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Runtime: 12:55


Relaxing and relaxing
Relaxing and relaxing - Dag siden
Why u so shitt on fifa?😂😂no skill no nothing, only possesion
Angel Padilla
Angel Padilla - 8 dager siden
Need some more Curtis Jones game play and review
TTV Calvingri
TTV Calvingri - 9 dager siden
He say rtg me looks at his fifa points
Mathias Hansen
Mathias Hansen - 10 dager siden
If u want to get more balanced in defend, u just need to only take overlap on the wings, and not join attack , that have helped me a lot in offensive and defensive gameplay.
Alex Williams
Alex Williams - 10 dager siden
I’m the 240th comment
Jai Newsham
Jai Newsham - 10 dager siden
Manny tryna not show his tactics everyone ends up copying him
Chaz - 10 dager siden
5 back = small peen. Community of small peens
Ishaan Talwar
Ishaan Talwar - 10 dager siden
Yes Sir
Yes Sir - 10 dager siden
Your not an RTG I don’t care
Krrish Patel
Krrish Patel - 11 dager siden
im using the complexity kit, sick colours, and it aa9's team
Pele Molyneaux
Pele Molyneaux - 11 dager siden
You should of done Rooney instead of jones
Lurkin indrej
Lurkin indrej - 11 dager siden
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FatySimulator - 11 dager siden
I feel like Skillz purposely says names wrong in purpose😂
FatySimulator - 11 dager siden
@reis III just in general he literally pronounces 6/10 players names wrong. It’s so funny
reis III
reis III - 11 dager siden
Like who?
FatySimulator - 11 dager siden
Keep it up Skillz
reza 72292
reza 72292 - 11 dager siden
Why can't you pronounce anything man?that's worrying
FernandoBlas9 - 11 dager siden
You still wont get top 100 your wash homie.. was a good run gg
Angel Torres
Angel Torres - 11 dager siden
If you want another attacker put Dybala where Jones is so Dybala and Ronaldo are on full chem and you can play the 5-2-1-2
Brian Luna
Brian Luna - 11 dager siden
Do squad rates plz
Brian Luna
Brian Luna - 11 dager siden
Can you rate squads
Samuel Escamilla
Samuel Escamilla - 11 dager siden
Try 3-5-2 instead of 5back then
Dingo Nuts
Dingo Nuts - 11 dager siden
Your rtg is silly skills you have the pro ability to come top 100 come gold 3 on purpose then build a team and see how hard it is
Hesus Jeue
Hesus Jeue - 11 dager siden
Broken Things
Broken Things - 11 dager siden
Just got Renaldo I'm coming 4 u my dude... eventually 🤣
osephton1993 - 11 dager siden
Play Sanchez LCam ronaldo STriker and Bruno RCam and everyone will be 10 chem
OpenThrees - 11 dager siden
Hey brother great video! I think you should pick up Kamara over Roberto Carlos
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 11 dager siden
Good video
Ant Wan
Ant Wan - 11 dager siden
RRuben or bRRuno?
Huncho Gaming
Huncho Gaming - 11 dager siden
subscribe for fifa content
Daniel Davydov
Daniel Davydov - 11 dager siden
Selll mbapae and get a infrom Bruno or headliner Bruno
Chench14 JP
Chench14 JP - 11 dager siden
Do it for the boyyys💯💯💯💯💯
Gonçalo Loureiro
Gonçalo Loureiro - 11 dager siden
is curtis jones worth it ?
Vlood Vrethren
Vlood Vrethren - 11 dager siden
Mans only has two attackers holy
Brillian Tran
Brillian Tran - 11 dager siden
Playing same format with Dest at the Center CM. Man does he piss people off.
Tashlin Naidoo
Tashlin Naidoo - 11 dager siden
Please show us custom tactics bro
Gustavo Matiaz
Gustavo Matiaz - 11 dager siden
get Freeze Casemiro, and get mendy back. Casemiro an absolute unit, in a good way lol
Mathu - 11 dager siden
Get saka soon
Darren Powis
Darren Powis - 11 dager siden
Skills you talk about Bruno but I would 100 like you to try fut freeze bernardo silva he is insane
Hagi - 11 dager siden
Eyy please play a match against RBLZ_Anders
El Pee Pee Grande
El Pee Pee Grande - 11 dager siden
You should try the new depay
Alex Giron
Alex Giron - 11 dager siden
Skillz mate you change your team every 2 hours 🤣 love it
עוז אוהבי
עוז אוהבי - 11 dager siden
maybe in the attacking cm use rooney. he is beastttttt
Team Panda
Team Panda - 11 dager siden
Fun fact: i dont even have the players to do the sbc
Grant Gilligan
Grant Gilligan - 11 dager siden
damn i got the same two CDMs...its OP
Max Jauregui
Max Jauregui - 11 dager siden
Save coins and get Toty KDB
Daniel Moreira Huertas
Daniel Moreira Huertas - 11 dager siden
RRRRRRuben Dias/BRRRRuno hahahahahahhaa hilarious
Nils P.
Nils P. - 11 dager siden
EOAE Rooney would fit perfect for jones
Webb Playford
Webb Playford - 11 dager siden
4-5-1 attack is my fav formation you have 5 attackers and like 4 or 5 to defend
Reality CDG
Reality CDG - 11 dager siden
You have 1 attacking and 4 midfielders
Angel Corona
Angel Corona - 11 dager siden
Bro what happened to the drafts 😭
Chris Muscolino
Chris Muscolino - 11 dager siden
Enjoy you bro , quick question what are your camera settings ?
Alex Valenzuela
Alex Valenzuela - 11 dager siden
Why is he still rockin 82 renato sanches he could play way better cards by now hes had him since the beginning switch tf up skillz u pissin me off
shea murphy
shea murphy - 11 dager siden
skillz i’ve been watching you since fifa 16, you make me so happy :) keep it up
Rashaad Cox
Rashaad Cox - 11 dager siden
Thats a man city's formation
Zenix - 11 dager siden
Let’s do a quick fun challenge.
Let’s see how many subs I can get in 48 hours.
My twitch is zenixfifa81 BTW
ugubgy - 11 dager siden
ugubgy - 11 dager siden
Willia. Mbazira
Willia. Mbazira - 11 dager siden
Love it when he says,,Whtas up guys its ya boy AA9Skillz Back with another youtube video,,❤❤😘
Revanchist806 - 11 dager siden
Why are you playing Marquinhos as your wide attacking CM over Jones?
cringe phobia
cringe phobia - 11 dager siden
Lmao 400k for that shitty Jones ahahah
martin losada
martin losada - 11 dager siden
What do you Think is the main difference between 82 Renato Sanches and 84 Renato sanches?
trevor panda
trevor panda - 11 dager siden
I finished BRuno Guimaraes with 2 mins left!!!!
Lachlan Taylor
Lachlan Taylor - 11 dager siden
You should get Wayne Rooney to replace Jones
Ian Mckinlay
Ian Mckinlay - 11 dager siden
Isn't an RTG where you dont buy fifa points? 👀👀
Abo Mohammed Al Dajal
Abo Mohammed Al Dajal - 11 dager siden
Need help would be much appreciated
Have 1 million ( can make more)
Untradable all
Lewa toty 98
Cr7 92
Mbappe 90
Baby cantona 88
Laporte rule breakers 88
Curtis Jones future stars 88
Need someone to help me build a team
Benjamin Rouse
Benjamin Rouse - 11 dager siden
Deniz Mert Margılıç
Deniz Mert Margılıç - 11 dager siden
Rooney would be better than Jones as the attacking cm and would get the same chem
Tg Elite fc
Tg Elite fc - 11 dager siden
Next video be like... I RAGE SOLD MY TEAM AGAIN
Demetrius DeMammos
Demetrius DeMammos - 11 dager siden
Fr man
Jake Lloyd
Jake Lloyd - 11 dager siden
Why we still on 1.98 mill 🤷‍♂️
johnjambo1 - 11 dager siden
Why does the rtg have fifa points? Even if it's only 200 points?
Hmmm Fc
Hmmm Fc - 11 dager siden
Last year he used this account as a draft account, and now it’s his rtg account
Norman SG
Norman SG - 11 dager siden
Curtis Jones just scored a curler goal and he made it to the team? Super overrated
Xzxzxzxxzxxzxz Klklklklklkl
Xzxzxzxxzxxzxz Klklklklklkl - 11 dager siden
Ibarbo Fn
Ibarbo Fn - 11 dager siden
Jones or Renato who better
vKaminski - 11 dager siden
Me in a 442 with potm bruno and freeze bobby 😄😏
CJ23 gaming
CJ23 gaming - 11 dager siden
Someone watched runthefut 🙈
DuckInTheMud 10
DuckInTheMud 10 - 11 dager siden
Skillz u have wayyy too many defensive players
I suggest getting rid of Marquinhos and get more of an attacking cm
King_gunny_p - 11 dager siden
I just packed prime Ronald koeman on my rtg
Rowan Hirsh
Rowan Hirsh - 11 dager siden
Sell mbappe and get potm Bruno
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob - 11 dager siden
Aa9skills ur the only YouTube with my play style. I love watching your vids
Max Martin
Max Martin - 11 dager siden
5 back is still a sweaty ass formation dawg.
Mūşťâfã _
Mūşťâfã _ - 11 dager siden
Does anybody know what camera angle he plays on?
Gassonnn - 11 dager siden
Curtis Jones or Kante in a 442(2) I need to know quick time (kante in 8 chem)
Anshuman Krishnan
Anshuman Krishnan - 11 dager siden
Mohammed Haider
Mohammed Haider - 11 dager siden
Do a custom tactics vid plz
Rhys Owens
Rhys Owens - 11 dager siden
Say the names right instead of putting that tonge thing in man
Deepesh Kumar Pandey
Deepesh Kumar Pandey - 11 dager siden
Does it matter? No
Chris Vergara
Chris Vergara - 11 dager siden
"I have no one on stay back "
"I only have renato on stay back "
"Marquinhos and renato are on stay back"
Emilio Mendoza
Emilio Mendoza - 10 dager siden
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez - 11 dager siden
Ronney for Jones
Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Saad - 11 dager siden
Should I do him or wayne Rooney can you help please?
CJ23 gaming
CJ23 gaming - 11 dager siden
Rayne wooney is better
Call of Gaming
Call of Gaming - 12 dager siden
Try 87 Dembele he's a beast for me
Zein Ahmed
Zein Ahmed - 12 dager siden
Stupid u could have done rooney instead of jones he would play on full chem and he’s way better
Daniel Shrem
Daniel Shrem - 12 dager siden
Bring bruno fernandes over marquinhos and switch between him and renato
Aj Wilkinson
Aj Wilkinson - 12 dager siden
5-3-2 Is ridiculous
Max Millions
Max Millions - 12 dager siden
Love it how aa9skillz says Ruben
Well L
Well L - 12 dager siden
“The way I’m built “. Skillz just built different I guess😂
John Johnstone
John Johnstone - 12 dager siden
Anyone know his camera settings ?
Ruben Jansen
Ruben Jansen - 12 dager siden
Why don't you try to use the new Rooney where you are using Jones?
lil sni9pe
lil sni9pe - 12 dager siden
rooney is better than jones?
Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith - 12 dager siden
532 is the rat tactic
GG-Fortnite - 12 dager siden
I love your intros 😅
Aadam Amjad
Aadam Amjad - 12 dager siden
Patrick Gianni
Patrick Gianni - 12 dager siden
Bro love your vids but it’s the fourth video in a row about the 532 we understand play however you want dude, love the vids 💪🏻
Berin Rustemi
Berin Rustemi - 12 dager siden
Disliked as soon as i heard 5-3-2
Maicol Hernandez
Maicol Hernandez - 12 dager siden
Sounds like you don’t know how to play the 5-3-2 lol, if you get counter on it
Dan Th3man
Dan Th3man - 12 dager siden
Rationalise it however u like. If u play a 5 back, ur a rat 😂