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Runtime: 10:49


gf9 - 22 dager siden
U can easily play trent Alexander Arnold at com and Adama rb
soaXz - 23 dager siden
I got that shit Barnes as well feel to just send him on the ronaldo sbc
EJ RPK - 23 dager siden
don’t sell amc and gme
O E - 24 dager siden
flashback ronaldo is a gold lucas moura
Sunlight _
Sunlight _ - 24 dager siden
Ronaldo Flashback + finisher chem style = madness/fun
Jesse Samuel
Jesse Samuel - 24 dager siden
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kingofmadgaming - 24 dager siden
Madden ????????
Triplesparkle - 24 dager siden
I packed a Toty and icon packed!
Like what??
Halil turk
Halil turk - 24 dager siden
i love the flashback ronaldo on my team
bob joe mama jone jeff bob james bond
Plz use tots messi
Juan Martin Pena
Juan Martin Pena - 24 dager siden
Do y’all recomend me using 130k coins to complete the Ronaldo SBC?
Kevin Do
Kevin Do - 24 dager siden
Y does he remind me of Bradley Martin
Abdi Ochoa
Abdi Ochoa - 24 dager siden
4-4-1-1 is op!!!
mneilan123456 - 24 dager siden
He happy he packs one yet he can just buy them
While me doing almost 50 of the prem sbc ones and only getting one over 85 and two 85s lol
Alex Velasquez
Alex Velasquez - 24 dager siden
177 at the start of the video mid way 182
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 24 dager siden
Good video
Abdallah Elkhashab
Abdallah Elkhashab - 24 dager siden
Don’t sell eusebio you just don’t need to play him RM or you just sell him and get coins and do upgrade Bruno or Fernando Hiero
The Ingsinator
The Ingsinator - 24 dager siden
People think ronaldos flashback card is trash but honestly im doing bits with him, ive played with regular ronaldo before and to me plays the exact same
Krijn de groot
Krijn de groot - 24 dager siden
Anybody know the song that is playing when he’s opening his icon pack?
X G - 24 dager siden
Get him full chem and change him in tactics to ST with a finisher he’s amazing
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez - 24 dager siden
Mbn I wasted $100 for 1 walkout. 😔
Smia - 24 dager siden
Yooooo i love that hoodie! It is Lit🔥🔥
szeriman13 - 24 dager siden
you pay2win guys are ruining this game, thanks.
FatySimulator - 24 dager siden
Loving the content Skillz keep it up
Goran Zgoła
Goran Zgoła - 24 dager siden
Varane and viera instead of Ramos adama-1 sub
Longsidejono Fifa
Longsidejono Fifa - 24 dager siden
Imagine this was your day to day congrats bro
Julio Carmona
Julio Carmona - 24 dager siden
Lnfao get all the way in boys 🙃
I’m Nolix
I’m Nolix - 24 dager siden
Don’t worry I got base lampard
Dxrkz On crack
Dxrkz On crack - 24 dager siden
I can afford the normal CR7 but I want the flashback one so I sold my normal CR7 and got flashback and mbappe
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson - 24 dager siden
Packs one after 5000 dollars spent 😂😂
Johnny Greig
Johnny Greig - 24 dager siden
done some bundesliga uprgrades and managed to get davies , lesgoo
Dumb Kevv
Dumb Kevv - 24 dager siden
I can tell he packed a GK Toty
Colton Bridges
Colton Bridges - 24 dager siden
I did Ronaldo and I like him a lot as a striker
iAm Robin05
iAm Robin05 - 24 dager siden
Who remembers «KLOSTERMANN»!!😂🙏🏽
Alan Gonzalez
Alan Gonzalez - 24 dager siden
watch him sell his back line next week
Ali Olcay
Ali Olcay - 24 dager siden
Flashback CR7 is absolute trash
MICHAIL KARAVOKYRIS - 24 dager siden
I love the hoodie at the pack opening bro!
Phant8mFC - 24 dager siden
Definitely sell your Ronaldo, He's been a Huge dub for me at cam with Hawk, if you do get him I recommend hawk because it boost his Strength and aggression. The only bad thing I could say about him is his weak foot.
Erlend Alme
Erlend Alme - 24 dager siden
Just use dybala instead of eusebio
Vincent Marotta
Vincent Marotta - 24 dager siden
i BEEN playing 4411 shits goated
Argent_ofz - 24 dager siden
Nice to see me on the leaderboards
Patty Boy
Patty Boy - 24 dager siden
I got toty bruno is a free 7.5k pack I can’t believe it
Charlie KELLEY
Charlie KELLEY - 24 dager siden
Why not use puskas, sell Eusebio and try prime gullit or get viera
Anoyolo Dembula
Anoyolo Dembula - 24 dager siden
When is draft to glory coming
LongLiveWoo - 24 dager siden
Courtois is so bad
S. Mo
S. Mo - 24 dager siden
Skillz u say a lot tho but u always do the opposite 😂
TopRampage 7
TopRampage 7 - 24 dager siden
you should try prime xavi instead of hierro. manny loves him and says he is never leaving his squad. Xavi never leaves his money team even tho he is trying out every prime icon
MR. MMK - 24 dager siden
You might not believe it but I got an untradeable TOTY SERGIO RAMOS 96 from a 75+ rated pack
BASE VLOGS - 24 dager siden
Skills I think you can move Alphonso to lwb and start him off the wing so you don’t kill a sub
Chazinga Plays
Chazinga Plays - 24 dager siden
Still waiting on the next career mode
I get with all the Toty stuff and weekend league but your career mode boys are going without in this lockdown
easymac13 - 24 dager siden
Do past/present ManU/Real/Portugal with Ronaldo
Steven Phillips
Steven Phillips - 24 dager siden
Skillz I know you won't reply but thanks for the content we love you
Jacques Godard
Jacques Godard - 24 dager siden
Nice drawings last night skillz lmao
Damian Goddard
Damian Goddard - 24 dager siden
i can't afford any rons
kane simpson
kane simpson - 24 dager siden
Does anybody know how he sees who he’s previously played against and their record?
Danny Bowler
Danny Bowler - 24 dager siden
Champs channel
Rextery - 24 dager siden
if you have 5-3-2 as starting formation and change in game you get 10 chem on all players
Mensur TV
Mensur TV - 24 dager siden
Your probably the most genuine FIFA player!
Hammad Ahmed
Hammad Ahmed - 24 dager siden
please pleaseeeee post rtg on youtubeee
Ollie White
Ollie White - 24 dager siden
Get baby Eusebio, he’s faster and more fitted for the wing
Krishan Patel
Krishan Patel - 24 dager siden
Put puskas on ur bench skillige gggg.
Harry LFC5
Harry LFC5 - 24 dager siden
Was a great stream Skillz
Nay Sullivan
Nay Sullivan - 24 dager siden
Stop clappin!
James Scantlebury
James Scantlebury - 24 dager siden
i did big old ron and everyone was saying its a waste but Ronaldo is Ronaldo yanno
Brandon's Gaming
Brandon's Gaming - 24 dager siden
I was 10-6 and switched to the 4411 I’m 5-0 so far my team isn’t that good too
9InT - 24 dager siden
Swai Tun
Swai Tun - 24 dager siden
This account is 🔥
Mohammed - 24 dager siden
Get rule breaker llorent
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez - 24 dager siden
Wish that Ronaldo had a Mullet
Calum H
Calum H - 25 dager siden
You didn’t pack an icon you done an icon sbc. Stop with the bullshit
Ibrahim iez
Ibrahim iez - 25 dager siden
Wheres the rtg love the the content tho
TrickificHd - 25 dager siden
I finally got ronaldooooooooooo

87 rated 🤦🏾‍♂️
MA SE VLEIS - 25 dager siden
Aabid N27
Aabid N27 - 25 dager siden
How does the boy skillz have so much energy 😂
Zenil Patel
Zenil Patel - 25 dager siden
He was so much excited that he wrote "PACKED" twice to confirm it was PACKED
Slays A
Slays A - 25 dager siden
Dont go into doing cr7 flashback thinking he’s as good as the gold, he’s very fun but you can tell he’s way worse.
Sov Voss
Sov Voss - 25 dager siden
Poksimetar •
Poksimetar • - 25 dager siden
Is it just me or everyone wants to see rtg after caption like this😅
Andrew Lennox
Andrew Lennox - 25 dager siden
I got Ronaldo and he’s cracked. He scores so much for having 78 finishing
Casey Regan
Casey Regan - 23 dager siden
@Edwin I play him at striker with a deadeye
Trenton n
Trenton n - 24 dager siden
Lmao every time I play flashback Ronaldo it misses the easiest chances I can def notice the 78 finishing
Andrew Lennox
Andrew Lennox - 24 dager siden
@Edwin I have a hunter on him and I play him at striker
little_alex_c - 24 dager siden
@Diarmaid O'Regan they’re not the same I think, I have both
Edwin - 24 dager siden
What do you guys play him as and what chem style? I honestly feel like it was a waste he isn’t good for me he feels heavy and dribbling isn’t good. I have a finisher on him.
Fede None
Fede None - 25 dager siden
Icons sbcs are such a let down. Make them better!
Aaron Callaghan
Aaron Callaghan - 25 dager siden
I did ronaldo and he's insane
Vivgoat - 25 dager siden
what is the name of this background music? cool
Mr.Chill’s Life
Mr.Chill’s Life - 25 dager siden
I am gonna do flashback ronaldo imma just wait a few more day saving up coins.
Mateusz Modra
Mateusz Modra - 25 dager siden
I did the flashback Ronaldo, cause i cant afford the gold one and he has been amaazing for me
Cheater Max
Cheater Max - 25 dager siden
Why don’t you just get prime xavi instead of hiero
Tung hotdog
Tung hotdog - 25 dager siden
4111🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol
anibal tavares
anibal tavares - 25 dager siden
U great AA
Gino Sorrentino
Gino Sorrentino - 25 dager siden
5:40: “I do think the toty is better, but the potm is just as good” nice skillz👌
yazan toy
yazan toy - 25 dager siden
The unmatched goat of youtube
JaydenGL_7007 - 25 dager siden
skillz make a video with your bald hair 🙂
Mehr Hassan
Mehr Hassan - 25 dager siden
I did flashback ron he is rapid and doesn't miss
Lupzy - 25 dager siden
I can tell this man spends like 10k a week
Del Priezo
Del Priezo - 25 dager siden
Try Trent in midfield
Finn Thompson
Finn Thompson - 25 dager siden
All flashbacks to the walking out as an old person
Lewis Goodrum
Lewis Goodrum - 25 dager siden
play dybala rm and get toty bruno
Sam Hook
Sam Hook - 25 dager siden
That’s my kind of team
Nathan Mullarney
Nathan Mullarney - 25 dager siden
I am 1 sbc of ronaldo siiiiiiiiiiiii
Qasim Zia
Qasim Zia - 25 dager siden
Post the gameplay from this weekend
Blake Brown
Blake Brown - 25 dager siden
Who else thinks it's just them who haven't packed one
Faraj Family
Faraj Family - 25 dager siden
Bro i wish I could be as good as u man
Ziad Mosleh
Ziad Mosleh - 25 dager siden
Ronaldo is so baaaaaaad buy gold lucas instead