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Runtime: 14:56


Noah Svensson
Noah Svensson - 5 dager siden
Omfg just packed Ian Rush moments.
Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey - 5 dager siden
Skillz you gotta try out the 3-5-2 its deffinetly the meta also and much more fun! Check out RTFM's new video on tactics. Hope this finds you and you give it a go. Ive been using for 3-4 weeks now and have been having so much more fun in the game.
No way
No way - 5 dager siden
Noah Laliberty
Noah Laliberty - 5 dager siden
Who wants to place a bet that he plays 4231 either mid WL or the next WL
Vince Ingrande
Vince Ingrande - 6 dager siden
bruh I went 5-12 I stopped someone give me tips I need help
Yulia Flit
Yulia Flit - 6 dager siden
when you open packs/rewards, make a bronze team and test if it actually works
weird cartoons 4 you
weird cartoons 4 you - 6 dager siden
I packed 86 Gabriel Jesus is that any good? Worth 1.2 million from the fut part bag
Blaine - 6 dager siden
I changed to 5 back after seeing the videos and it’s now my favourite formation
Edmund Shaw
Edmund Shaw - 6 dager siden
My opinion: “This has helped me out!”
Link: “”
Final conclusion: “You should try it.“
Harry Buck
Harry Buck - 6 dager siden
Skillz lille got beat by ajax sell renato rapidddd
Connor Davis
Connor Davis - 6 dager siden
Martinez is a keeper wdym bruv
Miguel N
Miguel N - 6 dager siden
Try 352 skillz
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 6 dager siden
Good video
Jacob Yates
Jacob Yates - 6 dager siden
Skillz Fifa mobile got a TOTW Messi
Theticman - 6 dager siden
Where’s the podcast
XAon4K - 6 dager siden
Please watching my video FIFA experiens Will very fun...
David V K
David V K - 6 dager siden
Im not even lying it was the first wl that i hardly played aswell
Harvey boyle
Harvey boyle - 6 dager siden
I was opening my rewards on my phone and when you packed lewandowski, i packed him at the same time lmfao
Malhar Jadhav
Malhar Jadhav - 6 dager siden
Dingo Nuts
Dingo Nuts - 6 dager siden
So girly
Fai_2nice - 6 dager siden
Couldn’t play this week Bc of now power in Texas 😅
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 6 dager siden
Didn’t you play 5 back?
Joseph Di Gravino
Joseph Di Gravino - 6 dager siden
Skilz get David for your striker and sanchez at right cam for RTG
Alex Valenzuela
Alex Valenzuela - 6 dager siden
He cant pull shit on the rtg to save his life
FatySimulator - 6 dager siden
Keep up the great work skillz
Lyng Nicholas
Lyng Nicholas - 6 dager siden
In my view the real one is
I used it today
ollieturner99 - 6 dager siden
Fun and Weekend league don’t mix 🥴
lVl O-B
lVl O-B - 6 dager siden
200 fifa points on an RTG ?
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar - 6 dager siden
Skills vs Manny drop a like to make it happen
Jonas 099
Jonas 099 - 6 dager siden
Buy Bruno hi wil link to Ronaldo and felix
Jonas 099
Jonas 099 - 6 dager siden
Mabpe is fisnhs his conatra in sommar relamarid wil buy him ?
Jonas 099
Jonas 099 - 6 dager siden
2-1portp Ronaldo trash assss lang me asssz😂😂😂😂😂🗑
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 6 dager siden
Honestly, gold 1 is not worth the grind
Blaine - 6 dager siden
You should try the wide formation for old times sake
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez - 6 dager siden
i got aubamayang too 🙏🏽
michael ngandu
michael ngandu - 6 dager siden
Aa if this was the rtg 9 skills
D B - 6 dager siden
Nearly 2 mil subs geez
divergent music
divergent music - 6 dager siden
I haven't packed a walkout in three weeks.
KNG Alex
KNG Alex - 6 dager siden
I don’t like the gf videos tbh to wired and that’s not it
AJH HD - 6 dager siden
Why get out of the 4-4-1-1? You’ve had nothing but success in that formation ...
Notorious 26
Notorious 26 - 6 dager siden
*please don't remove your beard*
Andres Viaud
Andres Viaud - 6 dager siden
Baboon TTV
Baboon TTV - 6 dager siden
i packed 0 boards ...
DripyyEU - 6 dager siden
Skillz where is the 30 and 0 🇵🇹🇵🇹❤❤
RobertvSunten - 6 dager siden
Love the 4-3-1-2!
It's so chaotic, every opponent is in panic mode what to do 😂
Azza - 6 dager siden
Gasses so much shite
Jack McCavana
Jack McCavana - 6 dager siden
Packed Cr7 and mbappe in rewards today
Shadows Nicks
Shadows Nicks - 6 dager siden
I bought Laporte and did my first 83 upgrade sbc and and got him
Get them coins
Wilfred Amoo-Gottfried
Wilfred Amoo-Gottfried - 6 dager siden
You don’t chop up your games no more? 😭
Alessandro Taylor
Alessandro Taylor - 6 dager siden
duuude ur sooo close to 2mil!
Abid Rahman
Abid Rahman - 6 dager siden
Positivity 💯
Robin Haugstulen
Robin Haugstulen - 6 dager siden
Miss the old AA9skills
JC 714
JC 714 - 6 dager siden
I got auba from my red pick
Ivan Novosel
Ivan Novosel - 7 dager siden
Well, those thumbnails are typical for getting the we agree?🤣
billy mitchel
billy mitchel - 7 dager siden
Bro how do you have 200 fifa points of it's a RTG
Deepesh Kumar Pandey
Deepesh Kumar Pandey - 5 dager siden
@Kenny Gantin How ? What can you get for 200 fifa points.
billy mitchel
billy mitchel - 6 dager siden
@Kenny Gantin he might be
Kenny Gantin
Kenny Gantin - 6 dager siden
He's cheating
Official T
Official T - 7 dager siden
You have been on 1.9mil for too long
Paul Smith
Paul Smith - 7 dager siden
Shut up and just open the packs ya weapon
Faris_981 - 7 dager siden
9:36 3 French players...
Brandon Rolli
Brandon Rolli - 7 dager siden
you always cook with 2 ST and a CAM
Slxsh_ Cayden
Slxsh_ Cayden - 7 dager siden
Everyone’s into: hey what goin on guys
AA9skillz intro: iAUSGDZYfbisukjedgbfAIOSkdjgvsawo9sdfiughxhszixfugyeiuwaosrdjgiosekjgfho9seiuhgfhseiuygfhusyhegdhiurwhtghifosefuasdgfyhshbf
Emad Ammari
Emad Ammari - 7 dager siden
Skillz try the 4312. 7 depth and Both Wing backs join attack.
SheffieldsOwnFatBoy - 7 dager siden
well I packed Romagnoli. beat that
Mino P
Mino P - 7 dager siden
Everyone: Joao Felix
AA9skillz: Juong Felix
Abz_ - 4 dager siden
@alex_r2021 no
Fut Leoking
Fut Leoking - 6 dager siden
@alex_r2021 yes 😅 I meant the country :))
alex_r2021 - 7 dager siden
@Fut Leoking Portuguese *
Fut Leoking
Fut Leoking - 7 dager siden
that’s kinda how it’s prounonced in portugal :)
Pedro Oriakhi
Pedro Oriakhi - 7 dager siden
I found a new formation that I haven't seen no one use wich is 41212 with the wide midfielders and I have been enjoying it. I am a division 1 player and a gold 2/1 player
Freddie Staines
Freddie Staines - 7 dager siden
I wanna see skillz play manny and to make it fare skillz plays on his main account
Yathish Yathi
Yathish Yathi - 7 dager siden
Stop blabbering about RTG so many times..u ve a mega team now...stop complaining..m
Gb Cosby
Gb Cosby - 7 dager siden
Messi and Ron’s eras are over 😢😔😔
Abdulkadir Abdulkadir
Abdulkadir Abdulkadir - 7 dager siden
Petition to see more rtg gameplay. Even if its commnetated over. We want to see the players actually play
Mushfiq Sadik
Mushfiq Sadik - 7 dager siden
Where is the career mode man....😭😭😭
Tomè ske
Tomè ske - 7 dager siden
Bro im playing 4312 and im feeling really good finally i can put away 442 or 4231. With 'Stay forword' to the CAM and no 'Stay back' to the LB i feel very good attacking but in defence is quite difficult cause i play Duncan Pirlo and Cancelo so its not a very defensive midfield.
DZ FOOT - 7 dager siden
People who are playing drop back , 5 defenders, are you having fun while playing fifa ? 👀👀👀
run 187
run 187 - 7 dager siden
Don't forget the team press and passing around the back after 52mins and the beyond annoying pause after you score and expect me to quit.
Skhaled04 - 7 dager siden
AA YOU ARE MY HERO. My sister’s bday was a few days ago and you encouraged me to get her a Nintendo.
Love y’a man.
JJ Chemaly
JJ Chemaly - 7 dager siden
Why does he have fifa points🤔???
Swifty - 6 dager siden
transferred, he doesnt use it.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown - 7 dager siden
Bilaal Khan
Bilaal Khan - 7 dager siden
Who the f is Lawandawski????
Bilaal Khan
Bilaal Khan - 7 dager siden
Lmfao from trying to use the meta to hating it loool. 5 back is the worst formation so hard to use in my opinion and the worst to play against too.
Calum H
Calum H - 7 dager siden
By the way he packed no future Star on the rtg. Just to save you your time
Lw 094
Lw 094 - 6 dager siden
Bohdie - 6 dager siden
Mohammed Sadi
Mohammed Sadi - 7 dager siden
I got lukaku hes sick
princekiller1 - 7 dager siden
Check out my recent vid!!! If you like CR7!!!!
edy \_/
edy \_/ - 7 dager siden
You really should try 5-3-2. I love attacking fifa too and I need to say, without any BS that 5-3-2 is the most attacking formation I have ever played. The outside mids attacking lwb and rwb attacking and overlap and St attack. Defend just with 1 cdm and 3 cb. It's insane how much I enjoy fifa now.
Alex Griffith
Alex Griffith - 7 dager siden
True fans say “What’s up Youtube, It’s ya boy double A-9 Skills, welcome back to the Road to Fut Champions, RTG! Edition”, on every video with the correct timing every time.
Wes Buck
Wes Buck - 7 dager siden
And here I am not getting a single walkout
ScuffedJuan - 6 dager siden
Same opened them and not a single one just decided to get the coins for division rivals
12_Bhanu Putra
12_Bhanu Putra - 7 dager siden
Do draft plz skillz
Jacob Elliot
Jacob Elliot - 7 dager siden
its ridiculous i stopped at silver 3 and still got an 84 which were literally as good as ur elite 1 rewards
Odhran Birt
Odhran Birt - 7 dager siden
What did yall get in your party bag?
Odhran Birt
Odhran Birt - 6 dager siden
@evian big L
evian - 6 dager siden
navas totgs
Odhran Birt
Odhran Birt - 6 dager siden
@alex_r2021 rip
alex_r2021 - 7 dager siden
OTW bale🤦🏽‍♂️
Kian Blufpand
Kian Blufpand - 7 dager siden
Europa league rashford
Daniel Antunes
Daniel Antunes - 7 dager siden
I can't be the only one when playing WL or Rivals, i try to keep a cool head but end up exploding with rage because you miss easy shots, the passes don't go as you expected and all that
DonaTello - 7 dager siden
Oh no you’re not. Game is stressful with the bull
TADW 15 - 7 dager siden
Still waiting for the future star on the rtg......
Pantelas 9
Pantelas 9 - 7 dager siden
Try the 4321 brother ❤
C.I Fishing Guernsey
C.I Fishing Guernsey - 7 dager siden
I got Aubameyang in div rivals 👏
Kenrick Williams
Kenrick Williams - 7 dager siden
Samuel Escamilla
Samuel Escamilla - 7 dager siden
2am skillz letsgooooo
Sulaiman AlNajem
Sulaiman AlNajem - 7 dager siden
I watched the stream it was sick you kept on winning
OmarM23 games
OmarM23 games - 7 dager siden
Finally back to the old days big up skilz
Mert S.
Mert S. - 7 dager siden
He packed no one from the thumbnail
The flying Bubble
The flying Bubble - 6 dager siden
@ScuffedJuan that’s not dest lol
Yes Sir
Yes Sir - 6 dager siden
I don’t believe he’s an rtg
Lord Braithwaite
Lord Braithwaite - 6 dager siden
@Brandonp123 ⚡️ he packed lainez
ScuffedJuan - 6 dager siden
@Brandonp123 ⚡️ says he packed a future star and has dest in the thumbnail
Brandonp123 ⚡️
Brandonp123 ⚡️ - 6 dager siden
@Lord Braithwaite who
H4X - 7 dager siden
Big up skillz positive vibes only
DTT97 - 7 dager siden
Can we get a red list for my guy 😂😂😂😂
zKaPii-_- - 7 dager siden
Aa9skillz 4:53 Cruyff is on 9 just letting you know
Opj2515 - 3 dager siden
No teen games
Veer Visal
Veer Visal - 7 dager siden
yo skillz how it going my guy
satwik sharma
satwik sharma - 7 dager siden
Don't miss out on todibo sbc
AKA_ BLENDI - 7 dager siden
Ilham Legend
Ilham Legend - 6 dager siden