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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
FIFA21 Inform neymar in a pack
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Runtime: 13:12


Jerry McBerry
Jerry McBerry - 24 dager siden
Mbappethegoat - 25 dager siden
My life...
I open premium premier league pack, it's a walkout,I see blue at the far end, I SEE PURPLE, then i see scotland😭, LB, Liverpool, Robertson... Hes good in game play him cdm he is so gooddd
Jaydon - 26 dager siden
Thx u too
My name is Jeff Khan
My name is Jeff Khan - 26 dager siden
Lol I got neymar dome a 100pack but I didn’t spend any Fifa points #Facts
Neil Garrington
Neil Garrington - 26 dager siden
I got van dijk team off the year but I put him on the market by accident 😂😂😂😂
German Rea
German Rea - 26 dager siden
Damn that neymar goes for 2.1 m
othman alotaibi
othman alotaibi - 26 dager siden
love you bro
Matty P
Matty P - 26 dager siden
Everything about this game is horrible to play and watch stop popping up in my recommendations
Eduardo Schaefer
Eduardo Schaefer - 26 dager siden
Did my boy Skillz really say “to play the weekend league for fun”?! Lmao! There’s nothing fun about it.
Siem Manna
Siem Manna - 26 dager siden
Why does he have fifa points on rtg?
Dimitris yt
Dimitris yt - 26 dager siden
let's go neymar
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball - 26 dager siden
Haven’t watched the video yet. Does he call neymar, Neymarzito?
113,48 William
113,48 William - 26 dager siden
I got bernardo and pope from my reds
Vitolo 24
Vitolo 24 - 26 dager siden
Bruh I have no luck opening packs smh the biggest player I gotten is Sergio Ramos
Pablo Abraldes
Pablo Abraldes - 26 dager siden
Louiee - 26 dager siden
Can anyone help a brother out I f up with my ultimate team how can I redo the whole team
Holy Soul
Holy Soul - 26 dager siden
Skillz you stopped uploading career mode videos again
lenny dog
lenny dog - 26 dager siden
The amount of times u disrespected Kostic in this vid is intolerable
Morgan Schofield
Morgan Schofield - 26 dager siden
whats that list colour again?
Orbit Exe
Orbit Exe - 26 dager siden
I was opening the two player pack and got toty ramos!
thomas sargent
thomas sargent - 27 dager siden
Arber Asllani
Arber Asllani - 27 dager siden
17k fifa points 0 Walkouts i dont know what to say man
Trxcky 1x
Trxcky 1x - 27 dager siden
I spent $125 on the game didn’t get a walk out plus rewards didn’t even get a walkout 😔
Purple Palkon
Purple Palkon - 27 dager siden
this video just ended after he packed neyney
Alberto Ghosn
Alberto Ghosn - 27 dager siden
100 packs saved... 2 walkouts
40 ligue 1 premium upgrade packs...1 board
30 bundesliga premium upgrade packs... 4 boards
Wish i had your luck
The Walton Gamer
The Walton Gamer - 27 dager siden
Play on 0:75 he sounds like a normal person
Meesam Ali
Meesam Ali - 27 dager siden
You wished me luck I go on and pack messi
GFC - 27 dager siden
Maxence de Clippel
Maxence de Clippel - 27 dager siden
Not being happy with Riquelme, what has happened to Fifa man...
אברהם אקאל
אברהם אקאל - 27 dager siden
bro you're so lucky damn
tugaoutlaw - 27 dager siden
Tens uma sorte do caralho o skills
Jayden - 27 dager siden
Guys give me luck I need to get a toty
ExoticBIRKO - 27 dager siden
The card looks broken!! Respect 😲
Hyper Ok
Hyper Ok - 27 dager siden
I love his energy if only he could do it the gym Lmao
Mostafa Zaman
Mostafa Zaman - 27 dager siden
C.I Fishing Guernsey
C.I Fishing Guernsey - 27 dager siden
Awesome video bro keep up the amazing content 🔥🔥
A_w - 27 dager siden
an icon*
Right Foot⚽️
Right Foot⚽️ - 27 dager siden
Lol i got 4 red picks
Fearless Lion Gaming FLG
Fearless Lion Gaming FLG - 27 dager siden
Rma career mode pls
Darragh Keenan
Darragh Keenan - 27 dager siden
I got untradable trent and he's not great
Footyz88 - 27 dager siden
Got Bruno 3 Days Ago
83 Plus Midfielder
Yeazily - 27 dager siden
i got benzema gold 3, coulda been neymar :'(
Thoams Owen
Thoams Owen - 27 dager siden
skillz if you do another rtg could you use players that look good but arent in the meta. Just to experiment with cards
Tom Moya
Tom Moya - 27 dager siden
I picked him today and I skipped it because I was rushing wow
Shadow XD
Shadow XD - 27 dager siden
When ur in such a hurry to click the like button u accidentally dislike then quickly like it but still knowing and feeling rubbish that AA probs saw
Ivan Novosel
Ivan Novosel - 27 dager siden
Skillz the goat🐐
logan Dinsdale
logan Dinsdale - 27 dager siden
I'm about to play my first weekend league 😁
Joey Newham
Joey Newham - 27 dager siden
Good luck but I’m scared for you
Kacey Jackson
Kacey Jackson - 27 dager siden
Can’t wait for them to ban loot boxes setting such a bad example for the kids encouraging gambling .
Beardedpower - 27 dager siden
Meanwhile I save 50 packs for when all TOTY players are in packs and all I got was Jordi Alba.....I'm quitting FIFA
Fade Away
Fade Away - 27 dager siden
epic but its an icon
Jag Del
Jag Del - 27 dager siden
Never heard anyone exaggerate accents so much in my life, you speak American dude stop pretending!
Jag Del
Jag Del - 27 dager siden
Why do you pronounce names so fake you speak English the whole time then when it comes to pronouncing players names you try being Portuguese/English 😂
j0a - 27 dager siden
I got Messi, Oblak and Kane from gold 3 😳
maria sheikh
maria sheikh - 27 dager siden
anyone else missing the rtg
Romeo Kato
Romeo Kato - 27 dager siden
Jammy Plays
Jammy Plays - 27 dager siden
I packed Sule in marquee matchups yesterday :(
Robin Deeds
Robin Deeds - 27 dager siden
An icon*
Jonas 07___
Jonas 07___ - 27 dager siden
I got Ramos😍😍
Γιαννης Ντιλα
Γιαννης Ντιλα - 27 dager siden
I am the only one who get actually red picks???
Spyros Statiris
Spyros Statiris - 27 dager siden
Whats wrong with him.... why is he celebrating like that....thats not skills
Aabu Og babu
Aabu Og babu - 27 dager siden
I wish i got my player picks:(
fifa4 life
fifa4 life - 27 dager siden
Bro next friday can you opend my pack pls
Brandon Toler
Brandon Toler - 27 dager siden
i got rank 1 in div rivals and i pulled toty trent
raid - 27 dager siden
Yoo can you hook me up with fifa points Ik you will say no but hi
Sheeko2007 - 27 dager siden
skillz i just packed prime crespo from a 30k pack from level 20
Ty Shelton
Ty Shelton - 27 dager siden
The way Skillz be pumping his fists when he packed Neymar is pretty sus
Reyansh Dookhee
Reyansh Dookhee - 27 dager siden
An icon*
KDsBurnerAcc - 27 dager siden
you hit cruyff, i hit mid cantona
B Lee
B Lee - 27 dager siden
Save up 81 pack shit!
Carlos Moran
Carlos Moran - 27 dager siden
I packed TOTY Davies from a 2 player pack !
Faiyaz Fardin
Faiyaz Fardin - 27 dager siden
just stuff
just stuff - 27 dager siden
Yo skills how long can you keep going on pretending to be happy when you pack a cool player even tho your not doing a good thing
Samuel JENKINS [07Y2]
Samuel JENKINS [07Y2] - 27 dager siden
What happened to your career mode episodes?
Travis Magalas
Travis Magalas - 27 dager siden
88 packs saved up with a total of 6 walkouts fml lol ter Stegan twice ffs
Official IconicX
Official IconicX - 27 dager siden
I got Neymar as one of my red player pick
Punn Chupikulchai
Punn Chupikulchai - 27 dager siden
Hi skillz!
anthony10524 - 27 dager siden
been playing since fifa 12 and i finally packed my very first toty today! cant explain the feeling
Mauricio Paladines
Mauricio Paladines - 27 dager siden
Anybody else saddened when you watch these guys get amazing cards when they open a hand full of packs yet you open more packs and get nothing 😭
Mauricio Paladines
Mauricio Paladines - 27 dager siden
Anybody else saddened when you watch these guys get amazing cards when they open a hand full of packs yet you open more packs and get nothing 😭
Azzam Alwahshi
Azzam Alwahshi - 27 dager siden
I like how he is happy with any player that he back
Terry Mick
Terry Mick - 27 dager siden
I packed TOTY Davies last night, should I sell or keep him???
Billy Prinsep
Billy Prinsep - 27 dager siden
I cba where’s my luck lol
FatySimulator - 27 dager siden
When will I get my red player picks back?
Abdelhamid Elbeyaly
Abdelhamid Elbeyaly - 27 dager siden
Who was just thinking it would be requlme at the beginning
Jiggly Randy
Jiggly Randy - 27 dager siden
Hey bro I pack a based maldini in a base icon pack is it and l or w because I am confused
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway - 27 dager siden
you're Portuguese, why do you say neymarsito and not neymarinho?
Emiliano Fuentes
Emiliano Fuentes - 27 dager siden
Key skills try joa over tav in the midfield. I like him better there
Steven Slifo
Steven Slifo - 27 dager siden
I packed toty ramos today n i was so fricking happy
Maalik Abdelsalam
Maalik Abdelsalam - 27 dager siden
Thomas Kerek
Thomas Kerek - 27 dager siden
Yo man sooo did I I got him untradable man I’m so gassed
Sulaiman AlNajem
Sulaiman AlNajem - 27 dager siden
I took coins for my rival rewards instead of packs because I didn’t think I would have a chance to pack a toty
Dylan Gordon
Dylan Gordon - 27 dager siden
Anyone have any idea when you will get ur red picks back if u opened then while they were broke
Qope - 27 dager siden
Then rewards are soo peak I got Neymar & atal from 14 wins lol
Sulaiman AlNajem
Sulaiman AlNajem - 27 dager siden
Get moments Suarez on the rtg he is cracked trust
Maalik Abdelsalam
Maalik Abdelsalam - 27 dager siden
I’m nearly done with him lol
bolahan ogundoyin
bolahan ogundoyin - 27 dager siden
why do people put bronzes on their bench
W-key - 27 dager siden
Yeah toty vvd is so much fun. 😂. Not if your against him
mickael amar
mickael amar - 27 dager siden
What is road to glory on fifa?
W-key - 27 dager siden
I also packed inform neymar today. Out of the toty challenge sbc looolll
George Henderson
George Henderson - 27 dager siden
Les go skillz nearly at 2 mil keep beasting and feasting
MoFadeAway - 27 dager siden
I packed maradona thinking it was riquelme today lmao exact opposite
JJ Wilson
JJ Wilson - 27 dager siden
I have 92 Bruno as my cdm! What should I get everyone:
- Kante 88 - 8 chem + Tavernier 86 As a Rb
- Tavernier cm/cdm + Walker on 7 chem as a RB?
Ezinwa - 27 dager siden
George Junior
George Junior - 27 dager siden
the career mode???