 dager siden
Man like skillz 🤣
Norman SG
Norman SG - 26 dager siden
Noob u miss a chip. Even i could have scored. Only reason u good cos u pay money
Jerra - 26 dager siden
Was his fault the chip, not 1 finesse shot
Boss Baby
Boss Baby - 26 dager siden
“Messi missed a chip shot” no Skillz you missed
AKA_ BLENDI - 26 dager siden
K B - 26 dager siden
To say how much coins you have and stuff your team is really bad bruh
Lil Enz
Lil Enz - 26 dager siden
How do you get the portgual kit
tom Martin
tom Martin - 26 dager siden
Just get zanetti
RKB - 26 dager siden
Can any one play my weekend league I'm 0-6 sad times 😭😭😞
Liam Ziggy
Liam Ziggy - 26 dager siden
Your team is so dumb
ProGamer99 - 26 dager siden
Messi : misses one chance
Skillz : this is not the card man ..
Mohanad Mawed
Mohanad Mawed - 26 dager siden
Pls play with him
jjgooz - 26 dager siden
coulda got van der sar
Mihail Andreev
Mihail Andreev - 26 dager siden
I wish skillz streamed earlier for the Ireland and UK boys
Hugo Burger
Hugo Burger - 26 dager siden
Brunu fernanshhhhh
Ismail Armando
Ismail Armando - 26 dager siden
Hahaha you played 1 game with him and you judged him damn you can’t even play he didn’t miss you missed this Messi is a monster they are some you tubers that say he is better than Ronaldo haw can you say he’s not for striker 😂😂😂🤏🤏🤏
Christian H
Christian H - 26 dager siden
U good?
Gooby Pls
Gooby Pls - 26 dager siden
99 isn’t 100, you are unlucky on chip
Izaan Qadri
Izaan Qadri - 26 dager siden
What the hell is that chem
Leo_ Sucks
Leo_ Sucks - 26 dager siden
Messi didn’t miss the chip shot, u did 💀
Adonis Raydan
Adonis Raydan - 26 dager siden
Messi man i tried him in 4 games scored 16 goals with 12 assists
ERCIK - 26 dager siden
DIY DAD NOW AND THEN - 26 dager siden
Forget about the chip miss lad
Stefan Kika
Stefan Kika - 26 dager siden
It’s not Messi missing bro, if the game don’t want u to score u not gonna score, no matter who takes the shot
Mayuren Govender
Mayuren Govender - 26 dager siden
He might've missed the chip but it's also user error that plays a factor in Fifa, even if his finishing is 99, it all depends on how you use it
Landon Carter
Landon Carter - 26 dager siden
I started a new acc and did an sbc and pulled toty Robertson
Darius Lim
Darius Lim - 26 dager siden
couldve jus done the loan messi
Charlie Mcnab
Charlie Mcnab - 26 dager siden
Not worth it messi
CanIKickItLos - 26 dager siden
Maybe your aim was off...I mean whats the fun if you have player that score every shot?
Admir Bektic
Admir Bektic - 26 dager siden
It’s sad how dirty they did messi this year as he carries shitty Barca note this I’m a Barca fan 95% of our team is silvers lmfao
Chawki Arja
Chawki Arja - 26 dager siden
Messi has 93 pace😐
Christian Da Costa
Christian Da Costa - 26 dager siden
Are you dumb. He literally scored 5 goals. Misses one shot and people overlook everything Messi has done. It’s ridiculous.
Shivnil Chand
Shivnil Chand - 26 dager siden
Seriously dude...
You didn't angle your chip properly..
K9 Orah
K9 Orah - 26 dager siden
Ur literally complaining over 1 chip hes not perfect also ur controlling where he's shooting its just ur accuracy
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart - 26 dager siden
Yes legend
dmoh 21
dmoh 21 - 26 dager siden
Anyone else think skills looks like salah without hair
Graffeetyy - 26 dager siden
HiS cHiP WaS HoRrEnDoUs
Bro chipping is manual aim 😂🤣
adir 159
adir 159 - 26 dager siden
jose vega
jose vega - 26 dager siden
He shouldn't keep talking about that first miss. It's not messi. If you don't aim right to the goal don't expect it to go in lol.
Kieran Mcalery
Kieran Mcalery - 26 dager siden
This is exactly why I don’t watch Skillz for player reviews
Alex West
Alex West - 26 dager siden
Pessi everywhere 😂
Baby Ed Sheeran
Baby Ed Sheeran - 26 dager siden
I think the chip was Skillz fault lmao
Caryon Games
Caryon Games - 26 dager siden
Why are some of your SUBs bronze? Does it affect match making?
Official IconicX
Official IconicX - 26 dager siden
Clearly not the perfect chip. Next time put the ball in the back of the net.
NAMAY CHOPRA - 26 dager siden
Skills you missed the chip, not Messi
kofi anang
kofi anang - 26 dager siden
Some bs review man scored 5 goals but the chip is all this guy cries about
Harry Vera
Harry Vera - 26 dager siden
I packed messi on Thursday.... a day before he became a TOTY😔
Leo Armitage
Leo Armitage - 26 dager siden
100k pack n got deli alli
Gambura Frälsaren
Gambura Frälsaren - 26 dager siden
King of klickbaits
sin quin
sin quin - 26 dager siden
he just didn’t aim good by the chip and blames it on messi🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Shanthanu M S Kurup
Shanthanu M S Kurup - 26 dager siden
AA,bro,give messi some seconds ,he will show u what he is for!
Aesun Lettsome
Aesun Lettsome - 26 dager siden
you didn't get Emerson from season rewards?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 26 dager siden
Remember when he used to play with JJ vikk Simon and josh what happend with that
Felipe Pinho
Felipe Pinho - 26 dager siden
Mate... I think I broke all the odds, after been 2 months without playing Fifa, I came back just to try my luck on Toty and spent the coins left at the time and then this come from a pack... 👀😎
Saul Delgado
Saul Delgado - 26 dager siden
You just don’t like Messi lol bc you’re Portuguese
RaTeFrye - 26 dager siden
I agree you are paying for the booster stats. But if they make every shot that’s a little unfair for us who can’t afford to spend 1k on packs with no hesitation
Marshmello Slushìì
Marshmello Slushìì - 26 dager siden
Alex Moreno would have linked with Messi and switch van Dijk with Ramos to get that Spanish link
Lee Garay Gaming
Lee Garay Gaming - 26 dager siden
Skills do your career mode pls
Void stiles
Void stiles - 26 dager siden
“were winning this game 3-0 that's all that matters“ 1 sec later 3-3
devalni wealthy
devalni wealthy - 26 dager siden
It’s been 5 years now and skillz still can’t use Messi 💀
Γιωργος Κακαβας
This dude knows nothing about tactics jesus, he puts a hunter on this card when it need basic, he missed the chip shot, and he blames the card, which! scored 5 goals, ''review''
Γιωργος Κακαβας
@Anthony Akl Catalyst, hmmm just for 1-2 sprint speed, while the passing is already, great and basic gives you all u want cause of physicality and agility and pace boost. And yes I know something.
Anthony Akl
Anthony Akl - 26 dager siden
"Dude knows nothing" as if u know something😂 If u hav 1% common sense ud put catalyst and not basic u genius
Alex Lowe
Alex Lowe - 26 dager siden
Skills wtf u on about mate. 5 goals In 1 game from striker isn’t enough? Isnt that more than ronaldo and lewa?
TEX MEX - 26 dager siden
Its 99 not 100 so that 1 percent came into affect on that chip miss
Swedish Bulldog
Swedish Bulldog - 26 dager siden
Skillz, to get the full Messi effect you have to play him at the striker position and put the false 9 directions on so either someone like Bruno or rl9 can make those runs in behind
Damian Frosty
Damian Frosty - 26 dager siden
Or maybe ur just washed 🧐
Brave Knight
Brave Knight - 26 dager siden
bruh this dudes just shit at fifa and blames the cards for his aim. i use messis gold card and do way better than the way he used his toty