OMG I PACKED A TOTY!!! FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Pack Opening

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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Runtime: 10:00


Ken Amaro
Ken Amaro - 21 dag siden
"I just got finessed" 😆😂
MR. MMK - 24 dager siden
Hi you might not believe it but I got toty Sergio Ramos 96 from a 75+ rated pack
mneilan123456 - 26 dager siden
So excited that he packs neuer but then sells
Ben Lock
Ben Lock - 26 dager siden
does anyone know that u can get toty Messi on loan? it's EZ do 10 squad battles min. professional and win 6 of them then assist 12 trough pass goals and score 4 finesse goals in rivals.
Fernando Arriaga
Fernando Arriaga - 26 dager siden
Love the humility bro God bless🙏🏿
Lag Actually
Lag Actually - 26 dager siden
Wow out of a 25k pack opened atleast 7 ultimate packs and dont get no toty and 3 walkouts only
White Twins
White Twins - 27 dager siden
Ur vids are so good😀!!!
Rajarshi Ghosh
Rajarshi Ghosh - 27 dager siden
This guy is so annoying
Leo Nordwall
Leo Nordwall - 27 dager siden
love 2 u for being so humble and thanking your follower really like ur content
anthony williams
anthony williams - 27 dager siden
What I don't get is why in gods name does he have to scream like that I mean has he not tried talking like a normal person and if I want to hear him shout ill turn my TV up it's a joke how loud he is
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic - 27 dager siden
When is skills gonna upload today???
Molite - 27 dager siden
I completely forgot bout u
Imma have to catch up on vids
danish lodhi
danish lodhi - 27 dager siden
Yaaaaay let us all buy fifa points
Yasar Yasin
Yasar Yasin - 27 dager siden
Red list....
The best Maths Debator In the world
“I’m ya boy?” No no no Skillz, it’s “ITS YA BOY”
alex pendichev
alex pendichev - 27 dager siden
Shut up
sayid khalif
sayid khalif - 28 dager siden
why couldn’t u make the vid 9:59?
Antisa Raspa
Antisa Raspa - 28 dager siden
Wehre is carier mode
During The Game
During The Game - 28 dager siden
Congratulations for toty.
I Found van dijk in my pack opening on channel but...
AlphaX - 28 dager siden
AA I know u ain’t gonna read this but don’t open ur picks I got maguire and lazzari but I dunno if this is happening to anyone else
Raff Nav
Raff Nav - 28 dager siden
I packed a toty kimmich from a 83 plus midfielder and a toty ramos from a 83 plus defender and I only had 1 pack of each. My pack luck is toooo good 😁
Mr. Gubbins
Mr. Gubbins - 28 dager siden
How does he not have 2 mil already, he is legit one of the nicest YouTubers.
PJ Ansell
PJ Ansell - 28 dager siden
What about Van der sar in goal would give you chemistry with VVD?
Zoé Hervieux
Zoé Hervieux - 28 dager siden
Ivan Cruz
Ivan Cruz - 28 dager siden
RCM : Paul pogba uefa card
LCM: Llorente rulebreaker
RST:neymar LF
LAM: Gullit
Gamer Onyx
Gamer Onyx - 28 dager siden
Have you forgotten about your Manager career in your other channel
AJ Kuenzi
AJ Kuenzi - 28 dager siden
What does reasonable mean? Like we talking under a mil or under 5 mil or what’s the range?
Tobias Guerreiro
Tobias Guerreiro - 28 dager siden
I send you my team on insta go check it out
Zackary Ganah
Zackary Ganah - 28 dager siden
4:10 my mans be rapping god mode
Nitro_Fue1ed - 28 dager siden
Does anyone know how long device suspension on ultimate team is
Odin Ellertsen
Odin Ellertsen - 28 dager siden
RAM: FUT Freeze mane
RDM: gullit
LDM: Xavi
LAM: Kimmic
RST: Bruno Fernades
And for the Left striker i would 100% go for the one the only IGHALOOO!
Marco Rodriguez
Marco Rodriguez - 28 dager siden
You lucky on you icon packs at least you didnt do 2 and empty out your club to get baby inzagi and then mid inzagi lmao game a joke
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 28 dager siden
Good video
Angel - 28 dager siden
Don't play
Trrofif Äråeke
Trrofif Äråeke - 28 dager siden
He still thinks he got a middle cruyff
Moawiah Khawaldeh
Moawiah Khawaldeh - 28 dager siden
Skillz is a fraud he spent so long talking about having 2 accounts and saying that he packed 2 TOTY and whatever like that’s not what we want just show us. And then he spent a long time talking about having all the toty defenders and saying guys plz make a squad when he also said he already has a squad in mind that he will do anyway and it doesn’t matter what we do. He also put some useless packs before he put the toty pack. All this he has done just to make the video 10 mins to get money and so that he doesn’t have to do more than that for the day and give us more. He could’ve just made it a pack opening video and put the highlights. Fraud!
mars FN
mars FN - 28 dager siden
thanks aa9skills your the besttttt!1!!!!!!!!!!
z Skunk
z Skunk - 28 dager siden
Skillz doing dj khaled type things "ANOTHER ONE"
El cuh Jc
El cuh Jc - 28 dager siden
Theo Krohn
Theo Krohn - 28 dager siden
Lcam: kimmich toty
Lcdm: prime butragueno
Rcdm gullit
Rcam bruno Toty
Rst: CR7 toty
Lst: eusebio
Theo Krohn
Theo Krohn - 28 dager siden
@Tiki Taka change ingame because ramos need that green lunk
Tiki Taka
Tiki Taka - 28 dager siden
Butra as a CDM ??
Azzam Alwahshi
Azzam Alwahshi - 28 dager siden
BEN Vuitton
BEN Vuitton - 28 dager siden
😂😂 Wakanda vison
PlayFifa19 - 28 dager siden
How much coins do you have to make your team please mate
Tatum. Rl
Tatum. Rl - 28 dager siden
I remember watching Skillz and Ray stream yesterday at night and he said ima go edit a vid and open some packs. Well deserved Skillz 🖤🤘🏻
Jeremih Avilla SuareZ
Jeremih Avilla SuareZ - 28 dager siden
DJ khaled du Proud
Faze _Qibot
Faze _Qibot - 28 dager siden
2:19 thank me later
FatySimulator - 28 dager siden
I used all my coins yesterday and did 2 icon packs. I got zanetti and Bobby Moore and I honestly am just depressed. Fml :(
FatySimulator - 28 dager siden
I love the videos I wish they were longer tho :/
FatySimulator - 28 dager siden
Loving the content skillz keep it up
mikemikey29 - 28 dager siden
I packed 90 mid gullit amd didn’t even ( over ) react like this dude. 😂😂
vegastjg - 28 dager siden
Are there no icons from the USA?
Gerardo Lazo
Gerardo Lazo - 28 dager siden
I would play xavi and gullit in the mid, lewa left cam and whoever at the rest of the spots
Paramveer Love
Paramveer Love - 28 dager siden
can you do the dybala and review him please!
tugaoutlaw - 28 dager siden
Parabens mereces
Maxim Petrovsky
Maxim Petrovsky - 28 dager siden
Gk Toty Neuer, lb toty davies, lcb rttf klostermann, rcb toty vvd, rb toty taa, lcdm toty kimmich, lcam toty Lewa, left st toty Ronaldo, right st, toty Bruno, r cam, toty kdb, rcdm freeze mane
john_ the great
john_ the great - 28 dager siden
Skillz I packed untradeable Mbappe in a premium ligue 1 pack
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever - 28 dager siden
Victor Faria
Victor Faria - 28 dager siden
What a 🐐
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever - 28 dager siden
We love you too💜💜💜💜💜
Brian Grant
Brian Grant - 28 dager siden
Let’s go a called wales
REAPER_SYNC_21 - 28 dager siden
does he have cruyff on this account ?
Mahdi Taher
Mahdi Taher - 28 dager siden
Did anyone else notice the Batman pajamas
jose silva
jose silva - 28 dager siden
Benfica 🦅
Izaan Qadri
Izaan Qadri - 28 dager siden
Another one
Brian Preston
Brian Preston - 28 dager siden
I need to start complaining about my FUT champ rewards so I can get rewarded with a TOTY card every other day like Skillz😅😭
trevor panda
trevor panda - 28 dager siden
if that was my account i would sell all of them... only have 43k coins lolXD
hamza yoseph
hamza yoseph - 28 dager siden
It's a9 type things
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro - 28 dager siden
Did you steam twice last night?
Rakan Alturki videoes
Rakan Alturki videoes - 28 dager siden
I love u skillz
JJ Games
JJ Games - 28 dager siden
The funny thing is neuer is faster than James Rodriguez
Simon A
Simon A - 27 dager siden
No jamessss 😔🇨🇴
Right md
Right md - 28 dager siden
and biscuits
tommy m m
tommy m m - 28 dager siden
Why's he so happy about this.....a toty keeper is the same as a glove on any 88+ keeper they basically maxed out Anyway. Pope probs be better lmao
zPxzl - 28 dager siden
Hi here from wales 😂 rip for rush 😂🤮🤮🤮
ExtremeAraBros - 28 dager siden
Bruh I’ve opened over 200 packs and haven’t packed anything worth more than 160k
אברהם אקאל
אברהם אקאל - 28 dager siden
🥳🥳🥳🥳you reach 1.98m subscribers
Toro Gaming
Toro Gaming - 28 dager siden
Wakanda vision 😂😂😂
DaRi3N - 28 dager siden
Wtf is a wakanda vision 😹
ALL Plastino
ALL Plastino - 28 dager siden
6:12 Liam Pain
sean maddex
sean maddex - 28 dager siden
Yesterday I pulled TOTY Davies. He didn’t slot into my all Dutch team so I sold him and am reinvesting the 2 million coins. Which Dutch midfielders outside of cruyf and gullet does everyone recommend. I have mid Overmars and robben on the wings but am looking to upgrade central midfield
Alves - 28 dager siden
Prime Rijkaard or mid Seedorf
ابو جبر الجبوري
ابو جبر الجبوري - 28 dager siden
- Foxyyy
- Foxyyy - 28 dager siden
Great content! - what is the song that skillz be playing when neuer is packed? Running whilst the celebrations continue? Anyone please.
Jason Wilkinson
Jason Wilkinson - 28 dager siden
Lost a lot of respect. Batman doesn’t even belong in the same sentence as Iron Man lol 😂 love ya Skillz
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones - 28 dager siden
The fact that he got 3 walkouts
That Guy That Plays Old Videogames
Batman pants looking fire my dude 😂
Enmanuel Castillo
Enmanuel Castillo - 28 dager siden
Hi booyah nation, can someone please add me on PSN: McPeps. I need to play a friend for an objective and I don’t have any :(
KenzL Game10
KenzL Game10 - 28 dager siden
Spain without the s
Cameron Alexander
Cameron Alexander - 28 dager siden
love you skillz keep doing what you’re doing
Geo Mejia
Geo Mejia - 28 dager siden
“Babe, be quiet you’re going to wake the kids” -Skillz’s girl in like 3 years😂🙏🏼
Shivam - 28 dager siden
Nice one 😏
Gaming With Ryan
Gaming With Ryan - 28 dager siden
Yooo u got to 1.98 mill finallyyyyyyyy let’s go
bil Srky
bil Srky - 28 dager siden
You have got to give it to him with that energy!
Alek Stockdale
Alek Stockdale - 28 dager siden
emm ok striker u can use 89 aguero rw mo salah and lw sterling cam bruno
Markus Riffe
Markus Riffe - 28 dager siden
Whats your insta?
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson - 28 dager siden
Rcdm: gullit
Lcdm: if valverde
Rcam: record breaker Vardy
Lam: gnabry freeze
Lst: any icon
Rst: if rashford
DuckInTheMud 10
DuckInTheMud 10 - 28 dager siden
Damn the last 2 minutes really hit home

We love u skillz
Christian Hantia
Christian Hantia - 29 dager siden
Let just get skills to two million subs
s for salvation
s for salvation - 29 dager siden
My man didn't just say wakandavision
Love ya skilzzzzz
Tiko Q50
Tiko Q50 - 29 dager siden
2 icons
death bystereo
death bystereo - 29 dager siden
No one cares about neaur. He will be less than 400k soon
Klemen Pesek
Klemen Pesek - 29 dager siden
Buy kimmich toty, freeze mane, toty lewandovski, mid matthaus, prime king kenny and 86 rashford. Everybody on full except.
Leigh New
Leigh New - 29 dager siden
3 walk outs ina row from 25k packs...smells like red list
RP - 29 dager siden
the most genuine guy on the platform, thankyou skillz ❤️