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Runtime: 13:23


Gonzalez 458
Gonzalez 458 - 14 dager siden
Bruno is cracked
Lucas Hansen
Lucas Hansen - 14 dager siden
I cant be the only one that thinks he talks faster than flash runs
Corey Blakee
Corey Blakee - 16 dager siden
I haven’t done this yet but now he’s saying he’s a goat I’m tempted lol..
MICKY D - 16 dager siden
Where is ur pro clubs channel
Carter CLARKE - 17 dager siden
What is your camera setting ?
Jonathan Patterson
Jonathan Patterson - 17 dager siden
Bruh what happened to career mode 😭
H Bass
H Bass - 17 dager siden
I have played teen games with him
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan - 17 dager siden
With those players around your team I am sure any player would be good
xSILENT_KILLER12 - 17 dager siden
Kobi Geer
Kobi Geer - 17 dager siden
2:40 you good skillz
Mohammed Haider
Mohammed Haider - 18 dager siden
Do a custom tactics vid plz
Always talk Wrestling
Always talk Wrestling - 18 dager siden
Kind of a dud event imo. Half the players don’t deserve the cards. Where is Saka, Bellingham, gravenberch etc. reyna is over priced imo. Instead of Reece use tavernier
Camacinga is gullit
Kulusevski is good
Barnes is just Barnes might is well do Rooney
Lunin is so overpriced
I thought we would’ve got nketiah
Bergwijn shouldn’t hv got one
So unrealistic
Hope team 2 is good
Where is the objective that we build up to ??
Always talk Wrestling
Always talk Wrestling - 18 dager siden
Other than isak or dalot or lunin I can’t afford anyone 😂
Joe Edwards
Joe Edwards - 18 dager siden
A packed iska but put him in Bruno cause a packed mbappe and neymar
Fabien JRM
Fabien JRM - 18 dager siden
2:39 Skillz rapping
Birdy Lowks21
Birdy Lowks21 - 18 dager siden
Is anyone else having an issue with the u23 objectives? I have 6 players in my starting 11 that are 23 or under but it doesn’t count towards the objective
MJ - 17 dager siden
They have to be from the list which is on the game menu. Not just any random under 23 card.
Nigel Gauci
Nigel Gauci - 18 dager siden
AA9skillz i got banned from the transfer market for trading can you help me
Camilo J
Camilo J - 18 dager siden
Can you please do a vid with the gio Reyna card I want to see my favorite fifa YouTuber with my favorite card
שגיא שי
שגיא שי - 18 dager siden
Camavinga is better for your team
greatest human alive
greatest human alive - 18 dager siden
ItsHyper - 18 dager siden
Skillz why don't you make up nicknames for everybody instead of trying to pronounce their names ? Ed sheeran 😂
lew 00
lew 00 - 18 dager siden
Bloonoo? Think you mean bruno
KhayPlayz - 18 dager siden
First pack of the month I got isak
Aaron Rodas
Aaron Rodas - 18 dager siden
Jesus christ he had a stroke when it came to that juve future stars card
EJR - 18 dager siden
Its funny how skills says guimareas name perfext bit kulusevski he struggels..
Jack.Bailey7 - 18 dager siden
Anyone want to bless me with some coins please 🥺
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 18 dager siden
Good video
Eamaan Afzal
Eamaan Afzal - 18 dager siden
If u wanna get cr7 on 10 chem change the manager to serie a league and keep him as nuno but serie a
Gabriel Dupin
Gabriel Dupin - 18 dager siden
We want more gameplayyy
blaze - 18 dager siden
everyone: Bruno
Skillz: Brunu
StevenMarz - 18 dager siden
I have freeze marquinos and he was great but he was gassed by extra time so I always had to sub him out for klaiber. So far Bruno is great for me with the extra stamina he has.
Dan Shipton
Dan Shipton - 18 dager siden
Plz do more game play
Fernando Arriaga
Fernando Arriaga - 18 dager siden
Take brunoooo
Mr. Sleeps
Mr. Sleeps - 18 dager siden
I always have my volume low when I watch Skills😂
snowcloud - 18 dager siden
I used this today to get 250kCoins" 𝗙𝗜𝗙𝗔𝗫𝗖𝗢𝗜𝗡.𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘
it worksI pretty well'

ପଏଣ୍ଟ ପେଏନା ନଦୀ ସମୁଦ୍ର |ଣ୍ଟିଂ ସ୍କାଏ ନଦୀ ସମୁଦ୍ର
Georushi Tabanoguu
Georushi Tabanoguu - 18 dager siden
I used this today to get 250kCoins" 𝗙𝗜𝗙𝗔𝗫𝗖𝗢𝗜𝗡.𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗘
it worksI pretty well'

ପଏଣ୍ଟ ପେଏନା ନଦୀ ସମୁଦ୍ର |ଣ୍ଟିଂ ସ୍କାଏ ନଦୀ ସମୁଦ୍ର
Brave Knight
Brave Knight - 18 dager siden
the indian text just made me not wanna click that
jean michel setze
jean michel setze - 18 dager siden
skillz i hope you and your family stay safe
koukiking2008 - 18 dager siden
at this point we are all goats and that’s fax
Imani Ebony
Imani Ebony - 18 dager siden
Guti Dg
Guti Dg - 18 dager siden
Bro what is this game 10:24 - 10-28
Zone Vortex
Zone Vortex - 18 dager siden
I have both Marquinhos CDM and Guimares 87 CDM and they’re both insane
Soheil Mashali
Soheil Mashali - 18 dager siden
Same bro lol
Yic East1
Yic East1 - 18 dager siden
That stutter was MADDD
Gul Ali
Gul Ali - 18 dager siden
u cant pronounce kulusevski but u can pronounce guimaraes haha oki?
BEN Vuitton
BEN Vuitton - 18 dager siden
This was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Huzaifah Patel
Huzaifah Patel - 18 dager siden
Man You actually need to go school again naaa man kulusevski is sooo easy to say
Sonny Rea
Sonny Rea - 18 dager siden
2:39 me after getting caught in the skl toilets
rakhilraj 101
rakhilraj 101 - 18 dager siden
2:39 wtf ? What are on about ?
callum weir
callum weir - 18 dager siden
Yo skillz do the moments Tonali objective. Check his stats and he’s easy to do
ijilji - 18 dager siden
You speak to fast it’s intolerable please stop
DROPKICK NANZ - 18 dager siden
Man gotta try our Hungarian superstar Szoboszlai.
Nathan Draycott
Nathan Draycott - 18 dager siden
So close to 2 milli now bro , keep up the awesome content 👊❤
Hashim Syed
Hashim Syed - 18 dager siden
2:39 man was sitting on a vibrating chair
Ali - 18 dager siden
can some1 tell me why his camera in-game is so wierd
Hashim Syed
Hashim Syed - 18 dager siden
Bro u cant speak proprerly like did u even go school
game blaster32
game blaster32 - 18 dager siden
And can't you write properly? like did you even go to school
Hector Tapia
Hector Tapia - 18 dager siden
Daniel - 18 dager siden
2:38 why he struggle😭
BELIKEALEX - 18 dager siden
Get Lunin in goal bro he’s insane
BELIKEALEX - 18 dager siden
Love from Kulus home country🇸🇪
Isaac Chica
Isaac Chica - 18 dager siden
Skillz rlly can’t read names
Fifa 21 content
Fifa 21 content - 18 dager siden
Aye I’m 5 hours late but I had personal problems with my girlfriend but this is gonna cheer me up
Jim Ritner
Jim Ritner - 18 dager siden
Skills with the classic pump n dump
Soham Kakar
Soham Kakar - 18 dager siden
I am thinking of doing the Bruno sbc for cb on 8 chem is that a good idea or is tonali player moments on 8 chem a better cb?
tjk yems
tjk yems - 18 dager siden
You talk too much for a grown man. I also disliked because your content is boring
asap _vxn
asap _vxn - 18 dager siden
Man skillz chocked to A silver 3 player😅
Harrisfootball 98
Harrisfootball 98 - 18 dager siden
You didn’t put a chem style on Isak
Nabil Chowdhury
Nabil Chowdhury - 18 dager siden
everyone is a GOAT to Skillz
André Ventura
André Ventura - 18 dager siden
Sporting in 1
Scorpion Plays
Scorpion Plays - 18 dager siden
For reference, in Swedish the “I” is pronounced like E. So it’s pronounced like “Esak”
Scorpion Plays
Scorpion Plays - 18 dager siden
@Semko please explain then since you seem to know better
Semko - 18 dager siden
No its not
Armaan Mahmood
Armaan Mahmood - 18 dager siden
Aa9 is the goat man
Jordy The Menace
Jordy The Menace - 18 dager siden
Get camaivnga yo! Dude card looks like a mini guilit
A_w - 18 dager siden
Mini? Got better stats than baby and mid
Jake Dalton
Jake Dalton - 18 dager siden
Skills plays 10 games with a player goat goat 2 days later hes gone haha
Connor mcguirk
Connor mcguirk - 18 dager siden
2:39 he has a seizure
TADW 15 - 18 dager siden
Do you even know what goat means?
jo 7
jo 7 - 18 dager siden
why does he put bonzes for subs ?
Alexandre Constantakakos
Alexandre Constantakakos - 18 dager siden
I just destroyed you 4-0 to fut champion... Spartans FC "300". Nice rage quite ... I got all the proof "pictures and videos". You're so funny. Stay underground ;)
Matt Athey
Matt Athey - 18 dager siden
Show me, post it on ur yt
Mario Solache
Mario Solache - 18 dager siden
does anyone skills tactics ?
Rodolfo Alvarez
Rodolfo Alvarez - 18 dager siden
if you put bruno at striker you can play cuadrado as a rwb in RW and he will be on 7 and ronaldo will be on 10 and bruno will be on 10
Jonas Björn
Jonas Björn - 18 dager siden
Can you do a Napoli career mode in honor of Diego Maradona ?
Cameron Hendrickson
Cameron Hendrickson - 18 dager siden
That isak card is so deadly in front of goal
Michal - 18 dager siden
Agree on marquinos can’t stand him
For3ign _A11
For3ign _A11 - 18 dager siden
Says he’s not capping when his team name is cap😅😅😅
Mert S.
Mert S. - 18 dager siden
raydn23 - 18 dager siden
I too like him better than Marquinhos and that’s saying something. Love that freeze card still.
Admir Bektic
Admir Bektic - 18 dager siden
I got you skillz here say it after me kulu-shev-ski now you can say it
Brillian Tran
Brillian Tran - 18 dager siden
Gosens is similar for me. Glad i bought him at 90k lmfao, now he’s instinct!
Alan Alcala
Alan Alcala - 19 dager siden
He not as cute as version 1 tho🥰
fifa maniac
fifa maniac - 19 dager siden
Swapping over to xbox series x tonight from ps. Gonna have to grind out a new account. Wish me luck 😂
s.a - 19 dager siden
to get bruno on 10 chem: 4-4-2 bruno left st, Cruyff right st, Neymar lm, mbappe left cm, sanches if right cm, Ronaldo flashback rm, mendy, varane, Ferdinand and cancelo or Tavernier. you would have to get rid off either tavernier or cancelo
TrickificHd - 19 dager siden
Yall already know the boy greenwood card is gonna be insane
Charlie Matthews
Charlie Matthews - 19 dager siden
3 mins in he thinks gullit is a toty!
Sayuren Padiyachy
Sayuren Padiyachy - 19 dager siden
When are you going to career mode again
One_Thunder_Gamer - 19 dager siden
OP midfielder? It had to be bruno
xYOUTUBE-BELGIUM - 19 dager siden
can this guy say on name good on this game my god haha
Kasey Valentine
Kasey Valentine - 19 dager siden
Yes big boy
Lyon - 19 dager siden
Honestly you should do rooney because he can play from cm-st and all the positions between that. Hes very meta aswell
Fanis Parma
Fanis Parma - 19 dager siden
Bro how tf cant he spell names? Start syllable by syllable and eventually you'll get there... KU LU SEV SKI
Peter Masoud
Peter Masoud - 19 dager siden
When you notice someone is stupid. It means their super stupid
BRIAN Sudi - 19 dager siden
I packed 3 future stars in a mega pack
Julian Gomez
Julian Gomez - 19 dager siden
I hate Cédric for Arsenal all he does is make terrible passes and kicks the ball off the pitch.
Jodie Hall
Jodie Hall - 19 dager siden
I hope everyone who is reading this comment has a incredible day 🙏🏼