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Runtime: 14:05


Kurd gamers
Kurd gamers - 8 dager siden
why put him a shadow?
IBRA AHKMED - 16 dager siden
why are there bronze in subs ?
Truls Asphjell
Truls Asphjell - 18 dager siden
I use Wayne as a CAM and hes so good there. Yall should do him quick!
Jamie Mclean
Jamie Mclean - 18 dager siden
Is he worth it ?
Dontae Papa
Dontae Papa - 19 dager siden
Wayne rulely
Anirudh Iyer
Anirudh Iyer - 19 dager siden
77-72 = 6 👍
dax173 - 19 dager siden
Ronney its kinda awfull
Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas - 20 dager siden
Don't fix it if not broken not better than Ronaldo
Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook - 20 dager siden
Wait till future stars begins you have time to get Rooney
Yvung_ Castillo7
Yvung_ Castillo7 - 20 dager siden
I have question how did you change Rooney from St to Cam I want to change ronaldo from Rw to St
Owen Teti
Owen Teti - 20 dager siden
Get Rooney
Segurança C3S
Segurança C3S - 20 dager siden
dude about me i lost about 89 minutos result 4 - 0 and i win goo minutes 91 . resut final 4 vs 5 win me :) about 2 minutos i gol 5 gols my record
Desirae Cameron
Desirae Cameron - 20 dager siden
the one that i used :*
ShadowDragon17 - 20 dager siden
What formation and tactics were that??🤔
REDioActive United
REDioActive United - 20 dager siden
Use him as CF FFS else the card is wasted
Matei - 20 dager siden
where is moreaa9skillz??
TrazZy - 21 dag siden
Rtg? You have 200 Fifa points?
Off Hills
Off Hills - 21 dag siden
I'm struggling to get Rooney. He the player who made me love football
Jonathan Rooney
Jonathan Rooney - 21 dag siden
Would he be good as a cm in a 532
Jaydan Lee
Jaydan Lee - 21 dag siden
Bro, post fifa 21 CAREER MODE PLEASE. were waiting
Edi Van Kenobi
Edi Van Kenobi - 21 dag siden
only 1 game showed... should of showed at least 2-3
Sweaty_ Aj_YT
Sweaty_ Aj_YT - 21 dag siden
Rooney just ain’t all that compared to your other players
Randy - 21 dag siden
Rain Rooney is sick
Henry Tainton
Henry Tainton - 21 dag siden
Jacob Mckeown
Jacob Mckeown - 21 dag siden
Don't get Wayne, he did nothing. He's trash
isaac thomas
isaac thomas - 21 dag siden
Petition for Skillz VS Manny
Antoine Bravo
Antoine Bravo - 21 dag siden
Was it just me or was he force feeding it to rooney
Tony Ponce
Tony Ponce - 21 dag siden
DO CAREER MODE EPISODE. you left off in the middle of Real Madrid career 😞
Tadiwa Whande
Tadiwa Whande - 21 dag siden
Rooney has 95 shooting though 👁👄👁
HoneyBadger - 21 dag siden
Stick him in the reserves to rott forever 😈
A 1
A 1 - 21 dag siden
When does this Wayne Rooney SBC end?
CR7 - 21 dag siden
Shame on you why are you not uploading on your second channel
TomGorian - 21 dag siden
Just wait until Future stars
Lil shrek
Lil shrek - 21 dag siden
I play him as a striker, he’s a beast. He gets past Gomez and varane more than any other player I’ve used
Gumiteam - 21 dag siden
Puskás ❤️
Œ Psycho - 21 dag siden
Did anyone hear that voice crack at 0:04
FC MAE JOANA - 21 dag siden
Wayne Rooney is not a bad card at all I got him his doing pretty good so far can’t complain yet
Cayden McMurray
Cayden McMurray - 21 dag siden
Why does so much people have bronzes on the bench I don’t understand why can someone tell me
HXNZ - 21 dag siden
Rooney is the GOAT.
Kyle Gresham
Kyle Gresham - 21 dag siden
even if you want to wait until after / midway through future stars i think you could still do wayne. he’s cheap AND A GOAT. def can see him in your RTG team
Cesar Tellez
Cesar Tellez - 21 dag siden
pleese do ball rolls, you cannot miss those chances lmao
Joaquim Dias
Joaquim Dias - 21 dag siden
8:20 how tf that's not a penalti???
Vlood Vrethren
Vlood Vrethren - 21 dag siden
Last play u folded
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa - 21 dag siden
Good video
Chuka Unigwe
Chuka Unigwe - 21 dag siden
why do you never chip skillz
ChrisBeSelling - 21 dag siden
I’ve been looking for a good cam thats like Bruno with the work rates, stamina, and defending. Rooney seems really good and ima link him with walker and Gomez. He looks better than Bruno informs and is cheaper.
césar silva
césar silva - 21 dag siden
u have to chance a lot so is a hard dicision
Jacques Godard
Jacques Godard - 21 dag siden
Krishan Patel
Krishan Patel - 21 dag siden
Bring him in skilllz.
Mentally Explorer
Mentally Explorer - 21 dag siden
what do you think on the ronaldo sbc?
mehrshad silver
mehrshad silver - 21 dag siden
He's bald rafa silva
jón sverrir
jón sverrir - 21 dag siden
I would get him in and but on a engine
manalmohammad752 - 21 dag siden
wait for future stars he's anyways expiring after 3 weeks
BlazeGamer505 - 21 dag siden
rooney is goated 71 defending
Diego Verastegui
Diego Verastegui - 21 dag siden
rain rooney?? i swear this mans brain is lagging
Brayan Jr
Brayan Jr - 21 dag siden
Ruthless Gaming
Ruthless Gaming - 21 dag siden
I would bring him in as a cm skillz looks like he would run it nice there bro
Jack Servais
Jack Servais - 21 dag siden
Sanches and Rooney are 2 different players imo
Kash - 21 dag siden
So frustrating to watch just shoot ffs too many passes
Misa - 21 dag siden
I have mid petit and rttf kessie in cms. Is it rlly worth wasting 500k on him if I have these cms?
Carlos Hirmiz
Carlos Hirmiz - 21 dag siden
“End of an error “ Wayne rulley”
TUFANetherlands - 21 dag siden
With that team u could have win with 10-0 half time.
Randy Jimenez
Randy Jimenez - 21 dag siden
I’ve had so many games lately where I don’t get any fouls my way nor can I score. I just hit the post about 8x but yet my opponent scores any chance they get
FatySimulator - 21 dag siden
Loving the content Skillz keep it up
Twitch fls_myzty
Twitch fls_myzty - 21 dag siden
why is bernardo sanchez so expensive?????
ricky zalloua
ricky zalloua - 21 dag siden
100% get Rooney he’s sooooo good I was playing terribly brought him in and changed the game also I know you love the bulldog skillz
ricky zalloua
ricky zalloua - 21 dag siden
Hasan Mo CF in 4411 on an engine
Hasan Mo
Hasan Mo - 21 dag siden
What position do you play him and what Chem style?
Gustavo Matiaz
Gustavo Matiaz - 21 dag siden
he really said son is better than rooney at striker 💀
Victor Mejia
Victor Mejia - 21 dag siden
Wayne didn’t impress . Simply wasn’t enough . You need lewa back in the big account
Gabriel Fifa
Gabriel Fifa - 21 dag siden
Rooney was the worst player lmao, skills you tripping today
Ben Wolff-Sachs
Ben Wolff-Sachs - 21 dag siden
0:10 "ThE rAyNe WoOnEy EnD oF aN ErRoR edition"
Ethan White
Ethan White - 21 dag siden
Rooney isn’t a defender play him correctly ffs
Cee4k FIFA
Cee4k FIFA - 21 dag siden
Skills there’s a new squad battles glitch watch my vid👏🏾💫
Gibran Otway
Gibran Otway - 21 dag siden
wait for future stars
cibermastr - 21 dag siden
I smile everytime he says joawn felix 🤣👍👍👍
Þórir Ingólfsson
Þórir Ingólfsson - 21 dag siden
Fun fact: Rooney is younger than Ronaldo
Mario Solache
Mario Solache - 21 dag siden
skills you can’t speak 😂😂
Petze - 21 dag siden
Get him
Just J
Just J - 21 dag siden
Why CM🤦🏿‍♂️
Josue Gonzalez
Josue Gonzalez - 21 dag siden
U can put figo in take out cancelo and put in cr7 at st. Ur midfield would be rooney and renato
Josue Gonzalez
Josue Gonzalez - 21 dag siden
Not as strong as renato and tavenier but its a way to keep cr7 in
Obey Fiz
Obey Fiz - 21 dag siden
Definition of force feeding
Sammy Garcia
Sammy Garcia - 21 dag siden
What do you expect skillz he is 9 ratings higher
Romeo Kato
Romeo Kato - 21 dag siden
Hnoo 1211
Hnoo 1211 - 21 dag siden
Give him Engine
Honestly i wana say that i watch many famous fut youtubers but i enjoy watching you more cause of your energy and hyperactive commentary! So keep it up my bro!
CH4RLIIE 2909 - 21 dag siden
100% get him
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki - 21 dag siden
Rayne wooney
Fernando Arriaga
Fernando Arriaga - 21 dag siden
Naw bro it’s just a waste
Josh Cairns
Josh Cairns - 21 dag siden
This is like when thiago makes a 5 yard pass
Kerolous Idk
Kerolous Idk - 21 dag siden
dont do it
Peter De La Torre
Peter De La Torre - 21 dag siden
Do not bring him in
james jjamesrobertward
james jjamesrobertward - 21 dag siden
Let’s a bad player get 4 goals up starts playing chokes and draws haha
Victor Jensen
Victor Jensen - 21 dag siden
Bro u cant say remarkable to everything you take The meaning out of The word
John Smith
John Smith - 21 dag siden
Yo Rooney is so bad tho
random content with tsebo
random content with tsebo - 21 dag siden
Don't buy him yet wait for future stars and then let us dicide
Haakon Lydvo
Haakon Lydvo - 21 dag siden
You should use CR6 neymar mbappe and cruyff in attack and rooney +renato in Midfield
Emanuel A Leite
Emanuel A Leite - 21 dag siden
I love Wayne but he went to jail or was it Bruce Wayne when he got his nose torn off.
Sebastian Maldonado
Sebastian Maldonado - 21 dag siden
u suck bruh how do u miss....
Tristin Meza
Tristin Meza - 21 dag siden
this rooney looks sick i don’t have any fodder though my club is dry af gonna have to pay for him 😭
Chris Muscolino
Chris Muscolino - 21 dag siden
Huge Rooney / United fan he reminds me of a quicker Benzema special card , his passing for me is ok but not good enough to play at cm with a team like that,rather go with a true playmaker or destroyer at the cm
QŤR - 21 dag siden
He’s bad