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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
fifa 21 best team in fifa21
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Runtime: 17:53


Cemsid Bey
Cemsid Bey - 3 dager siden
34 games 90 assist?
FRB MASHHOORϞ - 17 dager siden
عمرو قاط
Eddie Lonergan
Eddie Lonergan - 21 dag siden
Iwl great content as usual but the loud chanting after scoring goals is actually quiet annoying and makes the video hard to watch
Plug Walk
Plug Walk - 22 dager siden
Why were you playing with FBCR7
Plug Walk
Plug Walk - 22 dager siden
U gota play guillit in st
Yola Boy
Yola Boy - 22 dager siden
Why does ppl put bronze players on their squad
Tha Beatboxer
Tha Beatboxer - 23 dager siden
Does anyone ever feel like he needs to calm down and slow his talking down because he can’t get his words out 90% of the time 😂
Ryan Mimnaugh
Ryan Mimnaugh - 23 dager siden
Is that not toty ronaldo why did u say flashback
EJ RPK - 23 dager siden
Dave Mcgrath
Dave Mcgrath - 23 dager siden
That is the most cheese thing ever in the last second
Guilty - 23 dager siden
Buy garrincha put Bruno where rashford is the put cr7 were Bruno is and put garrincha where cr7 is if that makes sense LIKE THIS BOYS TO MAKE SKILLZ SEE
Apple on GFUEL
Apple on GFUEL - 23 dager siden
alright, how much money did u spend on fifa points then...
Archie Dow
Archie Dow - 24 dager siden
Butra for herrro and IF Kanye for rashford
omer litvak
omer litvak - 24 dager siden
can we get some instructions for the 4411?
Emir Yalcin
Emir Yalcin - 24 dager siden
Skillz: I'm Banging
Me: With who
Matthew Earle
Matthew Earle - 24 dager siden
Need a cat on ramos
P G - 24 dager siden
It’s straight aids that people through pass down the wing they need to die in a hole
Boi Toy
Boi Toy - 24 dager siden
Only skillz gets untradeable puskas and doesn’t use him
Bulius Boi
Bulius Boi - 24 dager siden
batesons squad is better
Edison Matute-Salazar
Edison Matute-Salazar - 24 dager siden
Where is the toty Fernandes? Lol
Ali Gilani
Ali Gilani - 24 dager siden
Do more rtg videos
Jude Chacko
Jude Chacko - 24 dager siden
I think we’ve established that ‘remarkable’ is his favourite word
CRKD - 25 dager siden
Anyone know his camera settings?
Alfie Barton
Alfie Barton - 25 dager siden
Get the router ( xavi )
אברהם אקאל
אברהם אקאל - 25 dager siden
10:45 🤣🤣🤣
אברהם אקאל
אברהם אקאל - 25 dager siden
bring Capita instead of ATA
Jacob Wakefield
Jacob Wakefield - 25 dager siden
I know you only allowed to make 3 subs but having those bronzes on the bench is triggering me🤣🤣
James Grech
James Grech - 25 dager siden
Sam Mac
Sam Mac - 25 dager siden
Love skillz energy 😂
Varun Srivastava
Varun Srivastava - 25 dager siden
Bateson team is way better than urs
Josh Schroder
Josh Schroder - 25 dager siden
Get rid of rashford put bruno in Right CAM move CR7 to Right ST and put Puskas at Left striker so CR7 gets full chem and no trashford
Ricardo Zarak
Ricardo Zarak - 25 dager siden
Buy rashford Road to the final
Ahmed Yasser
Ahmed Yasser - 25 dager siden
Give Ronaldo his number please
Gabemeista - 25 dager siden
lim kx
lim kx - 25 dager siden
Why do you need rashford, any pl mid is enuff like toty kdb
Foys04 - 25 dager siden
Buy Prime Xavi For Hierro Hes Soo Good In Game
Set8sBait - 25 dager siden
Owen Dye
Owen Dye - 25 dager siden
Petition to make CR16, CR7 instead
Zaid Yt
Zaid Yt - 25 dager siden
13:11 LMAOOO his face
Joshua Worgan
Joshua Worgan - 25 dager siden
Can He PLEASE Stop Purposely St-St-Stuttering & Spit It Out. Coz Saying "And" 5 Times In The Space Of 2 Seconds Pisses Me Off ( As He Most Likely Intentionally Does It ) SO Please... St-Stop 🗣 ✚ 💬,💬,💬 = 😒
Joshua Worgan
Joshua Worgan - 25 dager siden
Stuttering And Repeating
Ayrton Nunez
Ayrton Nunez - 25 dager siden
Why not use Xavi A
at CDM ?
Isaac Lopera
Isaac Lopera - 25 dager siden
Connor Quilici
Connor Quilici - 25 dager siden
turn your settings to long ball and play how you do
Horten Vo
Horten Vo - 25 dager siden
Lmao i have toty cr7 he’s insaneeee nice seeing u enjoying him
Nathan Branstad
Nathan Branstad - 25 dager siden
I could be wrong but u could change the manager league to serie a to get another chemistry point on Ronaldo
Riley Hayman
Riley Hayman - 25 dager siden
Get xavi for hiero
King WZRD - 25 dager siden
After seeing the video i can confirm hes trying to be like harry hesketh😂😂😂😂
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 25 dager siden
Good video
Toby Hummerston
Toby Hummerston - 25 dager siden
When he he says “they have a good team” looking worried. Meanwhile he has 6 TOTY’s...
Fafi Sejas
Fafi Sejas - 25 dager siden
Exactly what I was saying the whole game lmao
SAFWAN M - 25 dager siden
13:00 🔥🐐
S. Mo
S. Mo - 25 dager siden
I love skills but everyone he gets summit wrong it p*sses me off 😂
Amado Marques
Amado Marques - 25 dager siden
U bullying people online with this team man 😅😅🤣 13:05
Diego Galindo
Diego Galindo - 25 dager siden
sell toty ronaldo, get sif Ronaldo and buy toty fernandes
Will11xt Yt
Will11xt Yt - 25 dager siden
6 toty
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen - 25 dager siden
Amr Hamid
Amr Hamid - 25 dager siden
Can you imagine dude I opened 36 pack I just got 1 walkout ! This game is trash
Jay Santillano
Jay Santillano - 25 dager siden
Not really a fan of these . Total pay to win but it’s content . I understand
Jonk Cuz
Jonk Cuz - 25 dager siden
This is the aa9 i love to see!!!
Farhat Bi
Farhat Bi - 25 dager siden
he actually failed school 6 toty
Christopher Cruces
Christopher Cruces - 25 dager siden
Buy xavi
Oscar ivan Hernandez
Oscar ivan Hernandez - 25 dager siden
you dirint gave messi a shot =(
stop that motion
stop that motion - 25 dager siden
Gid Malone
Gid Malone - 25 dager siden
When my brother tells me it’s his turn on the ps4 and he has been playing for 5 hours before 13:11
Sb Chocolate
Sb Chocolate - 25 dager siden
love your streams and vids good luck in everything man love you stay safe
FatySimulator - 25 dager siden
Keep up the great videos skillz
L Theun
L Theun - 25 dager siden
13:05 my boy Skills has the JOKER smile😈🤡😂😂
L Theun
L Theun - 25 dager siden
My boy skills has the JOKER smile😂😂😂🤡
KIROKING10 Kiro - 25 dager siden
Hunter on Lewangoalski... I would put catalyst
Nitty Nigel
Nitty Nigel - 25 dager siden
POV: you haven’t gone to full screen yet
Wouter Willems
Wouter Willems - 25 dager siden
Pleaaase make lewa CAM or switch manager league to bundesliga, so he is on 10 chem... Doesnt matter that much, I can’t stand it that he can be 10 easily 😂
Will11xt Yt
Will11xt Yt - 25 dager siden
Xavi in midfield instead of hiero
Matt Bates
Matt Bates - 25 dager siden
Imagine being him and losing with this squad fml
Pudseyx - FIFA 21 CONTENT
Pudseyx - FIFA 21 CONTENT - 25 dager siden
This team is insane! Going to give 4-4-1-1 ago and see what its like, could do with my wingers coming inside a little more so should be good, great video mate!!
shane smyth
shane smyth - 25 dager siden
AA9 is the nickmercs of fifa
ChickenNugg Life
ChickenNugg Life - 25 dager siden
Skillz, you can put Bruno at RAM and CR7 at RST with dybala at LST and move him to left mid
callum weir
callum weir - 25 dager siden
Skillz you can put Bruno at cam and then slide cr7 over and put any serie A or icon attacker you want
Bryan Caniz
Bryan Caniz - 25 dager siden
My man with the auto tune 😩😂
ASSNAL LOST? - 25 dager siden
Get xavi to play cdm
DIY DAD NOW AND THEN - 25 dager siden
Lewa looks insane
Elio Zhilla
Elio Zhilla - 25 dager siden
I wish I had this much fun while playing fifa 21
samuelaguiarpt - 25 dager siden
Adama a defesa esquerdo, Bruno a mco lado esquerdo, puskas a mdc a trancar o sergio ramos, ronaldo a pl como está, depois fica apenas a faltar o PL do lado direito.
Yaly Schreiber
Yaly Schreiber - 25 dager siden
Play puskas behind hierro
Pedro Ibarra
Pedro Ibarra - 25 dager siden
13:08 lewandoski was offside I believe the rule is if the goalkeeper is in front of the ball to of his defenders have to be behind the ball so it won’t be offside this case it was only one which is why it was marked off sides
TechTed - 25 dager siden
The one.who pass the ball was in front .. it s not an offside and the rule you have not.applied here .... the game is broken it happend to me many times
Bishop Looney
Bishop Looney - 25 dager siden
If y’all ain’t using the 4-4-1-1 use it. attacking with it is amazing their is always runs happening
karen wood
karen wood - 25 dager siden
Get puskas instead of rashford
Fabio Lobo
Fabio Lobo - 25 dager siden
prime xavi cdm?
Javi Guera
Javi Guera - 25 dager siden
And you still not getting top 200 lol 😂
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris - 25 dager siden
Get rid of hierro and bring in Roy Keane, cheap and a really good cm once shadow is stuck on him
Milad Jalo
Milad Jalo - 25 dager siden
What happened to messi
Raees Jassat
Raees Jassat - 25 dager siden
Please get 87 flash back ronaldo on the RTG😢😢😢
The Doctor
The Doctor - 25 dager siden
If I came up against a team like this I’d leave before the game started, done it before and done it again, yes I’m a “rat” but it just depresses me playing a god team like this
Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman - 25 dager siden
This is no where near a god team if you saw Bateson’s team
Charlie Laverack
Charlie Laverack - 25 dager siden
Who wants 5k credits on rocket league?
Football best goals
Football best goals - 25 dager siden
Hi skilz what is ure manager? Is there a manager called Carlos in the prem
AG&E - 25 dager siden
How does he get all his coins
The Hate.
The Hate. - 25 dager siden
Guys I packed toty arnold untradable from pl sbc😂😂
prooudd - 25 dager siden
wtf you got 6 TOTY player.. i dont know if someone can beat that team.
alex murphy
alex murphy - 25 dager siden
Put cut inside runs on your LM and RM they do more diagonal runs
Ezrah TM
Ezrah TM - 25 dager siden
AA9 will make a great Latin Rapper with the autotune
Davido Orlando
Davido Orlando - 25 dager siden
Bbq chicken team
cecilia ayala
cecilia ayala - 25 dager siden
Get eusebio over hierro