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Runtime: 13:02


Skyren Films
Skyren Films - Dag siden
Yo man I respect you listening to Linkin Park and I usually listen to them when I play Weekend League to so that's good to hear man
Bennettd - 13 dager siden
I miss when you used Musa in fifa 17
Mathias Caron
Mathias Caron - 15 dager siden
Does puttin bronze players on the bench give u lower rated opponents ? If not , please explain 2 me why u would put 4 bronzes on the bench 👀
madzzz - 16 dager siden
the only reason youtubers finish wl games well is cause you guys have money i hate to say it, some of us here with dead internet with awful monitors and really bad set ups and obviously some people have school and i think its not fair
Rouka - 16 dager siden
I had my second ever weekend league and I wanted to get silver 2 I thought that’s good for second weekend league ever I was losing and I took a break and then I started winning a lot of games and I was in silver 1 with 6 games left I won 2 games I only had. 4 games to get one win so I can get gold 3 and I lost all 3 I was so excited and I panicked
Gary Cheyne
Gary Cheyne - 16 dager siden
The amount of mistakes you made on your commentary is remarkable 😂
heet patel
heet patel - 16 dager siden
How does he shoot directly into the goal from a weird angle....what kind of shot is that
Nathan Edouard
Nathan Edouard - 16 dager siden
What is his camera angle
Jacob Schneider
Jacob Schneider - 17 dager siden
Is it really a Road to Glory
Luis Plays
Luis Plays - 17 dager siden
Bro skillz be over reacting kinda cringe lmao
Hugo Bodin
Hugo Bodin - 17 dager siden
Still remember When you Always won division 1 With walcott, sterling and salah
Tsunami Papi
Tsunami Papi - 17 dager siden
When I watch his videos I have to turn my phone volume so low it’s almost muted cause his mic is ridiculously loud asf😂
Tylo - 17 dager siden
Skillz I reckon you should start a benfica career mode, I think they would be sick
Victor Lezama
Victor Lezama - 17 dager siden
I didn’t really watch the old school RTG but I use to watch skills back when he use to play career mode specifically on loan at Huesca , I don’t remember which fifa tho lol
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia - 17 dager siden
I never understood why he has bronze in his subs??
Gustavo Padilla
Gustavo Padilla - 17 dager siden
I’ll get to a point where I feel I’m improving a lot , I start climbing divisions then I hit rock bottom and that shit discourages me , any tips of why this happens
Peb _
Peb _ - 17 dager siden
Just for fun maybe try out the future star lunin
Silence Mars
Silence Mars - 17 dager siden
AA9, if you see this, listen to Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, etc. You'll like it, especially free bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd!
Omar Ramirez-Serrano
Omar Ramirez-Serrano - 17 dager siden
Big fan AA9!!!
but I want all the smoke play me or anyone in this chat play me as well.
Cameron - 17 dager siden
You an OG if you remember skillz running the 4-3-2-1 with IF Carrasco at LF... man was a beast back then
Samoos _
Samoos _ - 17 dager siden
Try future stars bergwijn at striker, he is insane
Shakib Rahman
Shakib Rahman - 17 dager siden
Please reply to this double a 9 skillz and can someone give me a tip on how to get better players
Trump304 - 17 dager siden
Is it just me that thinks he’s doing facial expressions for the camera and not actually saying anything? Lmao
NotGabz - 17 dager siden
Eyo skills i just openned the 85 + upgrade and got future stars lunin and a ucl ronaldo, my first big pull this year
Jayson Prajapati
Jayson Prajapati - 17 dager siden
Bro your HARDWORK is beyond me..Hats off my dude !!
mason hunt
mason hunt - 17 dager siden
2017: sonaldo and walcott
Kasim Bilal
Kasim Bilal - 17 dager siden
i missed these type of vids from skillz i had so much fun watching this
FatySimulator - 17 dager siden
Keep up the great work
charlie robinson
charlie robinson - 17 dager siden
Still here from the og player career series , u should do one again
A1 Ronz
A1 Ronz - 17 dager siden
Loved the Fifa 17 RTG ✌🏾
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 17 dager siden
Good video
C7L - 17 dager siden
i made a video on why toty was so bad lmao
Liam Azam
Liam Azam - 17 dager siden
Bro u get too overhyped
Dawn Copley
Dawn Copley - 17 dager siden
Please upload more career mode
not jj
not jj - 17 dager siden
skillz do this more , i enjoyed it
Harry Woolhouse
Harry Woolhouse - 17 dager siden
I just packed cr7 pog
Gurasish Sidhu
Gurasish Sidhu - 17 dager siden
Keep the toty messi
Alberto Staicu
Alberto Staicu - 17 dager siden
Let's get that top 200!!
trappstar luis
trappstar luis - 17 dager siden
skillz come back to career mode bro u left us in the dust unbelievable
Teodor Jausovec
Teodor Jausovec - 17 dager siden
Ur still my favorite
Teodor Jausovec
Teodor Jausovec - 17 dager siden
Im sorry man for the last stream chat was so toxic
Brian Alexiev
Brian Alexiev - 17 dager siden
You should use oblak in goal he makes a lot of great saves
RevolutionsHD - 17 dager siden
This guy drinking all that water 👀 Man's taking care of himself! You a beast Skills!
Josue A. Guerrero E.
Josue A. Guerrero E. - 17 dager siden
Old school 🔥🔥💯👏
Rogelio Galvan
Rogelio Galvan - 17 dager siden
Hey Believe me yo neeeed to change lloris you have red pope and he is the big beast
κωσταντινος παπαδοπουλος
Can anyone tell me what’s my boy’s camera settings ?
Benjamin Danylchuk
Benjamin Danylchuk - 17 dager siden
Who else watched skillz 1v1 that dude last night
Pasha Litvak
Pasha Litvak - 17 dager siden
we at 2350, so almost 2340. (Improving)
Daniel Forsman
Daniel Forsman - 17 dager siden
What do you think about the most recent patch?
M477H3W - 17 dager siden
S. Mo
S. Mo - 17 dager siden
Who tfs cr6?
S. Mo
S. Mo - 17 dager siden
Skills listen to some UK music whilst playing
Zakk Khan
Zakk Khan - 17 dager siden
Early in the morning my brother skillz hit different yo
Gustav Bronnum
Gustav Bronnum - 17 dager siden
Harry Grant
Harry Grant - 17 dager siden
Started watching in 2017 when he was doing an RTG that was only going to last a month I think it was in January but he ended up keeping it going and now here we are, my favourite fifa series and my favourite fifa YouTuber
Mogau Ngoatje
Mogau Ngoatje - 17 dager siden
Love the old school videos
prexzone - 17 dager siden
That Messi is a beast.
Aaron - 17 dager siden
finally some appreciation for messi in fifa 2021
Youssef Ouassine
Youssef Ouassine - 17 dager siden
Oldscool wallcott days 🥺
Makimi fanai Fanai
Makimi fanai Fanai - 17 dager siden
Bro what about the career mode

Please make a video again
Lawrence - 17 dager siden
we lost rob
Dan Shipton
Dan Shipton - 17 dager siden
Plz do this more I loved the way u used to
shaun game
shaun game - 17 dager siden
Hi bro thank GOD more than us ok bro GOD bless
feranmi olaleye
feranmi olaleye - 17 dager siden
Who else knows that skillz is still going to choke
OF Nate
OF Nate - 17 dager siden
Skilz with the passion
Bryan Sousa
Bryan Sousa - 17 dager siden
Your math and numbers are so brutal it’s crazy lololol still love you
Sceptre - 17 dager siden
I lost 4-8 in the draft and I had 19 shots so I feel your pain
ameenscran - 17 dager siden
Fifa 17 gang where yall at
kevone j
kevone j - 17 dager siden
Hey skills what’s your tactics for the 4411 bro, been struggling to find a formation
Tristan Boyce Jordan
Tristan Boyce Jordan - 17 dager siden
Skillz got me from div 10 last year on fifa 20 to div 4 and nearly div 3 in fifa 21 because of him
Jacob Bryld
Jacob Bryld - 17 dager siden
you are celebrating like your family just survived a plane crash. its just a game bro chill. you are infront 6-0 and still celebrate like an animal like chill
Aziz Albarrak
Aziz Albarrak - 17 dager siden
skillz I don't think you know that bronze benching dose not effect the teams you match up against so you're just putting yourself at a disadvantage
Abdalla Abdelmagid
Abdalla Abdelmagid - 17 dager siden
he made so many mistakes in the commentary. lmao skillz needs some rest
S. Mo
S. Mo - 17 dager siden
He always does i swear😂
Curls For The Girls
Curls For The Girls - 17 dager siden
I feel it's less of a skill gap than fifa 20
Hassan Eldadoun
Hassan Eldadoun - 17 dager siden
Really nice content ❤
Abdelrahman Tarek
Abdelrahman Tarek - 17 dager siden
please make a vid on inform salah
Anissa Amrani
Anissa Amrani - 17 dager siden
Hos here in 2024
nithing nothing
nithing nothing - 17 dager siden
I wish I had his account
RP - 17 dager siden
Skill move cancels are a game changer skillz, give them a go!
Mustafa Kerem Dayangaç
Mustafa Kerem Dayangaç - 17 dager siden
you know he is serious about the rtg when he plays it off stream
KingAfrica - 17 dager siden
He always plays off stream on the rtg
Cupid's Mercenary
Cupid's Mercenary - 17 dager siden
Nearly at 2 million subs VAMOS!
James Weir
James Weir - 17 dager siden
Well done my man your true fans love what you do ❤️
Sam Gold
Sam Gold - 18 dager siden
Skillz u should go on squad builder showdown would be mad
Sebastian Thürmer
Sebastian Thürmer - 18 dager siden
Hey now u can play Messi with FS-Dest
Sindre Walle Egeli
Sindre Walle Egeli - 18 dager siden
You have such a boring team
David Kwok
David Kwok - 18 dager siden
People who remember the red 84 Theo walcott 🤩
Gabriel Dupin
Gabriel Dupin - 18 dager siden
Please continue with this videos of gameplay and background comments. I don’t wanna watch the menu
lightsaber1000 - 18 dager siden
The ogs from fifa 17 remember the OG goat Walcott
AverageJordan - 18 dager siden
Only real ones remember the Columbus Crew kits and big boy Henry!!
Eddie Easton
Eddie Easton - 8 dager siden
AjaxDre Onsoranje
AjaxDre Onsoranje - 16 dager siden
And the DC United badge
Daniel 67
Daniel 67 - 17 dager siden
That kit was so expensive, probably because of him hahah
Anna Pearson
Anna Pearson - 18 dager siden
Been watching since fifa 17 loved that series and this one
Elijah Grass
Elijah Grass - 18 dager siden
no way skillz called red ronaldo red messi
Ammar Yasin
Ammar Yasin - 18 dager siden
Twitch, if you know you know
Kent Roman
Kent Roman - 18 dager siden
Only content creators actually still
play this broken game 😂
Danger Zone
Danger Zone - 18 dager siden
2 day my birthday I love to start it off watching the rtg
Mathew Hirsch
Mathew Hirsch - 18 dager siden
4:29 lol
Gabrielle Luer
Gabrielle Luer - 18 dager siden
Who else has been waiting for a rage selling vid
ALvaro Costa
ALvaro Costa - 18 dager siden
cryuff 91 or eusebio 89
Muhammad Adam
Muhammad Adam - 18 dager siden
Anyone remember rob?
Samuel Escamilla
Samuel Escamilla - 18 dager siden
I work graveyard and I always wait till like 3-4 am waiting on these vids love it skillz keep it up btw Fabinho is a beast for me
Stone Cold
Stone Cold - 18 dager siden
Can someone tell me where this gameplay is streamed on I can’t find it anywhere on his twitch! I saw a fut champs with the pay team, fut grind on div rivals, podcast, patch stream and Wayne Rooney before that!
Stone Cold
Stone Cold - 17 dager siden
@Zack Dissem he doesn’t? 😭😭😭😭😭
Zack Dissem
Zack Dissem - 17 dager siden
he doesnt stream the RTG