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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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Runtime: 15:04


dan daman
dan daman - 8 dager siden
Lmao Lmao
Lmao Lmao - 9 dager siden
I am a casual player and got ronaldo and didn’t react anywhere near as much as this guy
Killian McEvilly
Killian McEvilly - 9 dager siden
I got Salah and futur stars Reece James in 4 picks
Dershan Govender
Dershan Govender - 10 dager siden
Diaz can't even lace up a fit VVD boots...
CA2 - 11 dager siden
I got him in an 80+
Diego Toledo
Diego Toledo - 11 dager siden
Man Thats Mad!!! I Packed The Same CR7 CL Card Too!!!I Mad! Yesterday
Zack Langley
Zack Langley - 12 dager siden
No way I’d be meeting robbo and Ox if I could meet any
Christiano Maake
Christiano Maake - 12 dager siden
If you you don't pack vlachodimos your packluck is top noch🙄😔😔. 81+player pick
Joshua Hitt
Joshua Hitt - 12 dager siden
If you can go for matthaus to replace Renato
cla ale
cla ale - 12 dager siden
Its untradable what do wanna do? cr7 normal in that moment of rhe game its zero...LOL
IntoxicatedTurtle_ - 13 dager siden
I uploaded my TOTY CR7 untradeable from a pack
Binkie - 13 dager siden
Came to watch cause I just got ronaldo out of player pick yesssssss
Jordan De Lange
Jordan De Lange - 13 dager siden
After 2000 € 😁
Brooklyn Mountford
Brooklyn Mountford - 13 dager siden
This guy is funny but has no football knowledge NGl
Sebastian Lopez
Sebastian Lopez - 13 dager siden
I got Reece James in these yesterday
Flex Alex
Flex Alex - 13 dager siden
The 81+ picks are so op
Flex Alex
Flex Alex - 13 dager siden
I made my first know and a 91 oblak of 1 Pick
Erik Skaras
Erik Skaras - 13 dager siden
red list hahaha love you man
Axel Palacios
Axel Palacios - 13 dager siden
I got really lucky, I did 6 and packed kimmich Neymar and vardy and a weak 81 totw
TheMrPanda 99
TheMrPanda 99 - 13 dager siden
I’m sure he got champions league ronaldo not normal ronaldo
IRFAN ALI - 14 dager siden
Aa9 making me act up😩😩😩😉😉💕💕💋💋
Kryptxnic KP
Kryptxnic KP - 14 dager siden
Start with 5 back and play matthaus cdm
1TAP nwireams
1TAP nwireams - 14 dager siden
Fraught cap
Fraught cap - 14 dager siden
I got 2 walkouts in about 25 and they were bad walkouts I wanna cry 😢
JesusVibez - 14 dager siden
Bro I went crazy when you packed Ronaldo
FinishingMove - 14 dager siden
Almost 2 mil baby double AA=2
Oscar Jordan
Oscar Jordan - 14 dager siden
Flashback Ronaldo RW maybe for ur team???
Ethan Vojinov
Ethan Vojinov - 14 dager siden
xavi the router for cdm
Aibel Binosh
Aibel Binosh - 14 dager siden
Can you play pes plz
Fate - 14 dager siden
Same thing literally happend to me today lol
THE KING IN THE NORTH - 14 dager siden
Dges chveni dzma dagirekavs da roar upasuxo she kleo sufta muteli iknebi da dges ro 81 pickshi 92 ronaldo ar davagdo ici shen visac davarekineb
Ivan Novosel
Ivan Novosel - 14 dager siden
Skillz, put Martinez at the striker position and instead of Joao Cancelo put inform Hakimi which is even better in these kind of formations...that would be lit🔥
Marouan - 14 dager siden
FutCyber - 14 dager siden
GG i packed too cr7
Jaimee Palache
Jaimee Palache - 14 dager siden
Did he just say 35+12=42?😂
Mohd Arif Iza Mohd Shahrin Iza
fucking figo is there????
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam - 14 dager siden
Get an icon RB
Yarasky_Afrojack - 14 dager siden
I just got a blue Neymar from one. I did like 40 in total.
Yarasky_Afrojack - 14 dager siden
And imma do more to hopefully get Mbappe blue as well.
Zapz Capone
Zapz Capone - 14 dager siden
Of course you did.
DragonSlayer 16334
DragonSlayer 16334 - 14 dager siden
I packed Neymar out of them
Joaquin God
Joaquin God - 14 dager siden
Bring back cCareer mode back
jude wicking
jude wicking - 14 dager siden
thank me later
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 14 dager siden
Good video
Sam Perkins
Sam Perkins - 14 dager siden
Instead of in form Renato Sanchez sell mbappe and buy mid ballack :)
Brian - 14 dager siden
Yo skillz. Can you try out the new Moussa dembele ST from the SBc
FatySimulator - 14 dager siden
Keep up the great work skillz
David Sherlock
David Sherlock - 14 dager siden
Stop 🛑 being loud ✋🏻
J4waSs - 14 dager siden
i also packed ronaldo 92 overal gold rare card from player pick 81+
Eric Castillo
Eric Castillo - 14 dager siden
Anyone remember when Castro got a blue CR7 when it was a no look pick 😂
Daniel Downes
Daniel Downes - 14 dager siden
vvd > Dias
WRK Exotix
WRK Exotix - 14 dager siden
Red list
ethoro08 - 14 dager siden
Done 15 of these and all i get is 81 duplicates
Smart Shaun
Smart Shaun - 14 dager siden
I packed oblack and benzema on this
Daniel Davydov
Daniel Davydov - 14 dager siden
Roy kean
Dominic Mais
Dominic Mais - 14 dager siden
Real ones were in the stream
John Taylor
John Taylor - 14 dager siden
Why has he got bronzes on his bench and reserves?
Philip Ishmael Carrey
Philip Ishmael Carrey - 14 dager siden
Salah would rather go deep sea diving than go out for dinner
Andrew Gao
Andrew Gao - 14 dager siden
Skillz if you get the flashback cr7 u can put him rw and then move cruyff to rcm and then mbappe to cm
Clement Rizzo
Clement Rizzo - 14 dager siden
I wanna martinez gameplay
João Carvalho
João Carvalho - 14 dager siden
Content of fifa is not dead, fifa imself is dead
Sebastian Mccullagh
Sebastian Mccullagh - 14 dager siden
The only word I have to describe this channel is “bro”
Jose israel Ulloa Peralta
Jose israel Ulloa Peralta - 14 dager siden
Young 07
Young 07 - 14 dager siden
Red list
StrikaGaming - 14 dager siden
I did 20 of them and couldn’t get shit
Gaming With Ryan
Gaming With Ryan - 14 dager siden
FAV FAV - 14 dager siden
I did like 100 of those packs and didn’t get shit I get so depressed when I see videos like this when people pack players like this or the future stars
Dingo Nuts
Dingo Nuts - 14 dager siden
This guy is red listed
Omar Botello Lopez
Omar Botello Lopez - 14 dager siden
I like the packs I got 2 future stars James and brindas league Lm
FUT 21
FUT 21 - 14 dager siden
trust me try traore freeze at cdm sub him at min 1 he’ll work better than icon cdm just try it.
Xoitlajeno - 14 dager siden
It be cool if FIFA added special cards for the Club World Cup since the next one is gonna be an actual world cup with group stages and everything...but they not gonna do that shit its too much work 🤧😭
steven mcguigan
steven mcguigan - 14 dager siden
dude you should try 4-1-3-2 or even 4-1-4-1
Armaan Zabihi
Armaan Zabihi - 14 dager siden
Ali Darwish
Ali Darwish - 14 dager siden
3:53 that promes card tho
Waseem Al Khair
Waseem Al Khair - 14 dager siden
Every freaking year for the past 4 years you pack an untradeable CR7
And I pack freaking Suarez 🤦🏻‍♂️
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis - 14 dager siden
Antonio Rodrigues
Antonio Rodrigues - 14 dager siden
Benfica will destroy arsenal
Treek Low
Treek Low - 14 dager siden
Skillz...what happened with the career modes again:(
Zachary Storey
Zachary Storey - 14 dager siden
You could always get an icon cdm play him cb and switch him and marquinhous in game bc marquinhous is an acc good cb
Enrique Piedra
Enrique Piedra - 14 dager siden
Put Luis figo for cancelo
twitter okJetzy
twitter okJetzy - 14 dager siden
88 Clarence Seedorf is really good he is like a better Renato in my opinion
zBrightt - 14 dager siden
Just packed mid lahm in a base or mid icon pack big dub
Diego's Compilations
Diego's Compilations - 14 dager siden
i got messi on the third upgrade
Toe Sucker2000
Toe Sucker2000 - 14 dager siden
“35+12=42” skillz 2021
Camora LEBT
Camora LEBT - 14 dager siden
3:45 C.R
L.ossian 99
L.ossian 99 - 14 dager siden
Keep the formation and ingame play marquinhos at cb with your midfield as tav and sanchez
wade K
wade K - 14 dager siden
I packed future starts camavinga in my first player pick pack😁🤣 watch it lollll
Tony Carducci
Tony Carducci - 14 dager siden
Fabingo hahahaha
Hector Tornez
Hector Tornez - 14 dager siden
Bro i had already finished playing for the week then out of nowhere I pack future stars Camavinga and Neymar in my 85+ 2 player pack 🤣
Arnór Elí Stefánsson
Arnór Elí Stefánsson - 14 dager siden
Honestly how many people have gotten lunin from these player picks?
James 21
James 21 - 14 dager siden
Buy matthaus, start him as cb and put him in the midfield after minute 1
sanjeev aromal
sanjeev aromal - 14 dager siden
ajay ryan
ajay ryan - 14 dager siden
get baby matthaues
Max 123
Max 123 - 14 dager siden
Skillz if you sell renato sanches and mbappe you might be able to buy the big renato
cooooolkid9000 - 14 dager siden
Ofcourse you did because you're red listed for promoting this diabolical money pit of a game
Titusz Tkalcsec
Titusz Tkalcsec - 14 dager siden
we will get iconswaps2 this week
Sam Storrs
Sam Storrs - 14 dager siden
GG, AA9, I got Messi in the 80+
NICXXO-11 - 14 dager siden
Where is the real madrid career mode??
Bossplayer1905 - 14 dager siden
Buy Matthäus CB and Switch him in game to CM
ao gocrazy
ao gocrazy - 14 dager siden
I just noticed that khedira plays for hertha Berlin
Osmin Longoria
Osmin Longoria - 14 dager siden
Use your blue Ronaldo and sell your current one